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Stephen Nutter | Minneapolis, Minnesota
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•  Email  |  Web
Providence Reformed Baptist Church
1010 East 58th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55417
8115 1st Ave So
Bloomington, MN 55420
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Stephen Nutter
478 sermons
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The Present Practical Impact of Remembering our Past Slavery, 1 of 2
Series:  Remembering God  · 2 of 6
6/21/2015 (SUN)
  |  Bible: Deuteronomy 8
        SUNDAY - AM
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Stephen Nutter
Remembering our Past Slavery 1

Remembering God
Sunday - AM
Providence Reformed Baptist
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Stephen Nutter
Remembering our Past Slavery 1

Remembering God
Providence Reformed...
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Ian Migala (6/28/2015)
from Minneapolis, Minnesota
“ Summary, Part 6 (final) ”
LESSONS [52:27]: 1. Sonship implies not only privilege but also responsibility. 2. The fear of God is the heart disposition of every true son of God. This holy fear strengthens in our sanctification. We bent the knee because we came to fear Him, and we must bend our wills even more for the same reason. TWO CONCLUDING OBSERVATIONS [53:35]: 1. God’s grace is always our chief incentive for obedience. It is not merit, but grace. We obey because He delivered us, not to win His deliverance. If we regard God as a cruel taskmaster, then we’re still in Egypt. True Christians remember their prior slavery. 2. God bestows or withholds material blessings to teach us valuable lessons. By this, the spiritual graces are developed.

Ian Migala (6/28/2015)
from Minneapolis, Minnesota
“ Summary, Part 5 ”
2. Thank God for trials. We learn from them things about God’s provision, that He is sufficient to provide all our needs. The dependent Christian is a happy Christian. III. REMEMBRANCE OF YOUR SPIRITUAL SLAVERY AND GOD’S GRACIOUS DELIVERANCE WILL MAKE YOU TEACHABLE AND OBEDIENT SONS (vv. 5-6) [43:42]. We could never please pharaoh, but through Christ we can receive the graces to please God. A. YOU SHOW YOU ARE TEACHABLE AND OBEDIENT SONS AS YOU EMBRACE AND RELISH YOUR DISCIPLINE AS COMING FROM A LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER [46:08]. Our perfect Father disciplines us as sons. Holy discipline, no matter how hard it may be, is an act of love from a loving Father (v. 5). B. YOU SHOW THAT YOU ARE TEACHABLE AND OBEDIENT SONS AS YOU WALK IN THE FEAR OF GOD IN EVANGELICAL OBEDIENCE TO THE LORD [48:30]. “Evangelical” here means the relationship of a son to a Father, not of a slave to a master. It is gospel obedience (vv. 6, 11). Cheerful obedience is a test of sonship. Verses 12-20 are a dire warning when we forget our standing.

Ian Migala (6/28/2015)
from Minneapolis, Minnesota
“ Summary, Part 4 ”
II. REMEMBRANCE OF YOUR SPIRITUAL SLAVERY AND GOD’S GRACIOUS DELIVERANCE WILL KEEP YOU HUMBLE (vv. 2-3) [31:35]. A. YOU LEARN TO BE HUMBLE WHEN YOU REMEMBER HOW GOD DEALT WITH YOU [32:45]. Humility is not a lesson of ease but of trials. Painful tests show what is in our hearts. We believe that we know how we would face trials until we actually face them. Trials dash our pride: our disposition that we know better than God. B. YOU LEARN TO BE HUMBLE WHEN YOU REMEMBER WHY GOD DEALT WITH YOU (vv. 3-4) [36:23]. The Israelites wanted food, but God wanted to give them something more than bread: the manna of His word and His salvation. The humble Christian doesn’t take God’s blessings for granted; he instead wonders why God has granted any of them. The Lord gives us two reasons why He humbles His people: to give them an accurate knowledge of themselves; especially if they would be obedient to Him (v. 2), and to give them an expanded knowledge of Himself, especially that He is a supernatural provider of all things (v. 3). LESSONS [42:42]: 1. Thank God for trials. Through them He intends to overthrow your pride and self-reliance and teach you humility and dependence upon Him for all things.

Ian Migala (6/28/2015)
from Minneapolis, Minnesota
“ Summary, Part 3 ”
B. YOU LEARN TO BE THANKFUL WHEN YOU REMEMBER HOW GOD CARED FOR YOU ALL ALONG YOUR SPIRITUAL PILGRIMAGE (vv. 3-4) [17:05]. During a decades-long walkabout in a desert, God preserved His people in miraculous ways. How does a multitude survive so long in such a desolate place? His provisions were miraculous, so are our comforts from Him in our own pilgrimage. When we experience privation, we learn dependence on Him. Abundance tends to make us forget about God (Deut 6:10-12, Mt 19:24), even His daily blessings. What do we have that we have not received (Deut 6:18)? LESSONS [29:46]: 1. Your heavenly Father always provides what is best for you either by prosperity or by privation, according to your spiritual needs. 2. Let us be careful not to forget God amidst all His blessings or to make a god of His gifts. 3. Of all people, liberated slaves should be most grateful to God for all their blessings.

Ian Migala (6/28/2015)
from Minneapolis, Minnesota
“ Summary, Part 2 ”
A. YOU LEARN TO BE THANKFUL AS YOU REMEMBER THAT GOD LED YOU ALL ALONG YOUR SPIRITUAL PILGRIMAGE (Deut 8:2) [11:24]. It took a plethora of miracles to deliver Israel from pharaoh and sustain her in the wilderness. Yet Moses had to caution them about their forgetfulness. PERTINENT INTRODUCTORY QUESTIONS [13:24]: 1. Do you see, Christian, that you are a pilgrim and that your life is a journey? And that God has led you all the way? 2. Do you see your former life before God saved you as bondage? Can you see any other way out of the snares that held you when you were an unbeliever? Do you see your new life on the wilderness of this earth as preparation for the promised land of heaven? 3. As a Christian pilgrim, are you thankful to God for the trials you’ve faced in the wilderness of this world? Do you see that now God is with you and refining you in holiness? 4. Are you trusting Him right now to lead you, no matter the kind of trials through which He is leading you? 5. Are you thankful that the trials through which God is leading you have as their great goal your perfection in the image of Christ and your place at the feet of Christ forever and ever? Our trials are not an end, but a means to a glorious end.

Ian Migala (6/28/2015)
from Minneapolis, Minnesota
“ Summary, Part 1 ”
Contrary to the world’s teachings, we are born in rebellion against God. Our sin nature, which we inherited from Adam, enslaves us to the world system, to our own flesh, and to the devil. We need the deliverance that was pictured in the Israelites’ deliverance from Egypt and that was realized in the redemptive act of Christ. God wasted no time urging the Israelites to remember their deliverance because their rebellious nature makes them prone to forget it. We are no different. These lessons are not merely for our intellectual enjoyment, but encouragements to actualize them in our lives. Remembrance is critical to our Christian walk. As much as we must grow, we must also look back to remember where we came from: that will magnify our gratitude for our blessings. I. REMEMBRANCE OF YOUR SPIRITUAL SLAVERY AND GOD’S GRACIOUS DELIVERANCE WILL MAKE YOU THANKFUL [starting at 7:57 of the audio]. Thanklessness is a sure way to practical atheism (cf. Rom 1:21, 2 Tim 3:2). The materialism and naturalism expressed by atheism leads us to believe that all that exists is matter and energy, and that its blessings come by the natural course of the world. But in all things, we live from God’s hand to our mouths.

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Tech Talk Zoom // Episode 06
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