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Discernment Life Ministries
Dr. Leon L. Sanders  |  Pensacola, Florida
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Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
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Socialism: Control of False Judaism
SUNDAY, MAY 02, 2021
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Socialism: Control of False Judaism, has been well documented during the preceding two centuries and just as carefully tucked away through the auspices of public education systems of every modern nation. False Jews are those who reject Christ as Messiah; those whose hearts have not been changed as defined by Paul (Ro 2:28-29). Paul was referring to an inward change wrought by the New Covenant based on the sacrifice of Christ (Je 31:31-34; Ac 2:1-41; 2Co 5:17; He 10:12-14). True Jews are those, like Paul, who accepted Christ’s sacrifice; however, there remains a remnant of Jews yet to be called forth during the coming Great Tribulation to embrace Christ and evangelize the world despite opposition from the False Jews and the Antichrist (Ro 11:25-31). But, the False Jews and their Judaism has not been idle and today we are seeing their efforts coming to fruition in the form of socialism, or globalization.

The destruction of the Jerusalem and its surrounding lands did not end Judaism; but, like mercury when it is smashed, it scattered everywhere (Re 12:13-16). The Sadducees all but disappeared without a Temple; however, the Pharisees did not need a Temple; they set up synagogues wherever they went. Their Talmudic body of knowledge grew as they justified their beliefs apart from Scripture. Hidden with their writings away from the prying eyes of non-Jews were seeds of hate for Christ and Gentiles {Hoffman, M. Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit. 2008.}. Martin Luther learned Hebrew and read their writings which drove him to hate these Jews which was not the biblical response. He was to recognize their error(s), teach believers about their errors and still present a non-threatening Gospel toward them so that some would be saved; like Paul. But, Luther’s approach mirrored the Roman Catholic response for more than a millennium, hate, distrust and when practical kill the Jews. This was going to bear bitter fruit for later generations.

The Jews had been persecuted for generations and their practices had also kept them isolated from the cultures in which they lived; not unlike their predecessors the Muslims. Yet, they had one advantage which kept them from being completely annihilated: they were able to be the lenders to the Gentile powers which became especially important during the Enlightenment with the growth of nation-states and their voracious need for finances. But, something else was occurring during the Enlightenment, the False Jews were also entering into a discussion of their view of God.

Baruch Spinoza was the most influential Jewish philosopher of his day and I believed began the foundation of what would eventually be atheistic socialism or Zionism. Spinoza equated God with Nature which could be discovered by Reason. God was not a transcendental Being but the infinite sum of which the physical universe is a part. Man discovers God by reasoning; not through empty rituals or credal memorizations which do not expand man’s understanding of Nature. Thus, the God of the Old Testament did not exist for Spinoza. These writings were simply metaphoric ramblings of early man attempting to understand Nature. Modern could remove these trappings of myth to understand the true God of the mind (Ro 1:18-28). Now, let this percolate for several centuries to interact with Gentile Enlightenment philosophers who basically expound and expand this central concept into their philosophical frameworks believing it to be their idea. Thus, the entire notion of a personal, triune God was discarded by the 19th century.


Nietzsche was a tormented soul seeking to publicly declare what people were believing when they embraced philosophies that rejected God. Modern man substituted Reason as the only means for achieving life. This was the foundational concept of the French Revolution as it removed the last trappings of Judeo-Christian religion to embrace the deadly tyranny of Reason by exhibiting vestige forms of socialism. But Gentiles were not prepared for the high cost of human lives and chaos that this early result produced. Not only were the early leaders consumed, killed by their creation, but it produced a leader who could bring order to chaos only through further death and war to become the father of the modern French nation: Napoleon.

Napoleon’s wars helped form what would become Germany but also morphed the socialisms of the French Revolution into democratic concepts, early forms of Reflexivity. Due to upheavals in Prussia and the agitation of German peoples everywhere to have their own unified democratic nation; German, Jewish intellectuals were drawn to Paris to learn and expand these concepts based on their own history of repression {Jacobs, J, Hourwich, I. Socialism. Jewish Encyclopedia.}. Important to our discussion were the men Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Marx became known as the father of scientific socialism due to the evolutionary aspect of his philosophy.

Marx was probably ahead of his time and not very articulate in his philosophy concerning the rising up of the workers against the power structures of the nation. Yes, Marx correctly linked power-control with wealth for this is the essence of crony capitalism. The Soviet, Chinese and Cuban socialist revolutions were notconducted by workers but by intellectuals and peasant farmers who had much in common. The intellectuals were primarily Jewish intellectuals who were being freedfrom historic oppression of being Jews. Yet, they were not Jews to spread Judaism; they were False Jews to spread control, control that comes only through government power.


What was generally well known at the time, but has conveniently faded from history books, was the fact that most of the leaders of the Soviet Revolution were Jews. {Newly Updated: The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime, part 1. National Vanguard.}. Thus, the American ambassador at the time described their plans as internationalists; today we would call them globalists. Lenin, Trotsky were familiar names but there were many others whose God was simply Reason; their reason. Their early efforts succeeded but at great cost in human lives. But, as with nearly all movements, and as Marx correctly discussed, evolution had to occur for socialism to grow.

Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School noted that international socialism had to do more than kill; it had to capture the minds and hearts of the people. This required infiltration of social educational, informational, and entertainment systems. But, as with all organisms, there will be copycats; national socialism was the most energetic danger. Its aim was to limit socialism to national governmental states. Mussolini and others altered the aims of socialism to this end and in turn fashion developed their own name, fascism. Socialism, which has globalization as its goal, hates fascism which empowers national governments against its true aims. Think of this as the Gentile alternative to Jewish international socialism.

Today, Marx’s dream is being realized. Through international financiers, Jews and Gentiles, those elements of society that have been made dependent on government are being empowered to destroy their governments to obtain a greater global government; the evolution of Marxism. And, true to the Soviet and Chinese socialism revolutions, it is not the workers but the peasants who agitate for their own slavery to a god of reason without mercy or pity.

Ben Gurion, father of Zionist Israel, envisioned the HQ of a world government built in Jerusalem. Unstated was probably his dream that it would be controlled by Jews over Gentiles which was always their dream despite God’s plan for them to be a light, not darkness, to the Gentiles. But, they will simply build the edifice which the Antichrist will inherit. They he will destroy the False Jews when he no longer needs them (Re 17).

The message to learn is that this conflict is not about or against Jews. They, like all lost people, are used of Satan for his purposes. Christians are to take the Gospel to them. If the medieval Christians had consistently taken the Gospel to the Jews perhaps todays socialism would have been softened or non-existent. Socialism is the bitter harvest of hatred against God; it is the consequence of sin demanded by people who want a world without God: This is what is looks like.

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Sin's Hidden Reality: Control A
FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2021
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Sin: Coveting Control
FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2021
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God Offered Cain Control
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