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FRONT PAGE  |  10/20/2020
SUNDAY, OCT 23, 2016  |  40 comments  |  1 commentary
Spurgeon’s, “Of Two Evils, Choose Neither,” Doesn’t Help Us With Trump
One reason people think they are trapped between the lesser of two evils is because they confuse this idea with what are really priorities in the Bible. For example, although I am to love all people (1 Pet. 4:8), I am united to my wife in a unique way that images Christ’s love for his church (Eph. 5:25). My love toward her is thus to be prioritized differently than it is toward others. When voting for an elder in my church, Scripture obliges me to vote for a man who meets clear qualifications (1 Tim. 3) such as being “apt to teach”—a priority not mandatory for all church members. A big problem is that many people expect the President of the United States to be as godly as an elder. Sorry, but elder is a higher office.

The second reason many Christians wish to avoid choosing between the lesser of two evils is because they confuse an evil with a wrong. An “evil” is something that brings suffering. ...

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Sean E. Harris | Berean Baptist Church
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News Item10/26/16 4:25 PM
Looks lilke  Find all comments by Looks lilke
Outsider wrote:
for you to be consistent with your beliefs you need to renounce your citizenship and leave the country. Also check your history, Indians fought other Indians, conquered and took their opponents land.

News Item10/26/16 3:38 PM
Outsider | Insider  Find all comments by Outsider
I've said it before and I will repeat: Voting is evil and present us only with good or evil. This is the Tree that brings death. We know nothing concretely of any candidate that merits our support.

The reason the original North Americans lost land is because a group of ungodly men banned together and either murdered or stole from them. Not one promise held up.

Many were pandered to, believing that they were favored by these thieves and would share in the booty. Now look what we have - suppression on every side. Now almost every American is crying out for justice from unjust men.

These are the people spoken of in James 2. We elect them to oppress us. How stupid! We are making them more powerful and rich.

COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM AND SEPARATE YOURSELVES FROM THEM... I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you.

But somehow we don't believe this.

Perhaps the displaced Indians of America can convince you knuckleheads. Your children are facing a dear price; if the Lord tarries.

Why eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? It is simply humanism - man convincing you what will benefit you.



News Item10/26/16 1:55 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Eric Levitz wrote:
But the candidate’s core message — that Trump Hotels and other branded products are the best hotels and other branded products — has often been drowned out by his authoritarian nationalism, xenophobia, and misogyny. Now, 13 days before his guarantee of constant media attention expires, the mogul finds himself in need of an improbable comeback. In recent days, multiple travel services have reported a steep drop in bookings at Trump-owned hotels, while Fortune and CBS News report that his properties’ upscale clientele has soured on his brand.

To get back on track, the GOP standard-bearer is ridding his campaign of all distractions and trivialities, refusing to participate in any more high-dollar fundraising events for his party....

Many Republicans have groaned about Trump’s renewed focus on self-promotion. After all, even if he no longer has a viable shot at the presidency, the closer he can keep the race, the better off down-ballot members of his party will be....

from, [URL=]]] (With Days to Go, Trump Refocuses Campaign on What Matters Most — His Brand)[/URL].

To lighten up a wee bit. Trump cares for Trump.


News Item10/26/16 12:02 PM
Lottie | Ohio  Find all comments by Lottie
From the article: Imagine our two families are miles from land in a sinking boat. Suddenly, out of the mist, come two boats to save us. One is captained by an adulterer; the other is captained by a thief. Which boat will you get into?  You say, “Neither one. I’m waiting for the evangelical boat which is captained by a devout Christian who will end abortion.” I say, “You’re kidding, right?” You reply, “Both these guys are reprobates and I’m not going to choose between two evils.”

The reason why the family boat is sinking, as it's trying to limp back to shore, is because the boats coming out of the mist are the two boats that have taken turns ramming us. These were the orders given to previous captains by the “for profit and power” owners of the boats. Knowing the danger we're in, will one or both of these captains disobey the orders? Character does matter. Each captain is hollering, “I'll save you!” Heard that before.

Kevin Swanson has an interesting broadcast about Republican appointed judges and Roe v. Wade, Obamacare, etc. Here's the SermonAudio link:


News Item10/26/16 7:32 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Julia Ioffe wrote:
... leaping to the conclusion that Trump is a Kremlin agent is also a kind of self-inflicted wound. Is Moscow exploiting Trump’s candidacy? Absolutely. Does that mean Trump is getting direction and money from the Kremlin to act in its interests and against America’s? Probably not. One doesn’t have to be an agent to actually believe things that play right into Putin’s hands. Trump and the people around him have been very consistent in advocating a foreign policy ideology that is as American as apple pie, and which periodically resurfaces in American politics. (See, for example, Charles Lindbergh.) This year, it happens to perfectly align with the Kremlin’s interests. That’s what, during the Cold War, was called being a “useful idiot.” As Mikhail Zygar, a prominent Russian journalist and author of the best-selling “All the Kremlin’s Men,” pointed out in an essay, this is just how the Kremlin sees Trump, and it’s actually the best, most resource-efficient kind of asset to have: someone who willingly, freely does your work for you without you even having to tell him what to do.
--[URL=]]] (Seven Reasons the New Russian Hack Announcement Is a Big Deal) [/URL]

See below.


News Item10/26/16 1:37 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
George Will wrote:
In many worrisome ways, the 1930s are being reprised. In Europe, Russia is playing the role of Germany in fomenting anti-democratic factions. In inward-turning, distracted America, the role of Charles Lindbergh is played by a presidential candidate smitten by Putin and too ignorant to know the pedigree of his slogan "America First."
--- [URL=]]] Vladimir Putin[/URL]
and also,
George Will wrote:
...What did Donald Trump have left to lose Sunday night? His dignity? Please. His campaign's theme? His Cleveland convention was a mini-Nuremberg rally for Republicans whose three-word recipe for making America great again was the shriek "Lock her up!" This presaged his Banana Republican vow to imprison his opponent.
Before the tape reminded the pathologically forgetful of Trump's feral appetites and deranged sense of entitlement, the staid Economist magazine, holding the subject of Trump at arm's-length like a soiled sock, reminded readers of this: "When Mr. Trump divorced the first of his three wives, Ivana, he let the New York tabloids know that one reason for the separation was that her breast implants felt all wrong."

News Item10/24/16 10:19 AM
The Truth Please  Find all comments by The Truth Please
The thinking is not faulty. He should go on the record and state that he doesn't believe in abortion. Period, and without qualification. This is something that all who are seeking mine or another vote based on their position on abortion should do. It's not enough to hide behind supreme court nominees who don't always do what you are nominating them to do (Stevens, Warren come to mind) Incidentally, Republican-appointed Justices over the past 35 years not only were responsible for Roe, but also were responsible for sustaining Roe.

News Item10/24/16 9:40 AM
pennelope  Find all comments by pennelope
The Truth Please wrote:
My conscience tells me to not vote for either of these two candidates. And for those who are attempting to reconcile or justify their voting for Trump because on her "pro choice" position, please don't. Trump (and many so-called evangelical republicans and democrats) believes in abortion in the case of life of the mother, or incest or rape. God doesn't make exceptions and neither should we. Terminating a life is terminating a life no matter what excuse or label you want to apply to it.
here's where I believe this thinking to be faulty.....

his position is to overturn roe v wade by bringing in conservative judges.

that would mean that he has no say as to the limitations or eradication of it, because it would bring things back to the states.

states are where criminal cases are tried.

it would be up to the states to blow the dust off the old laws.

unless you are arguing for personhood at conception, something I believe Ron Paul was trying to do, if I remember right, then it would be a congressional vote with trump signing.

problem with personhood legislation is that it would force a ban of contraceptions, because the third mechanism of the BCP is abortifacient, and this was argued in a Supreme Court c


News Item10/24/16 1:41 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
[URL=]]] (Libertarian Party sees surge of new voters in Nebraska)[/URL]. Something to think about,

News Item10/23/16 9:10 PM
J.C | SoDak  Find all comments by J.C
Interesting.....I used to go street preaching with him when I was younger.

News Item10/23/16 6:07 PM
Unprofitable Servant | TN  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
MasterDummy wrote:
Not Spurgeon said it, but it's Michael Marcavage said the statement “Of two evils, choose neither"
A guy (part of Repent America) who lives nearly 100 years after Spurgeon made up the quote which is in Spurgeon's writings????
Maybe his moniker is suggesting he made the statement tongue in cheek

"Let us, whenever we shall have the opportunity of using the right of voting, use it as in the sight of Almighty God, knowing that for everything we shall be brought into account, and for that amongst the rest, seeing that we are entrusted with it." CHS


News Item10/23/16 5:51 PM
J.C | SoDak  Find all comments by J.C
sorry, Michael Marcavage

News Item10/23/16 5:50 PM
J.C | SoDak  Find all comments by J.C
Master Dummy, who is Michael Marriage

News Item10/23/16 4:51 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
B. McCausland wrote:
Things may develop unidirectional towards what God has ordained,...
Correction things "will" develop as God ordains, not "may"

John MacArthur wrote:
Many think this is a political problem that will not be solved without a political strategy. During the past twenty-five years, well-meaning Christians have founded a number of evangelical activist organizations and sunk millions of dollars into them in an effort to use the apparatus of politics—lobbying, legislation, demonstration, and boycott—to counteract the moral decline of American culture....

But is that a proper perspective? I believe not. America’s moral decline is a spiritual problem, not a political one, and its solution is the gospel, not partisan politics.

-[URL=]]] (The Gospel and Politics)[/URL].

It's a pity this pastor hasn't read MacArthur as well as Spurgeon

Christo-Pharisees have a lot of problems with Dominionism [URL=]]] (What is Dominion Theology?)[/URL].


News Item10/23/16 4:41 PM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
B. McCausland wrote:
Things may develop unidirectional towards what God has ordained, however, we can take some comfort and inspiration from biblical antecedents of individuals as Mordecai (Est 4), or Hezekiah, who refused by action and prayer to give in to fatalism.
What God has twisted no one can straight out (Ecc 7:13), yet the elect of God may find mercy at his throne and God may chose to reverse situations.
For instance imminent calamity was aborted after prayer in 2K 19:20
"Then Isaiah the son of Amoz sent to Hezekiah, saying,
Thus saith the LORD God of Israel,
That which thou hast prayed to me against Sennacherib king of Assyria
I have heard."
Other things changed in this other instance,

Just a comment

Thank you Sister B for those examples from the word of God, most pertinent.

I know it is a difficult subject, takes some discerning. It is more of a problem for the predestinarian like myself than for, say, er, the, er, Arminist.


News Item10/23/16 4:41 PM
The Truth Please  Find all comments by The Truth Please
My conscience tells me to not vote for either of these two candidates. And for those who are attempting to reconcile or justify their voting for Trump because on her "pro choice" position, please don't. Trump (and many so-called evangelical republicans and democrats) believes in abortion in the case of life of the mother, or incest or rape. God doesn't make exceptions and neither should we. Terminating a life is terminating a life no matter what excuse or label you want to apply to it.

News Item10/23/16 4:08 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
Again penned, I think you paint with a broad brush and assume too much. I once asked you if you stood outside abortion clinics and proclaimed Christ, you never answered directly. You come off as one who is actively involved in attempting to change the world, if so, how? By voting for Trump and thinking the world will get better?

I am not sure how Trump will rid America of sexually immoral behavior, murder, addiction, etc. What does America need Penned, Trump, Clinton, or the proclaiming of God's truth? Politics is not entirely the problem with this nation.

Go ahead and vote for him, good for you. I only ask you stop pointing your finger and labeling others as this or that just because we differ from you.


News Item10/23/16 3:51 PM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
If I were contemplating voting for or giving consent for a pastor or an elder, then I would ponder the spiritual make-up of those I am voting for. As far as politics go, I only consider which one of the unsaved candidates will perhaps follow at least some of the mandates of scripture. It doesn’t matter to me if they do the right things for the right reason or for the wrong reason; simply that they do the right things.

Now as I have said many times, Clinton and Trump are simply different shades of the same color. Both are unregenerate and neither can do anything to please God. But, if I do vote, it can’t be for Hillary because she is a woman - period. And aside from that, she doesn’t pander to the conservative Christian at all; whereas Trump at least panders to me. Because he does pander to the genuine Christian church, there might be only 999,999 babies murdered instead of 1 million.

Because Hillary doesn’t pander, her sinful thought are open, like the sins of Sodom were. IOW, she doesn’t even try and conceal them. God makes special mention of them here:

Isaiah 3:9 The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.


News Item10/23/16 3:44 PM
B. McCausland  Find all comments by B. McCausland
C.B. Scherer wrote:
the real issue at hand
If the nation is in tatters, one might be tempted to suspect that the pulpits are in tatters and the pew likes to keep things this way in fear of too much life-style change otherwise.

News Item10/23/16 3:02 PM
pennelope  Find all comments by pennelope
ladybug wrote:
We need men who will stand up and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
and what are we to do with pietists who moralize apathy and stand in their way?
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