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Craig M., James J., Jeff P. | San Antonio, Texas
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Grace Community Church
311 Hedges St.
San Antonio, TX 78203
Grace Community Church
P.O. Box 10608
San Antonio, TX 78210
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Paul Washer
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A Message for Reformed Christian Rappers (and the Hip-Hop Culture) at the 2007 Legacy Conference
4/21/2008 (MON)
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The VIDEO of Paul Washer preaching starts about 1 MINUTE into the video.

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Paul Washer
A Message for Reformed Rappers
Special Meeting
Grace Community Church
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Paul Washer
A Message for Reformed Rappers
Grace Community Church
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Keith (8/6/2019)
from Arkansas
“ Great Sermon! ”
Paul Washer makes some good points. He acknowledges that secular rap is sinful, but argues that a sinful art form can be transformed and used for that which is good. I would agree as long as it doesn't stir up sensual desires, because when people become born again, they have become new creatures with a desire for holiness. Therefore, they will want music that stirs up that desire rather than desires that are contrary to God's Word. When I listened to Christian rap, it did not put me in the mood to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, but made me feel more like dancing in a sensual way. (For a sermon which points out this danger and other dangers of Christian rap, I would recommend "Weighing Rap & Hip-Hop" by Chris Hand.) Though I'm not in agreement with Paul Washer on Christian rap, I'm in complete agreement with him on what it means to be saved. When people become saved, they will not continue to live in sin, but will seek to live a holy life. This is the evidence of true conversion.

Earnest (1/15/2013)
“ Great Sermon! ”
There's no deference in rap and hip hop I come for the rap hop hop generation now I have been born again this music is satanic and worldly, show me one scripture where God uses something of the world to use to when souls to Himself or to worship Him

Janice (12/22/2009)
“ Great Sermon! ”
The confusion here is that hip-hop and rap are not the same thing. Rap is a style of music, just like country, jazz, gospel, etc. Hip-hop is a culture, not a musical style. Hip-hop has its own belief system (4 pillars of hip-hop), its own bible (The Gospel of Hip-hop: The First Instrument), its own church (The Temple of Hip-Hop), and its own prophets (KRS-One and Afrika Bambaataa); none of which adhere to the basic tenets of biblical Christianity. As a previous commenter remarked, do a little research. As long as we are careful to differentiate between rap and hip-hop, I think this message by Paul Washer is indeed an encouragement to the body of Christ and for those rappers who are followers of Christ to continue in their ministry to the lost.

Mike MorganContact via email (7/16/2009)
“ Great Sermon! ”
My comment is to the last two brothers who commented before me. There is nothing wrong w/ the hip-hop or rap genre in and of itself,the problem is when men w/ sinful hearts and minds take something perfectly neutral such as hip hop and pollute it w/ sin. You cant possibly tell me that that something as simple and a bass drum beat and the rhyming over that beat is sin in itself, the problem is when men steeped in sin choose to glorify that sin and ppl w/ sin filled hearts choose willingly to indulge in that from of music. If hip hop were sin itself that would mean almost every other genre of music would be sin also: rock, country, and even what we call gospel music today all have roots in secular society. The thing that happened in most cases is that God in his mercy redeemed certain ppl out of that particular context and those ppl chose to continue to pursue the music that they enjoyed, but chose to use the music to bring Glory to Jesus which is why he created the music in the first place (Col 1:16). Please brothers and sisters don't be deceived the Lord can choose to use whatever he sees fit to brig glory to his name, if he can use a donkey to bring a man to repentance(Num 22:28) he can most defiantly use rap music to draw men and women to himself.

Hamish (4/5/2009)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I love Paul Washer and his sermons, however I have to say that I am rather surprised that he supports the use of rap music in the presenting of the gospel. As an ex DJ I know the implications and power of music. It is important to note that music was NEVER used in the bible as an evangelical tool. What makes music Christian first is NOT the lyrics, it is the spirit behind the lyrics and the music. Hip-hop is rooted not in the spirit of Christ but rather in the spirit of satan, for this reason it can never be clean, innocent or pure no matter how much it is sugar coated with so called "Christian" lyrics. I suggest to all listners that they do a thorough research on the history of music and the origins of hip-hop. Please do not accept something that may be pleasing to our itching ears. WIth that said, I do believe that Paul Washer has great insight and his messages are ulplifting, encouraing but most of all challenging. However he is a man and men are subject to err. God bless Paul Washer and all or us too!

Max (6/14/2008)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I listened to this sermon to find out if Pastor Paul Washer was encouraging rap music. He was just defending biblical truth. For that reason I truly enjoyed this sermon. However I do not agree with the fact that some christians are using rap music to preach the gospel. Knowing the origins of Hip Hop, I will go as far to say that it has no business in the Church no matter how biblical these rappers may be, for the same reason that strange fire should not be presented to a Holy God. Remember that Aaron's sons were killed for doing so (Leviticus 10: 1-3) We should not use the world's music to reach the lost or adapt the gospel to this culture. They will come to Jesus through the preaching of the Gospel or they will not come at all. For those who wants to know about hip hop and its origins, visit and you'll understand the reason why I make this statement. The pastor is G. Craig Lewis and he has done a phenominal job at explaining what really goes on in Hip hop and why christians should never embrace it. God bless you all

Sean IContact via email (5/26/2008)
“ Thanks Paul! ”
Thanks Paul for stopping long enough to get to know some of the men that are preaching the gospel through rap, and being open enough to examine the words in their music. If we are honest, most of us are closed to rap music because of our personal and cultural bias. What makes music biblical first is the content (lyrics). Secondly the instrumental accompaniment should not take away from the message. I have had the opportunity to hear a few reformed rappers. Their theology is more solid and grounded in scripture than many modern day preachers. Being part of a culture that has been dumbed down and entertained to death, I am convinced that our dead, dry, formal preaching will never reach them! A dead theological sermon or lecture will never reach a culture or the conscience that has been addicted to iPods, MySpace, music, entertainment.... My heart aches for many who will never enter the doors of our reformed churches and be classified as the “non elect”. Yet did we weep over their condition, or seek ways to reach them outside of the 4 walls. May we develop the heart of Christ, Brainerd, Carey, Taylor, Mccheyne, Elliot….And use the gifts and talents God has given us! Even if its Rap Music. Music is powerful and should be use to teach and warn.

curtis woodsContact via email (5/9/2008)
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon represents the passion of my heart! I remember when GOD, via my campus minister, confronted my mind with the GOSPEL...Now as a campus minister I long for God to truly save sinners, transforming their affections for His glory alone... Soli Deo gloria!

Carol R (4/26/2008)
from Bible Belt
“ Great Sermon! ”
I was surprised to hear Paul Washer encouraging the Christian rap, but as I listened, I understood his point. And then he went on to tell the rappers that they had to live a life above reproach, and to keep reaching the audience that might only listen to them. Washer then gave the gospel message in the clear, powerful style he always does. I can't get enough of Paul WAsher's sermons!

Jay MiklovicContact via email (4/23/2008)
from Toledo, Ohio
“ Appreciated message ”
The Gospel is wonderful, and astounding, and presented clearly in the message. It is encouraging to hear a reformed preacher encouraging reformed music (rap artists) to continue in the ministry they do. To acknowledge these men who rap truth without bashing them is a bold move for a preacher who is likely associated with many who bash the very genre of rap as being heretical or from the pit. As a caution, we are all aware that there is some really lame 'Christian' music out there in all genres that is not Christian at all. (including 'Gospel Singers')

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  Paul Washer
Paul Washer is an itinerant preacher and the General Director for HeartCry Missionary Society - their website address is

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