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Alpha and Omega Ministries
Dr. James White  |  Phoenix, Arizona
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Alpha and Omega Ministries
P.O. Box 37106
Phoenix, AZ 85069
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“Thank you.”
Joshua Unconvinced Calvinist from NC
Thank you for being willing to speak the truth and take the criticism. I stand with you. May God bless you and provide abundantly...
Dr. James White | The Dividing Line 2021
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Sermon11/28/18 5:25 AM
Mark Fredrickson from Michigan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mark Fredrickson
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I get a big smile on my face when I click on Dr. James White on SermonAudio and see a show I've not heard. Even with that, I still go back to the beginning shows and sermons and start all over again. What a blessing that man is!

Sermon11/20/18 4:52 PM
T. Smith from Colorado USA  Find all comments by T. Smith
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent debate. Mr White mopped the floor with this guy with specific arguments and both sadly and predictably, this Catholic apologist only had standard-issue talking points available on any Catholic apologetics website which are as vague and generalized as they are worthless in light of centuries of church history.

Sermon11/15/18 4:56 PM
Mark Fredrickson from Michigan  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mark Fredrickson
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“ Great Sermon! ”
James white is an Addiction. Please expand your Dividing Line for the whole week. You are a natural and a blessing.

Sermon11/15/18 1:53 PM
Yolanda from AZ  Find all comments by Yolanda
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Morons and Jehovah Witlesses are actually atheist with a mask. They need to be called atheist. They don't believe.

Sermon10/22/18 12:26 PM
SPQR3 from Pac NW  Contact via emailFind all comments by SPQR3
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“ Thank you ”
Brother White and AO Team, Keep on keeping on. Veey much appreciate your fidelity to Christ's Gospel, equipping the saints, and warning us of attacks. Thank you, and praise God.

Sermon10/10/18 12:45 PM
Lottie from Ohio  Protected NameFind all comments by Lottie
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“ To Robert Campanro ”
Perhaps the part 2 you are looking for is the one titled "America's Response to 9/11 Pt2" (Dividing Line 2001, 09/22/01). I noticed that there is no part 1 by that title & "America's Response..." comes right after "A Sober Word..." which has no part 2 by that title. Hopefully this is the one you wanted.

Sermon10/6/18 2:54 PM
Robert Campanro from Philadelphia, PA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Robert Campanro
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“ Great Sermon! But where's part 2? ”
I used to have this message in its entirety on MP3 back in 2001 and would listen to infrequently. Where's part 2?

Sermon9/15/18 11:03 AM
SPQR3 from Pac NW  Contact via emailFind all comments by SPQR3
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“ Great discussion ”
What is refreshing is that both James White and Voddie Baucham are very consistent now with what they said years ago. It was also a sad revelation that the Critical Race group is actually the one who acts as "racists". They attack those who love Christ's gospel, imply that true biblical theology belongs only to those outside their group, and the fallout of their culture of backlash ends up protecting heretics and the immoral (listen to Brother Baucham on what happened to SBC in Houston). Keep the faith, Brothers. We are One in Christ alone.

Sermon9/10/18 11:39 AM
SPQR3 from Pac NW  Contact via emailFind all comments by SPQR3
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“ Thanks and a clarification ”
Dear Brother White, I wanted to thank you again for clarifying this key issue and doing it with grace and truth. Regarding your question, YES, there are examples of racism in South (Latin) America. Brazil has had a huge problem, even with a population as heterogeneous as the US. In Mexico, it is an insult to call someone "Indian", even though 99 pct of the population has Indian ancestry. Physical attraction equates to light-skin on Mexican channels. It is very sad and sinful. As an aside, I have seen examples of racism among people of dark skin against each other! Lighter cream skin is looked up to, while darker skin is looked down on. This comes from an Ivy League school. Racism is not a white or black issue, but a universal sin issue. Christ is our only hope. Thank you, Dr. White.

Sermon9/8/18 9:11 AM
SPQR3 from Pac NW  Contact via emailFind all comments by SPQR3
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“ Thank you, Brothers ”
Thank you, Brother White, for explaining this difficult issue. I take heed to your concern for Christ's gospel and the uniry of the church. Yes, you and other brethren are not mono-issue people. But remember that He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

Sermon8/11/18 12:51 PM
melissa riley from ohio  Find all comments by melissa riley
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank God there are still people like James WHite, I hope more people listen up, take the time, to sum it up, I would use a scripture... Jude 1:3 Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints. James White IS EARNESTLY CONTENDING for the FAITH which was once delivered to the saints.... We ALL NEED TO DO THIS. Thank you Thank you.

Sermon7/24/18 3:02 PM
Brandon from Oregon  Find all comments by Brandon
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Steve does an excellent job of expounding on this one! James White should realy think about his beliefs after this.

Sermon7/15/18 12:52 AM
Aaron from Wiscnsin  Contact via emailFind all comments by Aaron
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“ Politics from the pulpit ”
Dear Dr. White, I have enjoyed listening to your podcasts. You are an engaging and articulate speaker, and your messages are enlightening. I am (like many people) tired of the political divide happening in the US, and feel like it is even worse when it finds its way into the churches (my wife was a public teacher in Wisconsin in 2011 when teachers unions were under fire). We were Republicans and church goers until we were on the receiving end of Evangelical righteousness. Since then I have come to see how politics dilute the message of God, and alienates those who may disagree with the message if the day.

Sermon7/8/18 1:40 PM
FG from USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by FG
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow! Nestle Aland 29th edition in 2021? The earth will be moving slowly for the next three years as I anticipatingly hold my breath for that one.

Sermon6/15/18 9:51 PM
Calvinist  Find all comments by Calvinist
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“ What's going to happen? ”
I am not overly supersized that Dr. White did a DL of the SBC's new President, actually I would be surprised if he didn't. I hope 'The Squirrel' will be on the DL and give an update. I know that the curse of Ham was taught in the past in some churches, but I've never heard a sermon by a pastor that endorsed the curse of Ham.

Sermon5/25/18 9:44 AM
MICHAEL ANDERSEN  Contact via emailFind all comments by MICHAEL ANDERSEN
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Refuting Phil Porvaznik's Article
Dr. James White
“ James replies to Roman Catholic apologists ”
James replies to Roman Catholic apologists

Sermon5/18/18 11:12 PM
Connor7  Find all comments by Connor7
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“ Great Debate ”
This debate was something else, Dr. Stravinskas simply got owned, there's no two ways about it, he's a smart man no doubt, but he didn't really present a good case for purgatory, but this debate went far more than purgatory, it went to scripture alone, church government, Luther, Calvin, etc. and various popes, Augustine, etc. The nature of God, the anthropology of man, and the very gospel itself must be considered in the topic of purgatory.

Sermon5/4/18 10:18 PM
Havens  Find all comments by Havens
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“ Great Sermon! ”
James Cone sound like Black supremacy

Sermon5/2/18 4:35 AM
Vijaya Valentina from Malaysia  Find all comments by Vijaya Valentina
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“ Great Sermon! ”
churches of the Charismatic Movement today claim that God is still speaking today through utterances of the saints, and God is still bringing Divine revelations today in dreams, and in visions, and in angel visitations and in tongues, These are all heresies. God said in Rev 22:18 that He will not any more give Divine messages. The Bible is complete, and God will not add to it, nor take away from it. The Bible gives us a complete image of God, and so we may not add to this image of God, nor may we take away from it. God gave us the Bible to be The Authority that we must honor and obey.

Sermon4/27/18 1:41 PM
Brad  Find all comments by Brad
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“ Great Sermon! ”
D.A Waite did not answer not even one question in this entire debate. He claims over and over the King James bible is the ONLY bible but is never able to prove it, where by the way the Septuigant does not match the KJV. Then goes on to repeatedly saying "The Nestle-Aland 26,27, Vatucanus, Sinaticus, Westcott-Hort, yaddda yadda are heretical, but was nowhere proven, addressed or even answered, he even admitted "I guess it's supposion on my part..." that means he doesn't know. Then goes on to say that he gets his words from other sources.... so you don't even do your own research??!!? Dr. Waite you and your wife sound like nice folks and all but you have no idea what you believe and why. I would have kept asking him the questions that were asked until he answered them. Then he went off on a tangent about readability.. no one asked! Not only was Waite refuted, he was destroyed,and also judged unrighteously which is a violation of John 7:24.

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