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Jonny Ormerod | Lurgan, Northern Ireland
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028 388 12345
Lurgan Baptist Church
Johnston's Row, High Street,
Lurgan, Co Armagh
Northern Ireland, UK
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MyChurch: lurganbaptist | Set
MyChurch Code#: 35778

Denis Lyle
1,089 sermons
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The Gospel According To Mel Gibson
4/4/2004 (SUN)
  |  Bible: Matthew 27:29-38
        SUNDAY - AM
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A Critique of the Movie - "The Passion of The Christ" highlighting aspects of the film that perhaps you have never considered before. It is well worth listening to.
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Denis Lyle
Gospel According To Mel Gibson

Matthew 27:29-38
Sunday - AM
Lurgan Baptist Church
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Denis Lyle
Gospel According To Mel Gibson

Lurgan Baptist Church
Sunday - AM
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Jennifer MasonContact via email (10/18/2021)
from Memphis
“ Excellent Sermon ”
I’ve heard this sermon several months ago and at that time I thought it was among the best treatise I’d heard on that travesty of deception. I had to come back to this work of truth again, by the way, this is about the fifth or sixth time I’ve listened and I believe God has given you the insight to alarm His flock to have caution against Unholywood and her crafts. I’ve come back to this message again, because I have heard Josh McDowell say that Mel Gibson’s movie gave the best depiction of the beatings our Lord received at the time of His trial. I couldn’t believe my ears! Why go back into the enemies of God to the mystic ‘Sister Anne Emmerich an Augustinian nun, how could she have received more graphic evidencial proof as to what happened on Calvary that day? More so than God’s Word? From whom did she receive these babblings from? It certainly was not from God. Yet Josh McDowell sat on a platform conference to glorify the dribbling of a Antichrist mystic. We are certainly living in a deceptive time. God have mercy upon us by Your tender mercies.

Ina OppermanContact via email (9/10/2015)
from South Africa
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for honouring the Triune God of the Bible in this sermon. Thank you for speaking boldly and clearly. Thank you for professing faith in the real Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. This is sorely needed in our time.

Joel McContact via email (10/26/2006)
from Corona, CA, USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
Very interesting perspective. I hadn't considered Mr.Lyle's approach before. I reccomened this sermon to evyerone who knows the gospel.

John A. (1/6/2006)
from UK
“ Great Sermon! ”
Tozer said something like this: If a movie of Christ does not inspire worship it is in vain, but if it does inspire worship it is idolatory. People have the mental image of the person who prtrayed Christ in their mind as they worship so they are not worshipping Christ. I read somewhere that Jim Cavaziel went to Mexico after making the film and people there were kissing his hands and falling down in front of him asking him to pray for them. They treated him as though he actually was Jesus! Jesus Himself would say, He who has ears to hear because God chose the foolishness of preaching to save those who are lost. He never once said He who has eyes to see.

Wayne Merk (1/5/2006)
from Canada
“ Great Sermon! ”
A real eye opener; a must for every christian who wishes to know the truth about this film. I strongly recommend.

Max (11/24/2005)
“ Resonse to one comment only. ”
"This movie is straight from the pit of Hell" The movie has a few implied roman catholic shots and elaborations that last what 1 minute in total, and are not even verbal! but there is nothing YOU or any of your protestant friends could have put together that would have come out any better I guarantee it. LET ME GUESS, IF YOU DID EVEN TRY YOUR LAME ATTEMPT you would no doubt put some pre trib rapture, dispensationalist, speaking in tongues, Sunday sabbath, arminian, etc. other protestant heresy slant to it . I wouldn't go to any catholic church, but neither would I go to most protestant churches now EITHER, and NEITHER would their movies be better, look at all the MORONIC heretical so called "evangelical" movies nowadays, I would send people to see Passion ten times more then I would tell them to go see one of these moronic evangelical movies. Oh, and from your comment, I am sure you don't watch any tv, read any fiction, listen to any radio, see any plays, nor would you for it would all be from the pit of hell compared to this vaguely tainted movie. Or are you the hypocrite?

Linda (11/24/2005)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent message!!! God bless you for your uncompromised preaching of the truth of this unbiblical, Roman Catholic movie. It's sad that so many "evangelicals", especially the Southern Baptist Convention, endorses this movie. Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. (John 5:39) The "real" passion is found only in the Word of God--not in some movie.

Deb (6/22/2005)
from TX
“ Amen! ”
Excellent, excellent look at this film. Thank you for standing solidly on Scripture instead of going with the flow. May God bless you for your obedience & adherance to His Word!

dg boringContact via email (5/29/2005)
from United Stated of America Tennessee
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks for opening my eyes to this film.I was only looking at it as the real death of our Lord and Savior with a touch of Hollywwod I did not know that it was the catholicism teaching.May God blees you and forgive me

Gerry Hernandez (2/26/2005)
from Texas
“ Great Sermon! ”
Are you kidding me? This movie is straight from the pit of Hell. By the way the pit of Hell is AKA Hollywood. Listen I left the Catholic Church after I discovered the truth! If you only knew all of the rituals and beliefs of the Catholic Church, you'd think these priests were witch doctors with the head witch doctor in the Vatican AKA as the Pontiff Maximus (Ceaser). This movie needs to be exposed for the fraud that it is. Charlatans are still making money with their snake oil and Mel Gibson is one of the best.

Joshua CraftContact via email (11/27/2004)
from Warren Michigan
“ Great Sermon! ”
Christ told Thomas whom so many slanderously call a doubter that those who have not seen are blessed. I believe that these words are true. This film brings a sight of what God wishes man to take by faith and in turn give people an experience that people will go away with and will only be changed in their mind and not in their heart. Roman says Faith cometh by hearing. This film doesn't even provide the gospel audibly. It is Catholic through and through; it was even made in Italy. The Bible makes much of the location of the Christ's death, as it is also the location of Abraham's sacrifice of the ram, the location of David's sacrifice on the threshing floor for the people of Israel after the census.

DonnellContact via email (11/10/2004)
from Washington, DC
“ Great Sermon! ”
Romans 3 4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

Johnny ShipmanContact via email (5/5/2004)
from Sierra vista, AZ
“ Great Sermon! ”
Just want to think you for being bold and telling the truth of this Movie. God Bless You, I wished there were more ministers that would tell the truth.

Dean GagneContact via email (4/25/2004)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank God for your passion for him and his word. A very powerful sermon which everyone should listen too. I wonder how people would have responded if they were told that the mormon's put it on. Some still would say God can use anything. The truth is God's word is still the main tool and the only reliable one. May God bless you and your ministry as you stand firm on his word and your God given convictions for truth.

John (4/8/2004)
from Northern Ireland
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for such an interesting and thought provoking message on the film - 'The Passion of the Christ'. It has provided much food for thought and highlighted many things I was unaware of. I would encourage others to listen to this too.

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Mundijong, Western Australia
Free Reformed Church of Mundijong

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