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Pastor John Weaver | Fitzgerald, Georgia
Contact Info | Edit
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Freedom Ministries
P.O. Box 394
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
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MyChurch: weaver | Set
MyChurch Code#: 17460

John Weaver
974 sermons
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Emailed: 34

Why the South Must Rise Again
1/15/2006 (SUN)
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John Weaver
Why the South Must Rise Again

Sunday, January 15, 2006
Sunday Service
Freedom Ministries
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John Weaver
Why the South Must Rise Again

Freedom Ministries
Sunday Service
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John Weaver
War in the Gates

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John BaptistContact via email (7/3/2021)
from The south
“ Great Sermon! ” this message...I've heard so many lies about the south and the confederate flag...this message reveals lots of great truths...God bless you pastor weaver....

Linda (4/10/2020)
from Texas
“ Great Sermon! ”
I lived in Arlington, VA when I was in 1st and 4th grade( my dad was in the military.) While living there,I developed a life long love for history.I visited all the usual tourist spots, including Robert E. Lee's mansion. After listening to this message, it puts a new perspective on what the Civil War was really all about. You have a passion for truth and wish every American could hear this account of history. Thank you for your labor of love and for sharing this amazing history!

Lois Hern (11/11/2015)
from Hamilton Montana
“ Great Sermon! ”

T.V. WeberContact via email (9/16/2015)
from Dixieland
“ Great Sermon! ”
Have you ever read my book, The Crumbling Wall Against Tyranny? It is in harmony with your Why the South Must Rise Again sermon. Amazon link:

David Dunham KurrusContact via email (9/4/2015)
from Sovereign Republic of Texas
“ Great Sermon! ”
Dear Pastor Weaver, Thank you and God Bless you for your Christianity, your steadfast loyalty and stalwartness for our Southern culture and heritage. You are truly a son of the most high, a great example for all to follow, a patriot, hero of the truth and a magnificent speaker. With hat in hand sir, I say a thousand times, thank you.

AtlantaRebContact via email (6/1/2013)
from Atlanta, GA
“ Great Sermon! ”
I've forwarded this sermon link to many people. Thanks, Pastor Weaver, for keeping the faith.

Cathryna FagervikContact via email (12/4/2012)
from MN
“ Great Sermon! ”
I want to know when you say the South will rise again, is that only the original South or will that include the midwest from North Dakota all the way down to Texas? Many states are standing against Obamanation and refusing Obamacare and hopefully they will stick to their guns and not allow them to bully them. We will be stronger in the numbers and who hold God, guns and the constitution.

Jeff WContact via email (2/7/2012)
from Kansas City
“ Excellent ”
Excellent message, Rev. Weaver. This sermon (along with "Biblical Methods of Dealing with Tyranny") is exactly what believers in our country need to here. I'm not technically a Southerner, but all of my wife's family is in the South, and htat is where my loyalties lie. The only hope for this country is awakening, starting with those in the church. Thank you for sharing this message. (I also made a transcript of this message because I felt it was so important, but I didn't know I couldn't add it to this page myself. If someone else can do this, I could figure out a way to get it to them.)

Trader (12/6/2010)
from Montana
“ Great Sermon! ”
I wasn't taught that in school. Wow! What a history lesson. A must listen to sermon. I understand his reasoning for the title but different title would get more listeners. I almost passed it up.

Hank Hustus (5/15/2010)
from Southeast Iowa/Northeast Misso
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you sir for sharing this sermon and also for standing up and sharing truth. It is Pastors like you that will help keep God's people free, we do have to stand-up and defend our belief in Christ Jesus and defend ourselves. More messages like this need to come from pastors, all to often we find "wishy-washy" preaching, Praise God that you are not one of them! When Jesus comes back, He will be a Warrior King and He will not be all "warm and fuzzy" Thank you in Christ Hank Hustus

J. Ramirez (2/28/2010)
from Chattanooga, TN
“ Great Sermon! ”
Brilliant! Historical truth has been kept from many by the Establishment Historians in Amerika's "education" gulags! This is a history lesson. The South motivations were and I agree with- 1-The inerrancy of God's Word and Lordship of Jesus Christ (vs. Man playing God via Humanism, Rationalism, Communism,Socialism, etc.) 2-Rule of law via a Constitutional Republic (vs. arbitrary draconianism via an Oligarch class that doesn't represent the Citizens) 3-Free Market System of Trade (vs. frivolous and excessive economic oppression courtesy of a Leviathan State representing special interests) America wev'e been sucked down into the gutter by the NWO banking interest Satan worshiper Illuminati Rothschilds. This current state of government is a byproduct of the Luciferian lies of humanism, communism, and socialism. We need an awakening-wev'e been denied the truth by so many of our societys institutions in order to help the elites enslave us all. Jesus Christ is God and the devils NWO neo-Nimrod, Neo-Tower of Babel called the NWO ran by the Bilderbergs, Rothschilds, CFR, etc. will not prevail. As Officer Jack McLamb says on his ( program- Pray your imprecatory prayers to God that He would destroy with double destruction the anti-Christ Synangogue of Satan.

Neil G. Barrett (10/2/2009)
from Summerfield, Florida
“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent Sermon!

Roger Alexander (7/16/2009)
from Georgia
“ Great Sermon! ”
I've listened to some twenty of Pastor Weaver's sermons and have yet to be disappointed.They have been uplifting and educational. I met Mr. Weaver and his wife a couple of weeks ago and found them to be just as you would think from listing to his sermons;down to earth and quite engaging.

ROY WHITEContact via email (5/29/2009)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you pastor Weaver for this message. I'm 54 and have pretty much been taught all my life what most people have been taught, North good, South bad. Truth of the gospel is king over all truth, but we need desperately to hear historicle truth as well. Our former president Bush laid a strong foundation for the current president, No-bama, to rob us of our liberties, and worse of all blur good godly principles. Out here in the west we are kept rather ignorant of what it means to be an easterner or southerner. Thank you in all of your messages for enlightening us all with facts we would maybe never be able to get any other way than the internet. Keep Rick Warren and his trash out of the bible belt. I have only been able to find one good church out of hundreds in this area. I'm glad to say my pastor preaches with the same attitude and dedication to the gospel that you do. God Bless you and your congregation.

Wanda (3/3/2009)
from Columbia, SC
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon is truly inspirational. I recently finished reading the book, "The Real Lincoln" by Thomas J. DiLorenzo which confirms many things preached by Rev. Weaver. May God bring revival throughout the South in order that we may do as HE leads.

Patrick (2/16/2009)
“ Very Interesting! ”
As a non-American interested in this topic, this message is one I have found most valuable. Thank you, Mr Weaver, particularly for the points made on the difference in theology between a largely Unitarian North and the "Bible Belt" South. The implication being well that there is far more to this gigantic struggle than is commonly taught. Hope this message will be widely heard by any interested in American history and its implications for that society today.

Bro.W.Smith-Bey Jr.Contact via email (1/29/2009)
from Indianapolis,IN
“ Great Sermon! ”
I had just listened to your sermon Why the South Must Rise Again.You did pointed out some very key things on Our Government and Truth does not change nor pass away.I really learned about the civil war.Peace

Toni Cunningham (11/5/2008)
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a fabulous and timely sermon to listen to, and particularly given God's providence over our nation's election. Pastor Weaver has said several times that principles don't die and don't have funerals, echoing similar words of Jeff Davis. Let us return in dust and ashes and deep repentance to the ancient paths wherein we find rest for our souls, even in the Lord Jesus Christ, our Sovereign.

Doug (6/18/2006)
from eastern Virginia, USA
“ Phew! This message preaches good, pastor! ”
Having personally opposed NAFTA and CAFTA, and the related millions of illegal aliens now within our borders, and seeing the 2006 Republican effort to delete both our northern and southern sovereign borders, for the purpose, they say, of opening up free trade throughout North America, this message has great impact! Seeing the uncontrolled growth of the USA federal beaucracy, the gross financial mismanagement of our national finances and the resulting national debt, with no one in the government taking responsibility for or even trying to address this issue, and without having personally agreed to this massive debt, I'm totally unwilling to be individually responsible for about $29,000.00 of it, as is every man, woman and child alive in our nation today. It's no surprise at all that they won't end the "death tax". As criminal investigators often say, "Follow the Money". Our federal government is in desperate need of this money, along with all the cash in the Social Security Trust Fund. This is hardly Scriptural financial management!!! Again I ask, where does the responsibility for this mismanagement lay, and who is going to do anything about it??! Or do we all simply send in a check for $29,000.00??!

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  John Weaver
Pastor John Weaver is a native of Georgia, and a graduate from Bob Jones University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and attended graduate school. He has been in the Christian ministry over 40 years. During that time, he has pastored, and helped plant...

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