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Grace Community Church
Craig M., James J., Jeff P.  |  San Antonio, Texas
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Grace Community Church
311 Hedges St.
San Antonio, TX 78203
Grace Community Church
P.O. Box 10608
San Antonio, TX 78210
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MyChurch Code#: 09069
“Great Sermon!”
RichardWynn from Montana
This message has many times over the years brought great hope and encouragement to me. No doubt I will draw from this well often.
Garrett Holthaus | John 16:8; Revelation 12:10
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Sermon9/15/19 10:19 PM
Cheryl k from Usa  Find all comments by Cheryl k
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(Sermon no longer available)
“ Volume issues make this unlistenable ”
I'm sorry. I really wanted to hear this topic, but even with headphones, I couldn't do it. It's probably due to mic issues; he obviously isn't used to talking into a mic. In most sentences, he starts out almost yelling, then finished the sentence so softly that even with the volume all the way up, I could barely make it out. I wouldn't mind keeping the volume all the way up, but then at the beginning of the next sentence, he's yelling out of zealousness. I hate to complain. In the 8 years I've been listening to SermonAudio, this is the very first time, I switched a sermon off due to recording issues. Perhaps they can fix it and reupload.

Sermon9/8/19 7:54 PM
Lori Toews from British Columbia, Canada  Find all comments by Lori Toews
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A Life of Joy in Christ
James Jennings
“ Great Sermon! ”
I thoroughly enjoyed this sermon. I’m preparing to lead a Women’s Bible Study on Philippians, and this was just super. So appreciated his heart, passion, emphasis and research.

Sermon9/6/19 11:35 AM
Laurie Hopkins from Alberta, Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Laurie Hopkins
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“ Wonderful! ”
Thank-you for this important reminder of how great our Father loves His children!! “He loves us! He loves us! He loves us!” May our hearts be opened to embrace His precious love and desire to swim in it. This moved me to tears. God bless you richly.

Sermon8/31/19 2:40 PM
Cheryl Gorrian from New Jersey, U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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“ So very true! ”
Some young people argue doctrine just for the sake of being proven right, and showing how pious they are. Unfortunately, the Pharisees did likewise. Even with their correct theology, and unsurpassed evangelistic efforts, they had no charity or "agape" love. It only contributed to their pride. Most need humility more than they need more learning.

Sermon8/31/19 10:04 AM
Cheryl Gorrian from New Jersey, U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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Bless Your Persecutors
Tim Conway
“ Great Sermon! ”
This was one of the hardest lessons I learned in the Christian life. Our struggle is against principalities and powers. When enemies come against us, they are usually either brainwashed by the world or are unwittingly being used by the devil as a tool. By praying for them, we can not only save them, but reduce their attack against us. For they really know not what they do.

Sermon8/15/19 9:19 AM
Maureen from Wigan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Maureen
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon8/11/19 4:18 PM
Jason MacLennan from Florida  Find all comments by Jason MacLennan
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Spend quality time with my son. Great reminder!

Sermon8/6/19 5:21 PM
Keith from Arkansas  Find all comments by Keith
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Paul Washer makes some good points. He acknowledges that secular rap is sinful, but argues that a sinful art form can be transformed and used for that which is good. I would agree as long as it doesn't stir up sensual desires, because when people become born again, they have become new creatures with a desire for holiness. Therefore, they will want music that stirs up that desire rather than desires that are contrary to God's Word. When I listened to Christian rap, it did not put me in the mood to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, but made me feel more like dancing in a sensual way. (For a sermon which points out this danger and other dangers of Christian rap, I would recommend "Weighing Rap & Hip-Hop" by Chris Hand.) Though I'm not in agreement with Paul Washer on Christian rap, I'm in complete agreement with him on what it means to be saved. When people become saved, they will not continue to live in sin, but will seek to live a holy life. This is the evidence of true conversion.

Sermon6/23/19 8:00 AM
Kandi Lowe from NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kandi Lowe
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Who's Slave Are You?
Paul Washer
“ Great Sermon! ”
So convicting. The Lord has let me see how wretched of a mom I have been. May we all strive to understand what a true servant is and there is no way unless The Lord opens our hearts and eyes and leads us to Himself. Thank you Lord for servants like Paul Washer to preach truth.

Sermon5/29/19 11:43 AM
Joel from Mexico  Find all comments by Joel
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Predicación fiel y verdadera para la gloria del Señor

Sermon5/18/19 7:02 PM
Pavel from Northern Germany  Contact via emailFind all comments by Pavel
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A Biblical Husband & Family
Paul Washer
“ I feel like Job tested by God ”
I lost the court battle over guardianship of our 2 small children. My wife found online a "friend" who is now her boyfriend (adultery) and on Nov.12 last year she simply took the kids with her and unexpectedly just disappeared. When I came from work in the evening they were gone. I am a Christian and I raised the kids with occasional physical punishment when they did something bad or intentionally broke the rules. There are verses in the Bible to support physical punishment in order to teach the children rules and discipline. I myself was raised the same way and I am now thankful to my believing parents for every baci that I got as a child although that time I didn't like it. But now my wife with her boyfriend prepared everything with some female lawyer to claim that I was violating German laws when I was punishing the children physically. So all the judges even at the Court of Appeals dismissed my case very harshly, ignored the adultery and all my other reasonable claims because I even used verses from Luther Bible as my defence. How dared I to put God's Laws above their all-best-knowing German Laws? I can be glad I am not in jail right now but, of course, they let me pay the court expenses. So now I am alone, depressed, did't see the kids for 6 months, crying to God like Job...

Sermon5/5/19 12:54 AM
Jimmy from Queensland, Australia  Find all comments by Jimmy
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This was a beautiful sermon, one of my favourites of Paul Washer.

Sermon5/4/19 1:44 AM
Helen from SWEDEN  Contact via emailFind all comments by Helen
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“ Great Sermon! ”
A very very strong sermon on prayer.. Can't say how good it is, you better check this out my friend. It brought me to tears many times while listening...

Sermon5/1/19 3:35 PM
Andrew from France  Contact via emailFind all comments by Andrew
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“ What a Sermon! ”
This made me weap.. i cried imagining Jesus doing that, i've never heard the likes of it. I thought the opposite about hell, Thank God I see its different now! God give you the strength to carry on preaching brother Paul and although your body is in pain (i have a similar bone condition) And it'll get worse before Glory.. take comfort in knowing your a great emcouragememt to the body of Christ (and helped me greatly in my walk with Christ) See you in Glory Brother.

Sermon4/1/19 3:32 PM
traveller  Find all comments by traveller
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“ Real blessing! ”
This message is a real blessing! When Jesus cried out from the cross, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me!!?", that is a forsaking that goes astronomically beyond any we as humans can conceive. The unity of the Godhead had never known any internal separation, nor division, nor internal rejection...only perfect, untainted Love, because God IS Love. Jesus, in His life in the form of a man, had never known anything but unblemished, incorruptible submission to His God and Father. Suddenly, there He is, the Lamb of God, bearing the sin of the world in His body on the tree, forsaken to suffer alone, that He should fulfill all that is written in the law and prophets to bring us to God.....and it was necessary the Father, with whom He had only ever known perfect unity and love, had to leave Him alone, carrying our condemnation.....because God so loved the whole world....and because God so hates sin.

Sermon3/14/19 7:53 AM
Phil 777 from Western Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Phil 777
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“ A Timely Warning ”
Such a great message that we each need to base at least once every year. God bless you brother, I can hear your love for the saints as you speak Love in Christ Phil

Sermon2/18/19 7:21 PM
patrick gilbert from rocky point  Contact via emailFind all comments by patrick gilbert
• Add new comment
“ Great Sermon! ”
It is not to peak the truth but it needs to be done. the path is a straight and narrow and a lonely one but it leads to life. listen to the whole surmen.

Sermon2/3/19 5:34 PM
Edified.  Find all comments by Edified.
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Christ our Sabbath Rest & Shield
Tawfiq Cotman-El
“ Grace Reigns! ”
Thank you brother for extolling the work of Christ, and for exhorting us to consider Him and what He has done. Why would we go back to Sinai seeking to fulfil any of the law which he has so perfectly obeyed and paid in full on our behalf. A pleasing Aroma unto God - we rest in the Labour that He has performed. 'This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased - hear ye Him!' Now, out of appreciation for what Christ has done we cry out with the Psalmist..' What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward me? We run to do his commands out of love to Him - looking diligently to attend to all of Christ's instruction to us. This is the New Covenant that He has bought with His own precious blood! Oh believe it friends! He is not standing to threaten with Sinai's terrors. He has won our hearts by His love, and it is because we love Him that we keep His commands - not by the threats,and terrors of the Law. Let us leave it as obsolete, like Scripture tells us,embrace the New Covenant, and set our affections on things above where Christ is!

Sermon1/2/19 6:10 AM
Chad R from Findlay Ohio  Find all comments by Chad R
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Husbands Save Your Wives
Tim Conway
“ Great Sermon! ”
This message is for the chuch sound tech. Buy a decent microphone! It sounds horrible.

Sermon12/27/18 5:01 PM
Steve Tattershall from Bridport Uk  Contact via emailFind all comments by Steve Tattershall
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“ Permanent View is Biblical ”
Another permanent view of marriage which I am convinced is the only true biblical position of marriage is also wonderfully upheld by Voddie Baucham and his sermons and the issue of marriage and divorce can be heard which is overwhelmingly convincing. A must listen sermon which may help give light to this difficult issue

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