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Sean E. Harris | Fayetteville, North Carolina
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Berean Baptist Church
517 Glensford Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28314
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Sean E. Harris
2,793 sermons
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Does Paul believe in a Millennial Kingdom
Series:  News In Focus  · 1003 of 1128
1/4/2016 (MON)
  |  Bible: 1 Corinthians 15
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What is going on between 1 Corinthians 15:23 and 24? Is there a 1000 year kingdom?
SERIES 1003 OF 1128
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Sean E. Harris
Paul & the Millennial Kingdom

News In Focus
Current Events
Berean Baptist Church
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Sean E. Harris
Paul & the Millennial Kingdom

News In Focus
Berean Baptist Church
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David ValkusContact via email (1/17/2016)
from Kansas City, MO
“ Great Sermon! ”
I enjoyed your News in Focus segment on the Millennium. I am thankful that you are not defending a position but are interested in the truth. All through your discussion you said it seems the Lord comes after the Millennium. I think you are right. Because, I am Post-Mill. But not a traditional Post-Mill. I would like to send you a couple of articles I have compiled on this subject since you wanted feedback. Let me know where to send it if you are interested.

B. McCausland (1/11/2016)
“ Every blessing Alfred ”

AlfredContact via email (1/11/2016)
from NC
“ B. MC ”
I was going to ask the same question. I know after reviewing my comment, I wasn't exactly clear. But I believe we both agree Christ's Kingdom is not of this world or present earth physically. And though I am not ready to go full Amil, I am leaning there. It is everlasting to everlasting and eternal.

B. McCausland (1/10/2016)
“ Sorry Rich L ”
My statement intended to add clarification to your remarks. Regards

Rich L (1/10/2016)
from Fayetteville, NC
“ Response to B. McCausland ”
You said you responded to me but what did you actually respond to?

B. McCausland (1/10/2016)
“ Response to Rich L & Alfred ”
Rich L, We are to believe that the whole Cannon of Scripture is not of private/human design, but God's. Alfred, Christ's kindgom is one, and not linked to the earth: "My kingdom is not of this world" Jh 18:3 Prophecies about Christ's kingdom in the OT and NT are not 'time-contained' or curtailed to earth reigning. For instance, compare 2Sa 7:12-13, "when thy (David's) days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee … and I will establish his kingdom … and I will establish the throne of his kingdom for ever" with Lk 1:31-33: "Call his name JESUS ... and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David: And he shall reign over the house of Jacob (His saints) for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end." Christ's kindgom in both passages has no specific time limit, but it is said to have no end. Being the book of Revelation a book of figures of speech and symbols, Rev 20 allegorises Christ's kingdom, with no intention to limit it, or snap it into parts. The 1000 years speak of a figurative time section of Christ's kingdom.

Rich L (1/9/2016)
from Fayetteville, NC
“ Nice Chat ”
Are we to believe Paul knew what the Cannon of Scripture would be (i.e., that he had personal revelation of whole New Testament)? Maybe he knew what he wrote was Cannon, but neither this nor that is very clear et al. If Paul did know all that he might've quickly communicate a book like Revelation before his death and before John was commanded to write anything. Like prophets prior to Paul, they didnt have it all figured out. 1 Corinthians was an extra early writing compared to the sum of the NT. The Lord was still producing the Scriptures for decades! Why hold Paul up to an unprecedented standard? Look at 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17. While knowing he could die, he still taught that he could live until the return of Chirst. It definitely looks like the Thessalonians were to believe that.

AlfredContact via email (1/9/2016)
from Godwin
“ Great Sermon! ”
Great discussion, As a recovering pre-trib/dispensationalist, I too struggle with Rev 20. If you study the New Covenant/Testament only you don't see a literal 1000 year reign. I believe in Matthew Jesus says that His Kingdom is not of this world. 1 Cor 15:25 and its companion verse of Matt 22:44 and Psalm 110.1, Jesus is sitting on David's throne now at the right hand of the Father. Acts 15:16 and Amos 9:11-12. But if you read and study the Old Covenant/Testament, you see a future kingdom that seems earthly as in Isaiah and Zechariah and any other places. So, is everthing in the Old is fulfilled in New or in Christ Jesus? It seems so, ?

Pastor Bill (1/7/2016)
from Fayetteville, North Carolina
“ Reply to Jeff ”
Brother Jeff, Thanks for listening and thanks for the question. I cannot answer for the other three guys, but I can tell you that Paul is SO definitive in my opinion that if it doesn't pan out the way he says, he was mistaken. The thing I need to do is determine whether that endangers inerrancy. I know the right answer in this forum, but I refuse to believe the apostle was wrong or so guided by the Holy Spirit that He could be so definitive and yet proceed beyond that which was appropriate given his limited understanding of eschatology.

John E.Contact via email (1/7/2016)
from Ohio
“ Great Sermon! ”
Im sure you guys are familiar with Doug Wilson. He just sat down with Jeff Durbin and did an eschatology "conversation" explaining his views. He used ICor 15. I enjoyed it and believe it to be worthwhile. I found it on apologia radio.

B. McCausland (1/6/2016)
“ Feed-back ”
Friends, the apparent need to 'reconcile' matters derives from existent preconceived ideas brought into the discussion. No single eschatology position has 'all the answers' if dealing with fallible/limited creatures. Yet there should be positions, which will respond satisfactorily to sound hermeneutics. It is a danger and a serious flaw to deal with the particular from the humanistic approach of trying to 'reconcile' what four authors (Paul, Peter, John and Jesus) say about the topic along their personal 'amount of understanding', instead of seeing the whole of Scripture as God's sufficient and infallible revelation. The doctrine of the inspiration of the Bible makes that no author was subject to his 'personal' intuition, understanding or revelation as it were. Useful and edifying series on the matter by Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson: Apocalypse Now: The Reign of Christ (SA). Regards

YuriContact via email (1/5/2016)
from Shijiazhuang, China
“ Interesting opinions ”
I do appreciate you guys living out your namesake and being true Berean's, and searching the scriptures and not being fixed on any system. I do remember struggling when an organization leader told me that if he ever changes his doctrinal position he would retire and leave the ministry/ and even the church he currently was at. I had only 2 thoughts on this: 1) Has any effort been made to talk with some people who have more experience with pre-mill, maybe a pre-mill apologist from a seminary. The reason I ask this is when I have people converting to another faith, or even atheism how I wished they would of talked with someone and maybe get all the facts straight, instead of just dropping out at the very first sign of doubt. If I was in your position I would seek out the some prominent anti-amillenium folks who write books and radio such as: Jimmy DeYoung "Prophesy Today" organization. Dr. Michael Brown of "Ask Dr Brown" And "Friends of Israel" Gospel Ministry. My second thought is that there is more at stake in these doctrinal positions, I always believed that each one came with it's own presuppositions, which would lead to different interpretations of scriptures, such as prophesy of Daniel, and if the church existed in the O.T or only in N.T.

Jeff KingContact via email (1/5/2016)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I truly like that you are not afraid to discuss the hard stuff. It is helping me grow. My question is, "Was Paul looking to make a definitive statement of eschatology at this point?" It looks like his focus is more on salvific faith by understanding how important resurrection is, than making a declarative statement on end times. If his intent was to make such a statement, I would think he would have gone into more detail. Could it be that he did not go into great detail because that was not his focus? It is not an oversight or error, just not the main theme of his argument. i.e. You need to put gas in your car for it to run. I am not going to get into the details of a combustion engine, but you put gas in, turn the key and it runs. A lot of things happens between the key turning and it running, but the main thing is that it needs gas.

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  Sean E. Harris
Pastor Sean Harris has been the Senior Pastor for Berean Baptist Church and Academy in Fayetteville, NC since 2006. He served as a member, lay teacher and deacon at Berean from 1987 until he became the Senior Pastor. As the Senior Pastor, he oversees Berean’s ministry to over...

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