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Pineville Sovereign Grace Fellowship
Larry Phillips  |  Pineville, Missouri
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12193 East State Hwy 90
Pineville, Missouri 64856
Pineville Grace Fellowship
Attention: Larry Phillips
12193 East State Hwy 90
Pineville, Missouri 64856
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‚ÄúLooking unto Jesus.‚ÄĚ
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania
I believe 2022 will be more harder morally and spiritually, because we are heading towards the establishment of Antichrist's...
Larry Phillips | Psalm 92:2
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Sermon6/12/11 11:27 AM
Revivalandreformation from Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Revivalandreformation
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“ Thanks Larry! ”
Appreciate this sermon. Thank you for standing up and speaking the truth in the face of such an offended world (and church).

Sermon5/19/11 1:01 PM
Ida Raye  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ida Raye
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Rick Warren is leading the people away from the Truth and leading them to shake hands with any and everything. He is twisting the Scriptures to promote his heresies. Rick Warren is leading people to the WICKED NWO AND DAMNATION. Loved the end prayer. Amen and Amen. Thanks for telling it just like it is.

Sermon5/12/11 11:16 PM
heavensbeloved from Metairie, Louisiana  Contact via emailFind all comments by heavensbeloved
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The Lie of False Churches
Larry Phillips
“ Great Sermon! ”
This was GOOD. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! God's Truth Will Set us free......I'm going to listen to this sermon again....

Sermon4/18/11 11:33 AM
Revivalandreformation from North of the Equator  Contact via emailFind all comments by Revivalandreformation
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Free Will
Mark Phillips
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks for this sermon. This is a touchy subject by those who don't want to give up their all in all to their rightful Master. We are either slaves to one or the other, either way, we are slaves and we are not our own.

Sermon1/31/11 1:37 AM
heavensbeloved from Metairie, Louisiana  Contact via emailFind all comments by heavensbeloved
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I enjoyed Church today. Thank you. Love the singing. I am alone because I have come out of the world Church. I had to come out of all the apostasy because the more I studied the Word, the more the Church was not gelling. Do miss the fellowship and communion, but, now I am grateful and appreciate you. This one world religion is wicked. They are trying to destroy the Only Truth. Your right it is Black and White. The whole planet is now being groomed for a diverse, new faith, based on the sacredness of all religions, the despoiling of Christianity, individual greed, environmental insanity, and sensual partying and celebration. Babylonian hedonism and sodomy are going to be enthroned in a diabolical orgy of religious ecstasy, all orchestrated by the Illuminati. I read that by the 30th degree of masonry, you have to give alligence to Lucifer. These people leading all of this heresy are really the Synagogue of Satan. They rejected the Truth and did not receive the love of the Truth, but, are taking pleasure in unrighteousness. When the vilest of men are esteemed, the wicked are all around. (in Proverbs). They rejected True, King, Lord Jesus Christ of Scripture, God and the Only Way to Heaven. They are wicked liars, deceived and being deceived, waxing worse and worse.

Sermon12/27/10 11:35 PM
K.M. from Minnesota  Contact via emailFind all comments by K.M.
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“ One great discussion! ”
These comments are so right on! So true! The Roman counterfeit wants YOU! -K.

Sermon12/27/10 11:13 PM
K. from Minnesota  Contact via emailFind all comments by K.
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The Slave Maker Catholic Church
Larry Phillips
“ Truthful words! ”
Strong word; Slave!, Cult! --but true, true, true words! From one who has been one of those slaves, K.

Sermon5/14/10 4:29 PM
Gary R. Peterson from Omaha, Nebraska  Contact via emailFind all comments by Gary R. Peterson
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Having The Right Attitude
Larry Phillips
“ Encouraging and Edifying ”
Thank you, Larry and Mark, for another encouraging message, especially when given as you face a mountain. I share your disdain for the unbiblical "put on a happy face" positive thinking of Robert Schuller and his ilk. I recall when all the rage was Schuller's book "The Be-Happy Attitudes" (a corruption of the Beatitudes). Yechh! I shudder to think how many poor souls bought into that deceptive message and then lost their faith (which wasn't true faith at all) when the going got tough and struggles and hardships arose on the primrose path they were promised. The Bible testifies to and warns us the Christian life will be difficult, but too few baby Christians read the Bible, choosing instead to have their ears tickled by the "blab it n' grab it" positive confession prosperity preachers. As always, you men faithfully bring God's Word to bear on the topic at hand and it was edifying to hear again how God is with us in the midst of struggles as he was with Peter, Paul, et al. Yes, FOXE'S BOOK OF MARTYRS wakes me up when I lose perspective and start wallowing, reminding me how much worse the believers before me have suffered. The Anabaptists have a similar book called THE MARTYRS' MIRROR that also makes for sobering, soul-stirring reading. Blessings to you men and your ministry.

Sermon5/13/10 11:40 AM
Gary R. Peterson from Omaha, Nebraska  Contact via emailFind all comments by Gary R. Peterson
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Alone With God
Larry Phillips
“ Encouraging Teaching ”
I appreciated this teaching and want to second your recommendation of the Gospel Mission outreach of the Old Paths Strict Baptist Church in Choteau, Montana. I haven't listened to brothers Bouma or Pickett (but plan to on your recommendation), but I have been abundantly blessed by the books they offer. The Puritans and their heirs have so much to say to Christians today (though how many dumbed-down megachurch mindset Christians have the ears to hear? Ear-ticklers the Puritans were not!) Re your comment about not hearing messages on Ephesians 1, John 6, etc. while a member of the "Arminian church," I have found most every church regardless of denomination ignores huge swaths of Scripture, but especially those that undermine the pastor's presuppositions. Keepin' it fair, probably not a lot of sermons on James 2 will be heard in Reformed churches. And even supposed "verse-by-verse" churches will take a pass on passages such as Ezekiel 23 and Judges 19. I praise God for men such as Larry and Mark and for SermonAudio. Like Larry said, sometimes when the world weighs heavy, listening to a sermon online is like a balm in Gilead and a tremendous encouragement to get up and press on.

Sermon5/13/10 10:50 AM
Gary R. Peterson from Omaha, Nebraska  Contact via emailFind all comments by Gary R. Peterson
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“ Thoughtful Presentation of One Side of the Debate ”
Larry and Mark do a fine job of presenting the many proof texts for Calvinism. But to be fair, an Arminian apologist could just as handily present his laundry list of proof texts and build a compelling case for free will. I believe it's an issue we simply can't be dogmatic about. The Bible presents a "tension" between God's sovereignty and man's will. I think that is why you find knowledgeable men like Sproul, MacArthur and Kennedy "sitting on the fence" as you put it (though I thought each of these guys were five-pointers?). I considered myself a Calvinist until I fell in with a Reformed church of militant Calvinists (the kind who eye even Spurgeon with suspicion). They were opposed to witnessing and tract evangelism, looking upon it as an affront to God's sovereignty. It sparked me to back away from the position and to examine it more closely. I liked your eye-catching title and give a nod to Mark for coming up with a clever one that succeeded in making me stop and listen as I scanned the list of your messages (I don't say "sermons" because your teachings are inviting, like a good conversation I'm sitting in on, as opposed to some hireling preaching down at me from on high). I'm looking forward to hearing and learning more from you two brothers in Christ.

Sermon3/4/10 7:29 PM
Robert from New Jersey  Contact via emailFind all comments by Robert
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Amen! Thank you for this good message! The words of the hymns you read I have played on the organ at certain times. It is one of my favorite hymns! May God richly bless your ministry!

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