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Larry Phillips | Pineville, Missouri
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12193 East State Hwy 90
Pineville, Missouri 64856
Pineville Grace Fellowship
Attention: Larry Phillips
12193 East State Hwy 90
Pineville, Missouri 64856
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Larry Phillips
4,141 sermons
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Stop Saying Founding Fathers Were Christian
7/5/2015 (SUN)
  |  Bible: Romans 14:7-11
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Thomas Jefferson denied:
1. The resurrection and ascension of Christ.
2. The trinity, 3. The Miracles of Jesus, 4. That Jesus Christ was God
Benjamin Franklin:
1. Participated in sexual orgies
2. Was a member of the Hell Fire Club
3. Denied that Jesus was divine
John Adams
1. Denied the trinity
2. Ridiculed the miracles of Jesus
George Washington:
1. Refused to make a confession of faith in Christ.
2. Refused to partake of communion
3. Was friends with the Carol Family who were Jesuits
4. Was baptized before he died by a Jesuit priest.
5. Signed and authored a treaty saying the United States was not a Christian nation.
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Larry Phillips
Founding Fathers Not Christian

Romans 14:7-11
Pineville Grace Fellowship
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Larry Phillips
Founding Fathers Not Christian

Pineville Grace Fellowship
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Larry Philips (6/11/2023)
from Missouri
“ ”
What about Patrick Henry, George Mason, and John Witherspoon?

Kirk Young (6/9/2023)
“ ”
Did Jefferson really deny the resurrection and ascension of Christ, call Paul a liar, and create a false Bible, or are those all lies invented by the cultural elites to defame and discredit a Christian statesman? And what if the wall of separation was intended to protect the church from the state, not vice versa?

Anonymous Name (3/10/2023)
“ Liberalism's War on Christian Monarchy ”
It should be noted that the Enlightenment with its Masonic revolutions like the American Revolution turned America into a safe haven for liberalism. As the Masonic American revolutionaries sought to overthrow Christian Monarchy during the 18th Century, so today's liberals are seeking to do the same. One of the ways in which liberals are seeking to undo Christian Monarchy is by attacking The Biblical Tenet of Families being The Principle Building Block of Society, especially since Christian Monarchy is based on This Tenet. We also realize that Satan and the antichrist are seeking to undo The Biblical Tenet of Families being The Building Blocks of Society by promoting the liberal idea of the state as the building block of society. Of course, The Book of Revelation revealed the fate of the liberals, which is eternal torment in The Lake of Fire.

Anonymous Name (2/10/2023)
“ Satan: The First Revolutionary ”
As we know, Satan was the first revolutionary as denoted in Isaiah 14, particularly Isaiah 14:12-15. Of course, the price for his revolution is eternal torment in The Lake of Fire like noted in Revelation 20, particularly Revelation 20:10. It is tragic how Satan used the Enlightenment and its major revolutions like the American Revolution and the French Revolution to spread Freemasonry. Yet, as stated earlier, The Lake of Fire will be the final place of eternal torment for Satan, all the fallen angels, the Beast, the False Prophet, and all lost sinners, including the Freemasons and their association of Masonic revolutionaries. As Satan and his fallen angels rebelled against The King of Kings, so the Masonic revolutionaries during the Enlightenment rebelled against Godly Christian Monarchs. A podcast like this is also a plea to return to The Old Ways of Biblical Monarchism and to renounce the revolutionary ideals of Masonic "liberty".

Anonymous Name (2/3/2023)
“ Appalachian Masonic Hillbillies ”
As we know about Appalachia, and the American South as a whole, it should be noted that Appalachian hillbilly culture is really Freemasonry. This is not a surprise since various varieties of Freemasonry originated in the American South as well as hillbilly country. This podcast is much needed in response to hillbilly pride, which is really Freemasonry.

Anonymous Name (8/1/2021)
“ American South: Masonic Belt ”
People keeping referring to the American South as the "Bible Belt", when in reality, the American South is really known as the Masonic Belt. It is also because George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe were known for their Masonic connections. It is therefore no surprise that many American rednecks are Freemasons since their forefathers like George Washington were Freemasons. As noted in this sermon, the American South, also known as redneck country, like the rest of the United States of America, was built on Freemasonry. It also explains why many African Americans are Freemasons since Prince Hall was the founder of African American Freemasonry, which is as antichrist as the American Freemasonry of the white American southerns known as rednecks. Worth noting Revelation 20, especially Revelation 20:11-15 in response to Freemasonry.

Anonymous Name (5/2/2021)
“ Thomas Paine's Common Sense: Common Unbelief ”
On 10 January, 1776, prior to publishing the blasphemous Age of Reason of 1794, Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet arguing for American Independence from Britain called 'Common Sense.' However, Thomas Paine's Common Sense is really Common Unbelief in The Bible. As history demonstrates, Thomas Paine dislike monarchy and its structure of hereditary power. However, Thomas Paine was really attacking The Eternal Monarchy of Jesus in his pamphlet called 'Common Sense'. We know that Jesus is King of Kings, signifying The Hereditary Power inherited by Jesus from Abba Father. In Hebrews 1, particularly Hebrews 1:2, Abba Father spoke unto His People by His Beloved Son Jesus, whom He has appointed as Inheritor of All Things, by whom also He made the worlds. As Hebrews 1:2 demonstrates, Abba Father has appointed His Beloved Son Jesus as The Inheritor of All Things, thus demonstrated that Jesus has Hereditary Power from His Abba Father. How tragic that Thomas Paine attacked Biblical Monarchy in his 47-page pamphlet called 'Common Sense', which should really be called 'Common Sin of Unbelief.'

Anonymous Name (4/21/2021)
“ United States of Freemasonry ”
This sermon confronts this tool of Satan and the antichrist known as Freemasonry, which was behind the founding of the United States of America. This means that the USA, both North and South, is of Masonic origin. While American Northern Founding Fathers like Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and Paul Revere spread Freemasonry to the American North, George Washington spread Freemasonry to the American South. It is already known that Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and George Washington were Freemasons. Of course, the reality is that Freemasonry will damn souls into Hell and The Lake of Fire. At The Great White Throne Judgment noted in Revelation 20:11-15, Freemasons will have their sins exposed at The Great White Throne and be cast into The Lake of Fire. Sadly, the majority of Americans while join their Founding Fathers in The Lake of Fire for all eternity. This sermon is a call to repent of and renounce all Freemasonry and receive Jesus Christ for Eternal Salvation. Because the American Founding Fathers were lost sinners, it means that they, who are called the American Founding Fathers, shall be judged at The Great White Throne Judgment and be cast into The Lake of Fire for all eternity.

Anonymous Name (4/9/2021)
“ Notes on the State of Virginia: Notes of Racism ”
One example of early American racism against people of African descent can be seen in Notes on the State of Virginia by Thomas Jefferson. In this particular book by Thomas Jefferson, he describes people of African descent in the most racially derogatory manner. This is also because Thomas Jefferson enslaved people of African descent as chattel. Not only was Thomas Jefferson known for his infidelity against The Biblical Faith, but also his enslavement of people of African descent in the early American colonies. It is no wonder that white American southerners called rednecks are criticized for being racist white supremacists. These rednecks learned racism against non-whites from their "hero" Thomas Jefferson. While many modern day news commentators are aware of the recent wave of hate crimes committed by white supremacists against non-whites, they fail to see the root of such racist white supremacism, which was practiced by the early American Founders. How tragic that rednecks have exported racist white supremacism to every major corner of the world which can be traced to the ideas of their "hero" Thomas Jefferson. We must remember James 2 in response to the sin of racism.

Anonymous Name (4/6/2021)
“ Thomas Jefferson: Southern Made Infidel ”
One example of an unbelieving infidel was Thomas Jefferson (13 April, 1743–04 July, 1826). To this day, Thomas Jefferson is heralded as an American "hero" by American Southerners since he one of the Founders of the American South. Of course, many American Southerners also follow the sin of unbelief set forth by their "hero" Thomas Jefferson, which is paradoxical in the American South is erroneously referred to as the "Bible Belt", due to its strong American republicanism and patriotism. The example set forth by Thomas Jefferson with his Deism, tampering with the Bible, and overall unbelieving infidelity shows that the American South is really the Infidel Belt, which has caused the vast majority of American Southerners to be unbelieving infidels as their "hero" Thomas Jefferson was. Thomas Jefferson may have been a very influential figure in American history, but he was an infidel who rejected Jesus Christ and The Bible. All of this means that Thomas Jefferson and the American Southerners who followed his infidelity will be judged at The Great White Throne and be cast into Eternal Torment in The Lake of Fire. Worth noting Revelation 20:11-15 in response to unbelieving infidelity.

Anonymous Name (4/5/2021)
“ Apistos (ἄπιστος): Greek for Unbeliever ”
In The Greek, the word for 'unbeliever' is apistos (ἄπιστος). It also is translated as 'infidel.' This is relevant because the Founding Fathers of the USA like John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and George Washington were unbelievers. This sermon is needed in response to the sin of unbelief in America started by this group of unbelievers called the American Founding Fathers.

Anonymous Name (3/31/2021)
“ George Washington: Unbeliever ”
While this sermon is primarily about the sin of unbelief on part of the American Founding Fathers, it also confronts the sin of unbelief on George Washington's part. The fact that George Washington (22 February, 1732–14 December, 1799) was an unbeliever is clearly shown in this particular sermon. George Washington demonstrated his unbelief of The Gospel of Jesus Christ by his connection with Freemasonry and other Enlightenment philosophies. George Washington is often heralded as "the father of America" since he was both a Founding Father and the first President of the United States of America. However, George Washington, like Thomas Paine, built the United States of America on the sin of unbelief. This sermon is needed in response to the American hero worship, or rather idolatry, of this unbeliever named George Washington.

Anonymous Name (3/26/2021)
“ Preaching Jesus To Third World Countries ”
What is wonderful to hear is that people in third world countries are very open to The Gospel of Jesus Christ. This should be noted in relation to this sermon, especially since this sermon confront the sin of unbelief on part of the American Founding Fathers. It also shows that most people in third world nations have far more respect for Jesus Christ than the American Founding Fathers ever did.

Anonymous Name (3/24/2021)
“ United States of Unbelievers ”
This sermon reveals that the United States of America was founded by unbelievers called the American Founding Fathers. Since America (the United States of America) was founded by unbelievers, it is not surprise that the majority of Americans are unbelievers. Worth noting Matthew 7:13-14 in response to this sin of unbelief, including the American sin of unbelief.

Anonymous Name (3/4/2021)
“ Government of the People: Government of Infidels ”
This sermon shows why government of, by, and for the people is really a government of, by, and for infidels. In Ancient Greece, their government of people was known as dēmokratia (δημοκρατία). In Ancient Rome, it was known as res publica. Both systems of government were run by unbelievers since both governments were about power to the people. This humanistic sovereignty of the people has continued to this day since Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Both humanistic governments are about the majority's choice of their leaders even though we know that the majority is always wrong like in Matthew 7:13-14. Yet governments of the people gradually become ochlocracies were the mob runs the government. In The Last Days, there will be a mob of rebels lead by Satan the dragon, the antichrist beast, and the false prophet in rebellion against Abba Father, Jesus The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Throughout Biblical History, there has been a war between The Monarchistic Will of The King of Kings and the humanistic will of the people. One example is the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9. This sermon also shows why The Lord's Kingdom will prevail over the humanistic infidel governments in rebellion against The King of Kings.

Anonymous Name (2/13/2021)
“ Founding Fathers: American Unbelievers ”
This sermon really explains why the Founding Fathers of the USA were high ranking unbelievers, especially American unbelievers. We ought to remember 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 lest we be unequally yoked with unbelievers, including American unbelievers who are patriotic to the United States of America. The reality is that the United States of America was founded as a secular unbelieving nations on 04 July, 1776 and it has established a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, which is really a government of unbelievers, by unbelievers, and for unbelievers. Then again, any secular government, including the American government established by the Framers of the US Constitution, is really a government of, by, and for unbelievers. Very needed sermon in response to the sin of unbelief which America has propagated to every major corner of the globe.

JoshuaContact via email (2/6/2021)
from Paris Treaty 1783
“ Common Sense has rung out the bell ”
Common sense has rung out the bell! “...We all agree on the obligation of the moral precepts of Jesus Christ”. Thomas Jefferson to James Fishback. The 21st century church demiurge!

Anonymous Name (12/11/2020)
“ Founding Fathers of USA: Antichrist Champions ”
It is worth noting 1 Samuel 17:1-58 in response to this craze over championship, especially these antichrist champions, which are worldly "heroes". One such example of worldly "heroes" are the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. This is because the Founding Fathers of the United States of America came as champions of "liberty", even though their ideals of "liberty" were rooted in antichrist Freemasonry. The whole idea of being a champion of the people is antichrist. We realize that in both The Old Testament and The New Testament of The Bible, Jehovah's People and The Messiah came as shepherds, not champions of the people. Very helpful sermon in response to this antichrist craze of championship, especially these antichrist Masonic Enlightenment champions known as the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

Anonymous Name (8/10/2020)
“ Thomas Paine: Unbelieving American Founder ”
It should be noted that Thomas Paine (February 09, 1737 - 08 June, 1809), among the American Founding Fathers, was an unbeliever who rejected The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thomas Paine openly attacked Biblical Christianity in his writings, including the Age of Reason. As a result of Thomas Paine's unbelief in The Bible, especially The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the majority of American people are unbelievers. Thomas Paine created a legacy of unbelief in The Gospel of Jesus Christ in America. That legacy of unbelief in The Gospel of Jesus still continues in America to this very day. The unregenerate American Founding Father Thomas Paine even coined the term United States of America on 04 July, 1776. This sermon is a call to renounce the sin of unbelief in The Gospel of Jesus, which is what built America (USA) through the writings of Thomas Paine.

Anonymous Name (7/30/2020)
“ The Social Gospel of America ”
This sermon clearly shows that America (United States of America) is built on a worldly social gospel, particularly a social gospel of American "liberty". Sadly, conservative churches are allowing themselves to be engulfed by the social gospel of American patriotism. This is why a lot of American churches teach about American patriotism, the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the American flag, and other symbols of America. It is worth noting The Great Commission in verses like Matthew 28:16–20, Mark 16:14–18, Luke 24:44–49, John 20:19-23, and Acts 1:4–8 in response to this craze of national patriotism, including American patriotism. The Apostles in The Book of Acts did not get involved in "liberty" activism, especially since they lived in the time of the tyranny of the Roman Empire. This sermon is a helpful response to the false gospel called the social gospel of America.

Anonymous Name (7/13/2020)
“ Revolutions: Rebellion Against The King of Kings ”
It should be noted that the many historical revolutions like the American Revolution are rebellion against The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is worth noting Proverbs 21:1, Proverbs 24:21, Proverbs 25:6, Proverbs 29:14, and Ecclesiastes 10:20 in times where revolutions are promoted. It is also worth noting Psalm 26:9, Psalm 59:2, and Psalm 139:19 as well.

Anonymous Name (7/3/2020)
“ Remembering New England ”
It is important to remember New England since it was built on Puritan righteousness. Interestingly, New England is known as Xīn Yīnggélán 新英格蘭 in Chinese. The Chinese name for Puritans is Qīngjiàotú 清教徒. This shows that even The Godly Heritage of the Puritans is commemorated even in Chinese.

Anonymous Name (5/30/2020)
“ American Revolution: Violation of Romans 13:1-7 ”
It should be noted that the American Revolution from 1765 A.D. to 1783 A.D was a violation of Romans 13:1-7 since it was an act of rebellion. What the American Founding Fathers called "liberty" is really the sin of rebellion. America (USA) is now imploding from within because of its principle of government of the people found in the U.S. Constitution. As we know, government of the people is rebellion against The Lord and His Kingdom because it is people professing that no ruler rules over them. We also realize that The Lord ordains rulers to rule over the people, which is why He ordained King George III to rule over the American people. This sermon is a call for America to repent not only of the U.S. Constitution and the other rebellious American founding documents inspired by rebellious Freemasonry, but also of its act of rebellion against The Lord and those rulers anointed by Him called the American Revolution. If America intends on fulfilling 2 Chronicles 7:14, then it must abolish the constitutional government of the people and establish The Lord's Monarchy on Earth.

Anonymous Name (5/9/2020)
“ Remembering Romans 13:1-7 ”
It is worth remembering Romans 13:1-7 in times like these.

Anonymous Name (4/18/2020)
“ Thomas Jefferson Tampered With The Bible ”
It should be noted that Founding Father Thomas Jefferson (13 April, 1743 – 04 July, 1826) tampered with The Bible by rewriting it as "the Jefferson Bible" in 1804, which was during his presidential tenure ranging from 04 March, 1801 to 04 March, 1809. It should also be noted that Our Lord strictly forbids altering His Word in Deuteronomy 4:2, Deuteronomy 12:32, Proverbs 30:6 and Revelation 22:18-19. Because of the actions of Thomas Jefferson altering The Bible, who was a Founding Father, the third president of America, and the author of the Declaration of "Independence", it appears that America is now tampering with The Bible despite Our Lord's prohibition against such an action.

Anonymous Name (4/10/2020)
“ George Washington: Freemason ”
It should be noted that George Washington (22 February, 1732 - 14 December, 1799) was a Freemason, who served as the First American president from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797. During his tenure as president, George Washington wrote a “Letter to the Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church of North America,” October 1789, vol. 12, p. 167. which stated that the American “government protects all in their religious rights.” If George Washington meant what he said about the American government defending all religious rights, then that means that, for example, Hawaiian people have a "right" to worship Satanic volcano gods like Pele. George Washington built the American presidency on his belief in Freemasonry, which is why subsequent American presidents have only continued his bequest of occultism and bizarre mystery religions. Because George Washington was a Freemason, he denied that Jesus is The Only Way to Eternal Salvation. Freemasonry has a "grand architect", but the "grand architect" of Freemasonry is really Satan. Freemasons, like George Washington, will spend eternity in Hell and The Lake of Fire. It is worth noting Revelation 20:11-15 in times like these.

Anonymous Name (3/8/2020)
“ America: Historic Rebel Alliance ”
In the imaginary Star Wars universe, the "heroes" are referred to as the "Rebel Alliance." However, we know that Satan and his fallen angels founded the original rebel alliance. Many generations later, America formed a rebel alliance in 04 July, 1776. We know that Satan, the Antichrist, and false prophet will form a rebel alliance that we are warned about in The Book of Revelation. It is apparent that Satan and the Antichrist influenced the Founding Fathers of America to revolt against King George III. Thanks be to Our Lord that He shall destroy every form of rebellion against Him. Worth noting Revelation 19:1-21 in times like these.

Anonymous Name (2/26/2020)
“ America: Built on Bizarre Symbolism ”
It is clear that the Founding Fathers built America on the bizarre symbolism of Freemasonry since many of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons themselves. That includes the first five presidents named George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe. It also means that the Congress, Presidency, and Supreme Court is also built on the bizarre symbolism of Freemasonry. America's earliest Congressional legislators, presidents, and supreme court judges were connected with bizarre secret societies, which is still occurring today. As this sermon notes, any bizarre symbolism is of Satan. It also means that the American Congress, Presidency, and Supreme Court was unrighteous from the very beginning.

Anonymous Name (2/20/2020)
“ Remembering Romans 13:1-8 ”
It is important to remember Romans 13:1-8 in times where rebels seek to revolt against rightly ordained authority.

Anonymous Name (2/1/2020)
“ U.S. Bill of Rights: Rights For The Unrighteous ”
The United States Bill of Rights has been bestowing the unrighteous with rights since 15 December, 1791. It should be noted that the entire American Bill of Rights is rebellion against The Lord and His Kingdom of Righteousness.

Anonymous Name (1/12/2020)
“ America: A House Divided Against Itself ”
We know that a house divided against itself shall not stand as noted in Matthew 12:22-32, Mark 3:22-29, and Luke 11:14-23. This sermon shows that America since its beginning on 04 July, 1776 was truly a house divided against itself. The division in America from 04 July, 1776 to the present is a result of America's insistence on "liberty" as an absolute. The U.S. Constitution ratified after the end of the American Revolution only amplified the division in America. The reality of this sermon is that a society rooted in the sin of rebellion while only collapse under its own weight.

Anonymous Name (1/5/2020)
“ King George III: Great Protestant Monarch ”
Despite the Founding Fathers' complaints in the Declaration of Independence that King George III (04 June, 1738-29 January, 1820) was a "tyrant", we know as a fact that King George III was a great Protestant Monarch influenced by the Protestant Reformation. It should also be noted that the Protestant British Monarchy were influenced by Israel of both The Old Testament and The New Testament. Britain's greatness was because of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. While America views King George III as a "villain" and a "tyrant", the reality is that King George III was a hero who sought to proclaim The Righteousness of The Lord. This sermon shows that the Founding Fathers of America were really rebels under the influence of Satan and the Antichrist.

Anonymous Name (12/11/2019)
“ American Liberty: Hindrance To Salvation ”
Because America's Founding Fathers regarded "liberty" as the highest absolute, they created a nation where most souls do not want eternal salvation. The fact is that most Americans do not want to get saved because of their desire for "liberty." A person could be living in unfree nations like Communist China and still be a born again believer while most people living in America can be "free" and be lost sinners on their way to Hell at the same time. It ought to be noted that worldly "liberty", including American "liberty", is a major hindrance to eternal salvation only found in Jesus Christ.

Anonymous Name (11/13/2019)
“ Remembering 2 Peter 1:11 ”
It is important to remember 2 Peter 1:11 in times where the American Republic is highly exalted, even in churches today. It is also worth noting Psalm 145:13, Daniel 4:3, Daniel 4:34, Daniel 7:14, and Daniel 7:27. The American Republic and its Constitution and Declaration of Independence are temporal and will vanish away. The Kingdom of Jesus Christ is eternal and will last forever.

Anonymous Name (11/12/2019)
“ Bible Law Vs. The United States Constitution ”
One helpful resource in response to the United States Constitution is Bible Law Vs. The United States Constitution. This website and book is run by Ted Weiland. It shows why the United States Constitution is incompatible with Biblical Law.

Anonymous Name (11/6/2019)
“ Tenth Amendment Center: Worldly Liberty ”
The Tenth Amendment Center, headed by Michael Boldin, is an organization pushing for worldly liberty. This worldly liberty also includes "nullification" of allegedly "unconstitutional" federal acts on the state and local level. This organization assumes that the anti-Biblical "Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions" of 1798 is the blueprint for state and local governments for nullifying "unconstitutional federal acts." In reality, the U.S. Constitution allows for excessive government and such bureaucratic agencies, be it the FAA or Federal Reserve. The reason that these oversized bureaucratic federal agencies like the Federal Reserve exist is because of the U.S. Constitution. If America lived under the Godly Puritan Rule, there would be none of these federal agencies, let alone an unrighteous Congress, President, and Supreme Court. This sermon proves the Tenth Amendment Center wrong on its "defense" of the U.S. Constitution.

Anonymous Name (11/2/2019)
“ Remembering the Babylonian Captivity ”
It is worth remembering the example of Israel being taken into Babylonian Captivity as shown in 2 Kings 20:18, 2 Kings 24:16, 1 Chronicles 9:1, 2 Chronicles 36:20, 2 Chronicles 36:22-23, Ezra 1:1-4, Ezra 2:1-2, Ezra 5:12, Ezra 5:13-16, Nehemiah 7:6-7, Psalms 137:1-9, Jeremiah 20:6, Jeremiah 24:1, Jeremiah 29:1, Jeremiah 29:4-14, Jeremiah 32:5, Jeremiah 34:3, Jeremiah 39:7, Jeremiah 40:4, Ezekiel 12:13, Ezekiel 17:12, Ezekiel 17:16, Ezekiel 17:20, Daniel 1:1-7, Micah 4:10, Matthew 1:11, Matthew 1:12, Matthew 1:17, and Acts 7:43.

Anonymous Name (10/27/2019)
“ A much needed sermon ”
This sermon is a much needed sermon in times where America, which was founded upon Satanic Freemasony, is glorified even in the most conservative of churches.

Anonymous Name (9/5/2019)
“ Republicanism: Rebellion Against Yehovah ”
It is evident that republicanism is really rebellion against Yehovah, since Yehovah hath ordained people to be ruled by absolute rulers. A republic on the other hand involves a government represented by rebellious sinners. Republicanism is rooted in the pagan societies of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Towards the closing of the 18th Century, the Founding Fathers of the American Republic intended on creating a republic modeled after the pagan Ancient Greek and Roman republics. Proponents of republicanism have decried absolute rule by absolute rulers as "tyranny," even though their republicanism is really the unjust form of government. The American Republic has never been a just government since the ratification of the U.S. Constitution circa 1788. One of the reasons why is because the American Republic was built on genocide of the North American Indian populace which was in dire need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This sermon really show why a republic is really a government of rebels at the helm, which will inevitably lead to anarchy and political suicide as it did in Ancient Rome.

Anonymous Name (9/1/2019)
“ America: Land of Masonic Symbols ”
As history shows, Freemasonry was the instrument in the founding of the United States of America. Many common American symbols of "freedom", including the stars and stripes are all rooted in Freemasonry. The signers of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence were also connected with Freemasonry. This sermon makes it known that Freemasonry was the underlying belief of the Founding Fathers.

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Gospel of John
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