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Pastor Sean Harris | Fayetteville, North Carolina
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Berean Baptist Church
517 Glensford Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28314
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Sean E. Harris
2,400 sermons
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Black Lives Matter
Series:  News In Focus  · 1052 of 1132
7/12/2016 (TUE)
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SERIES 1052 OF 1132
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Sean E. Harris
Black Lives Matter

News In Focus
Current Events
Berean Baptist Church
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Sean E. Harris
Black Lives Matter

News In Focus
Berean Baptist Church
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Lottie (7/18/2016)
from Ohio
“ Giving Thanks for What We Know ”
Hey, guys, it kinda sounds like you're patting yourselves on the back for what you know when you talk about what you would or wouldn't do. Are you forgetting that, like Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the rest of us, there was a time when you didn't know anything? You had to be taught. Taught how to feed yourself, dress yourself, read, write, think about things (Are you going to jump off of the bridge because everybody else is doing it?), rethink some things (Was that fight really worth the discipline you're now getting?), etc., etc. Don't take credit for what you were taught, for the knowledge that came your way. Give thanks for what you know. Could be Alton Sterling and Philando Castile didn't get that kind of knowledge.

Unity (7/17/2016)
from Florida
“ Church unity ”
Firstly, I agree, Black lives matter is not a biblical group. Aside from that it doesn't matter what we do as Christians, attend your church prayer meetings, podcast, post our thoughts on social media...etc, when we fail to address the unity issue between races, cultures, and class lines, we are impeding the witness of Christ and we are limiting the reflection of the glory of God. There is much opportunity for us to embrace the differences of many people in churches (apart from sin). And we can greatly utilize each difference to glorify God in unity. The harsh truth is this issue has not been solved by Gods people, an evident truth seen on Sunday's in many Churches throughout America and until it is dealt with in our churches, it will never be dealt with in America's streets. In the Bible Paul speak greatly about these divisions that were going on in the church in his day, Jews and Gentiles were divided but the cross united them, we must keep in mind we represent the same cross today through the gospel of Jesus. Are there differences amongst us? Of course and so will there be in heaven, but oneness of purpose doesn't mean sameness of being. That requires us to recognize the unique differences each individual brings to the table for the glory of Christ. All of the rest are moot po

Lottie (7/17/2016)
from Ohio
“ About What Ms. Reynolds Remembers, pt 2 ”
And I will share with you just some of the things that “the hub” with its social gospel ideology intentionally or unintentionally taught us and the generations after us. 1) Civil disobedience – It is your duty to disobey unjust/unfair laws, to not comply with any requests by the authority that conflicts with your perceived rights. 2) The teachings of people such as Mahatma Gandhi are equal to Jesus' teachings. 3) Acknowledging God is important, but getting a good education and a good job are more important. 4) You can have spiritual fellowship with a Muslim convert (like Muhammad Ali—he was welcomed in many black churches) or someone of another faith because they are a positive role model in the black community. 5) Get behind/give your support to any left leaning, liberal thinking, morally decadent or spiritually corrupt famous black person when comments are made about their negative influence on society and, especially, on the young people. Recognize that he or she is only being persecuted /talked about because they're black. Now, what was it that you were asking? Why don't they comply and what's with the attitude?

Lottie (7/17/2016)
from Ohio
“ About What Ms. Reynolds Remembers, pt 1 ”
I read the article by Ms. Reynolds. She painted a rose colored picture of the Civil Rights Movement. Yes, the Movement had a spiritual base because the black church was the hub of the black community. Although many of the black churches were not on board at the beginning, by the time I was old enough to be aware of what was going on, most of the churches were giving their support to Martin Luther King. I was too young to be a participant in the Movement (in fact, I wasn't even around at the start of it), but I am old enough to remember some things that Ms. Reynolds did not mention. Things like the fractions within the Movement, with some folks taking a violent, more hostile approach to change. I remember riots, fires, killings, the police being called racist pigs, the “get whitey” attitude.

Jwoods (7/15/2016)
from Spring Lake
“ Well done Pastors, Continue to Speak on these issues!!! ”
I agree with everything said, and I am a Young 25yrs old christian black man from Miami Dade County. And I lived in a black on black crime, drugged infested area. Honestly, i might go off topic but I dont care because these conversations hit home. I take shots from other black people at work for saying the same thing as these Pastors. If We as black people find being confronted by police an issue then you should "fix your taillight" and "Change the way you dress". And because of the lack of authority in the homes(Fathers) "We(Me)" dont submit to auhority very well and believe it or not I've heard these same words from my white basketball coach 8 years ago and it helped me to be different then my 20 something black family and friends who are dead and locked up. I thank God for my Coach for judging me and pointing out these things that these pastors are pointing out. And im behind them 100% ). Much love to all. Peace!

JM (7/13/2016)
from North carolina
“ Was with you at first.... ”
I agree that the BLM movement has serious issues at its core. I myself didn't realize how serious until I reviewed their website firsthand. There IS black on black crime at an alarming rate that needs to be adressed as well. These things must not be ignored. But when I turn to Christian pod casts and hear careless remarks like "just get your taillights fixed" my heart feels sad. You say you should view these events from a biblical perspective yet "just get your taillights fixed" or "look at how your dressed" seems to fall short ( especially when lives were lost). I don't know all the facts of these cases but I'm pretty certain no one does at this point. Let us stay Christ centered and pray that God continues to break down the many barriers that exists within our own hearts regarding race. Yes, even within the church we hold to biases and judgements that are not always righteous. And one further note- I do believe you guys have good intentions and are not racist by any means. But maybe it would be helpful to have a more well rounded discussion when it comes to these types of issues. Otherwise it just comes off as white people gathering around the mic to talk about what black people should or should not be doing. God bless

Melanie (7/13/2016)
from SoCal
“ Great Sermon! ”
Please stop discussing race if you have no compassion.

BA (7/12/2016)
from Celestial City
“ Response to CLR ”
1. I have to say I am a white male and I don't LOVE guns. Some men do and it is idolatry. I don't think this is limited to whites tho. I do enjoy guns. Great instrument for protection (not sure why my family needs to be protected from me, I'm teaching my kids how to properly handle a firearm). It's also a great stress reliever. Some people like to swing at golf balls. I like to bust clays in the air. 2. Remember there is only one race - the human one. I can't stand segregation and as long as we are separate "races" what are we to expect? 3. When a black policeman kills a black man or a white man it doesn't make news. Why?

CLR (7/12/2016)
from Earth
“ Great Sermon! ”
First off I would like to say thank you for being brave enough to do the sermon "satans War on Gender". On the other hand you all really should stay away from discussing Race relations all together. Three things about the issues you'll are discussing: 1. Castiles girlfriend did the right thing when she continued to film. If the cop killed her boyfriend for no good reason, what makes you think he wouldn't kill her for moving and as you put it hold or hug her child and boy friend. Go and re-watch the Rodney king videos. The attorney for those cops said every time rodney moved it was a threat to the 15 or 20 something cops standing over him kicking and beat him. 2. As far as black lives matter group. I'm all for for disassembling them as long as the kkk is once and for all disassembled. One group is willing to be violent when justice is not served. The other group HAS killed people, burned churches and crosses because they want to be superior over all other races. 3. Just because it's not coming out in the news don't mean the victims are always resisting. Just about every white male I talk to say they LOVE guns and killing things. Some claim to own a firearm to protect their families, but I say who protects the family from them? So Why do white men LOVE guns?

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  Sean E. Harris
Pastor Sean Harris has been the Senior Pastor for Berean Baptist Church and Academy in Fayetteville, NC since 2006. He served as a member, lay teacher and deacon at Berean from 1987 until he became the Senior Pastor. As the Senior Pastor, he oversees Berean’s ministry to over...

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