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Matthew Trewhella | Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Mercy Seat Christian Church
10240 W. National Ave. Suite 129 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53227
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MyChurch: mercyseat | Set
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Matthew Trewhella
328 sermons
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The War Against Christ by the American Government
Series:  government  · 13 of 19
7/7/2013 (SUN)
  |  Bible: Psalm 2
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Our government here in America is at war with Christ. It is at war with Christianity. Our Federal government is the culprit that has enacted laws and policies for decades now to remove, repudiate, destroy and decimate all that has to do with Christ and Christianity in our nation, including the sacred and holy institution of marriage. Starting with the recent DOMA ruling by the U. S. Supreme Court, this sermon confirms the awful reality of the war. Sadly, most Christians in America today believe God's law should have nothing to do with the governance of nations. Thus, they have aided and abetted the outcome in our nation. The sermon exposes the grim consequences of Christians removing their faith from the public square and making it a purely private matter. 74 min.
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Matthew Trewhella
The War Against Christ

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Mercy Seat Christian Church
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Matthew Trewhella
The War Against Christ

Mercy Seat Christian...
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  If you were blessed by this message, please add your comment ...
StephContact via email (2/2/2021)
from Mid-atlantic State
“ Whether...Reformation...or We're Put to Death' ”
Incredible insights and fantastic prayer at the end! Yes, much of this downfall lies at the feet of Bible teachers. I remember one family many years ago being made fun of at church because they had 6 children. Be fruitful and multiply was one of the first commands God gave man. When we disobey God's Law, we are asking for problems. Since then, as Brother Trewhella said, more degradation has naturally ensued. The society that rejects God and even codifies wickedness will no longer survive. 2020 in America was a huge illustration of this fact. With Christians being labeled as "domestic terrorists," we can see the utter depravity of man in full bloom and the shadow of the Anti-christ system coming into clearer view every day. So much of the salt has lost its savor, and it's only good to be cast out and trampled under foot now. Time is short, but eternity is long. If we can no longer influence our temporal government, may we continue to influence eternal souls who will spend eternity in the lake of fire apart from God's redeeming mercy and grace. The heathen are indeed raging. Christians will experience the wrath of man. Thankfully; however, we will not experience the wrath of God. Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him.

Yolanda (2/27/2018)
from AZ
“ Believe It Or Not! ”
Believe it or not! King Saul is in the White House

Yolanda (12/8/2017)
from AZ
“ Balm in Gilead ”
This message is worth millions! Interesting how an unbeliever, Carl Zimmerman, could discern and write in his book “Family and Civilization” (1947), the collision course of nations opposing God’s Law as stated in Psalm 2. He rightly stated that we would have no-fault divorce, abortion on demand, couples not wanting children, and rampant homosexuality. It is sin added to sin. This message should motivate us to take to the streets the Gospel God intended all to hear and respond to. It is what convicts the sinner of his eternal destination. I do wonder just how much our words, most of them, set the course of nature as is mentioned in James. Are we all prophets to the good and to the evil? Can I speak to thing one is inclined towards and it become as a fire, and sensationalized? Do our words really set the course of nature in the spiritual realm? If we speak more of the things related to the triune and the kingdom of God, what impact would it have on the courses we take in life? Give unto God the glory due unto Him.

The Rejected One (12/8/2017)
from Fallen World

LisaContact via email (9/12/2013)
from Wales
“ Great Sermon! ”
Hi Jeremy. Saw your comment on this sermon- I haven't listened to it- Im somewhere else in scripture ( studying the jewish feasts). Wanted you to know that I appreciate your comments-I am a Christian counsellor ( of sorts) and I often work alongside gay youth who are being victimised. You are right- we must not label anyone. Don't give up on god though. I would say that just like there is no concrete proof of god, there is no concrete proof of no god- at the end of the day both ideas are based on faith. I actually got to god by studying science. Email me if you want to chat...peregrio@

JeremyG1977 (9/11/2013)
from Ohio
“ Great Sermon! ”
As a gay man, I have a few things to say. (1)Just like Christians don't like to be painted with a broad brush, neither do gay people. There are outlandish and outrageous people in all walks of life. I myself do not care for most gay pride events because I also find it inappropriate for these events to be sponsored by bathhouse's and porn companies, for people to be nude in public, and so do my friends. These events WERE ORIGIONALLY set up to show that we are just as normal as everyone else, but they have become drunkin, pornographic, public displays of debauchery. (2)The pack mentality demonstrated against the street preachers in Seattle was also demonstrated by the "Christian" men attacking gay people in Russia, Georgia, and Serbia. (3)Most gay people DO NOT want to destroy marriage, the family, or a rational standard of morality. I myself do not agree with no-fault divorce. It weakens ALL marriages, and if repealed would give pause to ALL PEOPLE before making their vows. Also the government SHOULD be doing more to promote having children, and stable families. (4)In a free society, the government must remain secular. I myself, an atheist, would find it abhorrent if we made laws based on ANY religion; and those remaining need to be repealed. There is no concrete proof of god.

Alan MountfordContact via email (9/1/2013)
from England
“ Sure this is America that is being outlined? ”
What is here said you may confidently change the title to read England, where the base is promoted by law and by funding those involved in it. The all out war against God, godly morals and ethics, recently saw Sodomites joined together in so called marriage, our political parties, though hating one another, joining together to attack the sacredness of marriage. Evil sits upon the heart of our political system, and Christendom just passes by on the other side. Few who profess Christ have any godly morals and ethics, those truly born again being attacked by many that just have a name to live by but are dead, so that those who stand for truth and righteousness are not only attacked by an evil government but by many pretending to be Christians. We now have police continualy seeking to move Christians on, even arresting them, for giving out tracts, though Islam is has no problems in preaching hatred upon our streets. Christendom has abandoned the law of God, and so abandoned the first part of the Gospel (Rev.14.7), preaching a lawless gospel of decissions and indifference toward holiness, righteousness, and truth.

Samantha M (7/15/2013)
from Georgia
“ Great Sermon! ”
A must hear!...God Bless you Pastor!

janine elizabethContact via email (7/15/2013)
from louisiana
“ not for the weak-hearted or closet believer ”

Dorcas (7/14/2013)
from USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Amen, to this preaching! What the church needs to hear and obey!

Elise (7/14/2013)
from Scotland
“ Excellent Sermon! ”
Wow! Amazing Sermon, Michael Hranek says it all in his comment below. May our Lord uphold you Pastor Trewella and may others follow your example on how to preach boldly.

Michael Hranek (7/12/2013)
from Endicott, New York
“ Cover This Pastor in Prayer! ”
Dear Pastor Trewhella, This is a great message even if it is a heartbreaking one that is likely to infuriate the enemies of God both outside and inside of today's churches and get you into trouble with ungodly authorities. In my humble opinion we need more pastors who would lay things as they are, especially the Truth of what God's word teaches us before their congregations in the increasingly difficult and perilous times we are living in right now such as you have done, when we so need to be on our faces before God in mourful confession our own sins and neglect to stand up for the Truth, seeking the will of God and His power to live faithfully for Jesus Christ, and to cover one another in our praying. May God give favor to you and others who would call the people of God to wake up out of our sleep and apathy, especially me to be men and to stand for the Lord Jesus Christ, the families He has entrusted to us and the Truth of the Gospel which is of course the Power of God for Salvation to everyone who believes.

Excellent (7/10/2013)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Pastor Trewhella mentions a non-christian sociologist predicted no-fault divorce, abortion on demand and rampant homosexuality ... in 1947. He studied failed cultures including the Roman Empire and France and all of them collapsed when people no longer wanted to have children. Outstanding 5-Star sermon!!

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