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Forrest McPhail  |  Pursat, Cambodia
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Pursat City, Cambodia
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MyChurch Code#: 05451
      Evangelistic Tracts      

សំណួរដ៏សំខាន់៥យ៉ាង អំពីដំណឹងល្អរបស់ព្រះយេស៊ូវ
លោកគ្រូ សីុំរែត គ្រីស Chris Seawright
4/28/2016 | Size: 988k | Views: 80+
This lesson series address five important questions regarding the Gospel and genuine saving faith in Jesus Christ.

2/28/2015 | Size: 1,363k | Views: 60+
Which religion came first, Buddhism or Christianity? What is the first religion that all of our ancestors believed? Does it matter? Why are there so many...

J.D. Crowley
1/11/2015 | Size: 1,355k | Views: 50+
This is the Khmer version of the Two Ways tract adapted and translated by J.D. Crowley.

តើព្រះយេស៊ូវបានបង្រៀនអ្វីខ្លះ អំពីការគោរពឪពុកម្ដាយ?
9/27/2014 | Size: 856k | Views: 70+
What does the Bible teach about honoring parents? Do Christians honor their parents? How do Christians honor their parents differently than in other religions?...

What did Jesus Teach about Honoring Parents?
Forrest McPhail
9/28/2014 | Size: 1,105k | Views: 70+
This is the English translation of the Khmer tract which is also available here.

12/15/2011 | Size: 890k | Views: 100+
This Gospel tract seeks to lead people to understand the Gospel by showing them why it is that all of mankind desires peace but cannot obtain it. It shows how...

In English: Why Does All of Mankind Desire Peace & Blessing from God?
Forrest McPhail
12/18/2011 | Size: 1,057k | Views: 70+
This Gospel tract is translated from the Khmer original. It shows how that all of mankind is pursuing a peace and prosperity that always eludes them. Death...

In English: How to use the "Why Does All Mankind..." tract
Forrest McPhail
12/18/2011 | Size: 531k | Views: 70+
The "Why Does All Mankind..." tract was intended to be used as an evangelistic tool, not as a leaflet. The picture are central to its use. An explanation of...

ប័ណ្ឌប្រកាសដំណឹងល្អ មាន៧ចំណុច
J.D. Crowley
10/16/2011 | Size: 340k | Views: 70+
This poster is being printed in Cambodia for the purpose of assisting God's people in effectively communicating the gospel in Cambodia. Also on this site are...

របៀបប្រើ ប័ណ្ឌប្រកាសដំណឹងល្អ ដែលមាន៧ចំណុច
J.D. Crowley
10/16/2011 | Size: 113k | Views: 40+
J.D. Crowley, long-time missionary in Rattanikiri, Cambodia, has published the Firm Foundations 7 Point Poster to assist God's people in effectively presenting...

In English: How to use the Firm Foundations 7 Point Poster
J.D. Crowley
10/16/2011 | Size: 53k | Views: 40+
J.D. Crowley, long-time missionary in Rattanikiri, Cambodia, has published the Firm Foundations 7 Point Poster to assist God's people in effectively presenting...

ដំណឹងល្អរបស់ព្រះយេស៊ូវ មានសេចក្តីពិត១០ចំណុច
Chris Seawright
12/4/2011 | Size: 85k | Views: 60+
What are those truths that must be communicated and understood before a person can really grasp the Gospel message? In this 10 point Gospel presentation list...

In English: The 10 Point Gospel Presentation
Chris Seawright
12/4/2011 | Size: 298k | Views: 40+
What are those truths that must be communicated and understood before a person can really grasp the Gospel message? In this 10 point Gospel presentation list...
      Helps for Leaders      

តើអ្នកជឿលើព្រះយេស៊ូវ អាចពិសាស្រាបានដែរឬទេ? Should Christians Drink Alcoholic Beverages?
Michael Carlyle
6/3/2016 | Size: 1,512k | Views: 40+
This book confronts the classic argument that since we see people in Bible times drinking ancient wine then it must be ok for modern believers to drink the...

គំរូលក្ខនិ្តក:ក្រុមជំនុំ / Example Church Covenant
Forrest McPhail
8/29/2013 | Size: 198k | Views: 70+
This document is a church covenant used by Forrest in Pursat. It includes a summary of Gospel truths, followed by a 10 point covenant for God's people...

គំរូការរៀបចំកម្មវិធី កាច់នំបុ័ង / Example Program for Leading the Lord's Table
Forrest McPhail
9/14/2011 | Size: 205k | Views: 90+
The purpose of this document is to help those who need ideas for how to lead the observance of the Lord's Table.

ការគោរពឪពុកម្តាយតាមរយៈ ពិធីជូតជើងលោកទាំងពីរ នៅពេលពិធីមង្គល​ការ / Foot Washing​ Ceremony at Khmer Wedding
Forrest McPhail
12/7/2010 | Size: 423k | Views: 150+
Ti & Hooie of ICC wanted to express honor to their parents at their Christian wedding. Buddhism has ceremonies for this and so they sought a Christian...

គំរូសារលិខិត តែងតាំងគ្រូថ្មីឡើង / Example Ordination Certificate
Forrest McPhail
5/30/2011 | Size: 801k | Views: 110+
This is the ordination certificate used in Put Vorak Kunthi's ordination ceremony. It can be used as a template for those looking for an example to follow.

តារាងពន្យល់ពីប្រវត្តិសាស្រ្តព្រះគម្ពីរ (សង់លើគ្រឹះមាំ) /Firm Foundations Bible History Timeline
ABWE Cambodia
3/28/2011 | Size: 581k | Views: 70+
Firm Foundations is a chronological study through the Bible. This method of teaching is extremely helpful to Buddhists and animists, or anyone who did not...

In English: Firm Foundations Bible Time-line
ABWE Cambodia
3/28/2011 | Size: 424k | Views: 80+
Firm Foundations is a chronological study through the Bible. This method of teaching is extremely helpful to Buddhists and animists, or anyone who did not...

គំរូការរៀបចាំកម្មវិធី កាច់នំបុ័ង ថ្វាយកូនដល់ព្រះ និងកាតតែងតាំងគ្រូឡើង Lord's Table, Baby Dedication, & Ordination
Forrest McPhail
5/30/2011 | Size: 280k | Views: 120+
This pdf provides an example of how to order a service with the following Christian ceremonies: the Lord's Table, a baby dedication, and the ordination of a...

តើអ្នកគ្រូ Joyce Meyer ជាគ្រូក្លែងក្លាយ​ ឬទេ?
J.D. Crowley
11/26/2010 | Size: 102k | Views: 110+
Joyce Meyer has been aggressively seeking to have a presence and ministry in Cambodia. She has had some large claims concerning her evangelism. What is it...

In English: Is Joyce Meyers a False Teacher?
J.D. Crowley
11/26/2010 | Size: 203k | Views: 80+
Joyce Meyers has aggressively sought to extend her influence in Cambodia. She has made great claims about her ministry here and has caused much division and...

គោលលទ្ធី សំរាប់គ្រុមជំនុំជាសមាជិក បាប់ទីស្ទសម្រាប់កម្ពុជា Baptists for Cambodia Doctrinal Statement
Baptists for Cambodia
2/28/2011 | Size: 99k | Views: 60+
This is the doctrinal statement which is included in the Baptists for Cambodia (BFC)constitution. I hope that this will be helpful in teaching other basic...

ច្បាប់ និងលក្ខន្តិកៈ បាប់ទីស្ទសម្រាប់កម្ពុជា / Baptists for Cambodia Constitution
Baptist for Cambodia
2/28/2011 | Size: 162k | Views: 130+
This is the constitution for Baptists for Cambodia, an organization that represents churches and foreign missionaries to the Cambodian government and helps...

លក្ខណៈរបស់ ពួកបាទីសទ /Baptist Distinctives
Baptist for Cambodia
2/28/2011 | Size: 204k | Views: 80+
This document provides the explanation of what it means to be a Baptist as opposed to a member of other organizations or denominations. This is an appendix to...

តារាងពន្យល់ពីប្រវត្តិសាស្រ្ត ស្របគ្នានិងព្រះគម្ពីរ /Bible & World History Timeline
ABWE Cambodia
3/28/2011 | Size: 89k | Views: 90+
This time line shows how Bible history relates to Cambodian history as well as to the beginning of other major world religions.

In English: Bible & World History Timeline
ABWE Cambodia
3/28/2011 | Size: 95k | Views: 60+
This helpful time line shows how Bible history interacts with Cambodian history and also the history of other major religions.
      Missions General      

Bi-vocational Ministry and Burnout
Matt Wilson
8/7/2018 | Size: 46k | Views: 20+

Digital Ministry Atlas for Least Reached Countries
Mobile Ministry Forum
5/23/2018 | Size: 1,628k | Views: 10+
This PDF gives all the info that you need for knowing what technological avenues are best for digital and online ministry to peoples who are least reached.

In English: 5 Questions to Ask Before Funding Orphanages Overseas
Forrest McPhail
8/6/2015 | Size: 199k | Views: 30+
It is becoming increasingly popular for Christians to consider starting an orphanage as a way to fulfill the Great Commission. Many fund orphanages in Cambodia...

Master's Seminary Journal
7/4/2016 | Size: 230k | Views: 10+
Why is inappropriate and even harmful to Christians missions to add social action and social justice to the Great Commission? Here is a case study from...

In English: Unnecessary Yoke: Have cross-cultural Christian workers added an unnecessary yoke to the nations?
Jean Johnson
2/28/2015 | Size: 409k | Views: 10+
After living and serving in Cambodia for 16 years and being part of adding to the yoke in some ways, Jean Johnson expounds on what she believes makes up the...

In English: Stewardship in Foreign Missions: Should We Support National Preachers?
Forrest McPhail & Chris Seawright
10/24/2010 | Size: 794k | Views: 60+
This paper was was published across two back-to-back issues of the Ohio Bible "Visitor" in 2007. "The Visitor" is a publication of the Ohio Bible Fellowship....

In English: Pursat Missions Team Philosophy of Ministry
Forrest McPhail
8/27/2010 | Size: 119k | Views: 120+
This document is the missions philosophy and strategy for ministry for our mission team in Pursat. It expresses not only what we do, but also why. If you...

In English: Foreign Support of Nationals: A Plea from a Missionary
Forrest McPhail
5/31/2011 | Size: 343k | Views: 80+
This unpublished article is a personal plea from Forrest McPhail, missionary to Cambodia, for God's people, and especially pastors, to reconsider the...

In English: Patron-Client Relationships in Missions
Jean Johnson
11/14/2011 | Size: 47k | Views: 30+
Jean Johnson, former missionary to Cambodia for 16 years, writes to explain the dynamic of the patron-client relationship in missions. This is an extremely...
      SE Asia Missions      

Hooie: A Testimony of Grace Amidst Persecution in Cambodia
Translated by Forrest McPhail
12/2/2016 | Size: 460k | Views: 10+

In English: Reaching Buddhists & Agnostics
Forrest McPhail & Theo van Reijn
6/29/2012 | Size: 635k | Views: 80+
Forrest has been a missionary working with Cambodian Theravada Buddhists since 2000. Here he writes about how to reach Buddhists. Theo is a missionary in the...

In English: Dependency & Church Planting in Cambodia
Jean Johnson
5/9/2015 | Size: 105k | Views: 20+
Jean Johnson gives a very accurate portrayal of what has gone wrong with missions in Cambodia over the last two decades since its opening to missionaries. The...

Spiritual Leadership: Perceptions of Khmer Church Leaders in Cambodia
Philip Coppola
4/28/2016 | Size: 1,177k | Views: 10+
This is a dissertation uploaded by permissions for use by foreign missionaries seeking greater effectiveness in Gospel ministry in Southeast Asia.

In English: Southeast Asia's Buddhist World
Forrest McPhail
3/28/2011 | Size: 246k | Views: 100+
This document was originally a power point presentation. It gives the major Buddhist people groups of Southeast Asia and statistics as to show their unreached...

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