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Pastor David Chanski | Montville, New Jersey
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Trinity Baptist Church
160 Changebridge Road
Montville, NJ 07045
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Albert N. Martin
2,013 sermons
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Emailed: 194

Warning to Professing Christians
Series:  Signposts  · 7 of 13
1/23/1994 (SUN)
  |  Bible: Matthew 7:21
        SUNDAY - PM
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An evangelistic warning to all professing Christians from Matthew 7:21.

A profession of attachment to Jesus Christ is a necessary part of true and saving religion but the mere profession of attachment to Christ is no proof of true and saving religion.

"Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven."

Also available in RealAudio¬ģ format on

This message (EV-R-7) is part of an evangelistic series entitled ‚ÄúSignposts To The Celestial City‚ÄĚ.

Cassette tapes may be purchased through Trinity Book Service.
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Albert N. Martin
Warning: Professing Christians

Sunday - PM
Trinity Baptist Church
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Albert N. Martin
Warning: Professing Christians

Trinity Baptist Church
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Joshua Caleb Joseph (1/23/2021)
“ Blessed Sermon! ”
I was really blessed by this sermon. What a warning it is! I have been challenged to take God's word seriously and give the utmost reverence it deserves.Praise God for men like Albert Martin who say the Word as it is. May the Lord Jesus be glorified always!

Richard E MelloContact via email (1/14/2021)
from 02825
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow. Mr. Martin lays bare our real sins of complying with this world's religions. When we approach our creator we must always try never to forget one thing, that we are all sinners, fallen and in need of forgiveness for all of our shortfalls.

Bob R (2/13/2019)
from S TX
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon is not for the weak of heart Scariest words in the Bible Lord have mercy on me

Andrew DibbleContact via email (2/12/2019)
from Wales
“ What happened next? ”
I wonder what the effect was on the congregation who heard this. It certainly has made me think and search my heart and desires before the Lord. The word HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD has been following me for some time.

Eddy T. PerryContact via email (11/8/2017)
from Memphis, TN.
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you!

Charlene (8/14/2016)
from Ozarks of North Central AR
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is truly a wonderful message. Thank you Pastor Martin for telling us so clearly the price that was paid that we might be saved. Not feeling well today so stayed home from church then I listened to a power clip of one of your messages, and that led me to this message. Very grateful that we have men such as you that proclaim so clearly to us our need to be saved a to live for our Lord.

DLockIContact via email (9/28/2015)
from NC
“ A Repeater! ”
I've listened to this sermon many times... every time I think I enjoy it more! What a great message through Pastor Martin! I know God will use this to cause many to examine themselves, to see that they be in the faith! The world needs uncompromising, Holy Spirit led and convicted Christians! Be NOT CONFORMED!

H Hudson (5/5/2015)
from Deerfield Beach, Florida
“ Defining Sermon! ”
This is my 2nd comment, the first was almost a year ago. Today it has brought me more insight about Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I have been more assured that through the Grace of God and Faith in Christ Jesus, I am a child of God. I also see this sermon as one that will not be listened to by most "professing Christians" because it takes them "off the fence" and makes them look inside to see where they are with Christ Jesus. There is no escaping the belief one claims to have in The Lord. A weak or false sense of confession and acceptance of the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus will be felt in one's soul from this sermon -- it makes you face the truth of where you stand and gives you a chance to believe in Christ Jesus with your spirit and soul by following God's Will to show yourself as faithful in deed and not only in words. Thank you Brother Martin for such a powerful message.

Denise Choate (5/5/2015)
from Sonora, California
“ Old Path Preaching!!! ”
Earth shaking sermon for a Worldly American Church! Shame on the shepherds and the sheep who heed not the voice of our Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ! Messages like this one are what's needed in the body of Christ this very hour. Amen.

Nick Sykes (1/17/2015)
from Sydney, Australia
“ Preaching exists! ”
Most so-called preachers are just sermon writers. Writing a sermon is not preaching. This is preaching. I like that worldliness is here preached against for what it is: sin. There is no legalism in exhorting the people of God to godliness and against worldliness. Why do men refuse to preach against worldliness and declare preaching such as this legalism? Because they love the world, and their congregations love the world. "You have to come alongside people" they'll say. "We have to know the culture to engage the culture". "It's okay to spend more time watching sport than you spend in prayer". Nonsense. You have to met with God and then preach what he says in the power of his Spirit because men are going to an actual hell without Christ and his people, whom he bought with his own blood, are committing spiritual adultery with the world they're meant to have been delivered from. Preaching so as to convert nobody is not preaching.

H Hudson (7/20/2014)
from Deerfield Beach, Florida
“ Powerful Sermon! ”
Brother Martin pierces the soul and heart when he opens it to see where we stand with the Lord. Knowing Christ Jesus as God demands, will give us peace and salvation beyond words or description. If we are part of God's family we will strive to know Christ Jesus more deeply each day. Our heart will ache to do God's Will and to love His Son and grow in the Holy Spirit to follow Him more every day. Thank you Brother Martin for a soul-searching sermon that will show us true salvation.

nattyp (11/19/2012)
from Jamaica
“ Great Sermon! ”
If I am going to be honest with myself. I am guilty of this. This message shook me. Lord, I pray that I do not pull out the arrows you have shot into my heart for my own good, but that I will instead seek your face and surrender to you. Amen.

stephen nieliwocki (9/26/2012)
“ Great Sermon! ”
iwhen i first got saved albert martin and walter chantrys preaching helped me to understand true salvation,God bless them,,steve n.

JustSomeone (1/8/2012)
from Florida
“ Great Sermon! ”
I'm a hardened man and not easily moved but this brought me to tears, it's time to re-evaluate life as to what's more important. Thanks for this.

Weng 51 (3/25/2011)
from Switzerland
“ Great Sermon! ”
Powerful sermon!It really touched my heart.Thank you Pastor Martin.

CarltonContact via email (2/26/2011)
from Los Angeles
“ Great Sermon! ”
A most sober message to ponder and one that every professing Christian should take to heart. This is the kind of preaching we need more of today. It answered some misconceptions I had regarding certain passages of scripture and the consequences of denying our profession. Thank you pastor Martin for such a clear and illuminating sermon. Praise be to God for your ministry. I've heard several of your sermons over the years but never has one been brought home to my heart quite like this one. Perhaps my listening is getting better or God's Holy Spirit is working mightily upon my soul. God be thanked either way.

Diane Morris (2/6/2011)
from Oregon
“ Great Sermon! ”
I have just learned of Pastor Al Martin. I have listened to about 5 of his sermons and my heart has been challenged, blessed and rejoices in the wonderful teaching of this man. I plan on feasting on his preaching as often as I can. And this sermon especially. How easily I forget just what Jesus saved me from. . . and the responsibility that comes with this amazing gift. I thank God for men like Pastor Martin. May God bless his retirement years with abounding blessings. A Sister in Christ, Diane Morris

Karen LundbergContact via email (1/17/2011)
from Denver, CO
“ Great Sermon! ”
I am so very thankful for Pastor Martin's clear warning straight from the Word of God. It makes me reevaluate my own life, and pray all the more that all those people I have known through the years will truly come to a life-changing experience of true salvation instead of continuing on in their relgiosity.

Michael Hughes (11/20/2010)
from North America
“ Fantastic. ”
I first hard exerpts of this message on YouTube and I just had to see if I could find it on the internet. I was so glad I did; for this is the greatest, most powerful preaching I have ever heard. This man Albert Martin is anointed is a marvelous way. I will never tire of hearing his style of preaching. Absolutely fantastic message.

S.English (1/5/2010)
from USA
“ Convicting Sermon ”
I first thank God,and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for using Pastor Martin to deliver a message for such a time as this. This message should make every professing Christian and non-believer cry out to God and ask for mercy.

Rose and George FentonContact via email (1/4/2010)
from England
“ Great Sermon! ”
very powerful message heard today, 4th Jan. 2010, by Pastor Albert N.Martin, most challenging for every believer, a must-hear! The only reservation was that no mention was made of the chosen elect of God. But how needful to have such a heart-moving message. Thank you Pastor Martin. Hope to hear more from you.

Overcomer (1/4/2010)
from USA
“ Great Sermon! ”
I've heard this Matthew 7 message, by different pastors over the years, but none can compare to Pastor Martin's expounding on this passage. I would go as far as saying, if a professing Christian is not moved by this, he has not the spirit of God. Powerfully convicting!

Mike Jones (1/4/2010)
from North Carolina
“ Convicting Sermon ”
I sure could have used this message when I was 16. This one will grab your heart if you have one.

VangyBlue (11/19/2009)
“ Great Sermon! ”
I agree with the other comments! Fabulous message every Christian must hear.

Rubén SarriónContact via email (9/24/2009)
from Dénia, (Spain)
“ Great Sermon! ”
A powerful sermon that can leave no-one unmoved - truly relevent for today where wishy-washy, laid-back, self-gratifying preaching is the norm. Radio Gracia, Verdad y Vida

Cathy (3/12/2009)
from Western Australia
“ A Must Listen To ”
What exhortation, confirmation and encouragement. Thank you sincerely, Pastor Martin:) May God richly bless you and your family as He does already, and also, all who hear and do the will of our Lord and our God, amen. Cathy.

Rachel BickleyContact via email (2/10/2008)
from Brighton, England
“ Great Sermon! ”
Truely convicting and thought provoking. This serman emphasises the fact that we truely need to examine ourselves to see that we are following God, and seeking to do his will on earth.

Butch BoruffContact via email (2/8/2008)
from Urbana, Illinois
“ Great Sermon! ”
Praise God, if this sermon does not stir your soul, you better seek God in a new way.

Jeremy (1/25/2008)
from Georgia
“ Warning: Professing Christians ”
JESUS IS LORD!!! Thank you for preaching Jesus Crucified and mans depravity in the mist of a Holy God.Hang in there Bro.

ESTHERContact via email (8/24/2007)
“ Great Sermon! ”

Jerry (11/2/2006)
from California
“ Great Sermon! ”
An awesome and convicting sermon!...OLD SCHOOL STYLE!!!! Praise God for Pastor Martin's no holds barred preaching!!!

Jay (10/20/2005)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Pretty powerful message, and quite convicting. If you're TRULY serious about establishing a relationship with Christ, this is one clip I highly recommend you listen to, and probably more than once, in order to burn in your mind. There are so many people we assume will be going to heaven, but only God knows where their hearts truly are, we would probably be surprised to know who is and who isn't going. Knowing this convicts yourself, as well. "Could I be one of those people?" Best bet is to stay in the word of God and let your relationship with Christ grow stronger. Thank you, Br. Albert for the impactful message. God bless you and future listeners.

CharlyContact via email (12/15/2003)
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wow! If this could be heard and then practiced by our passive church of today we would find out who the true BELIEVERS are. Thanks to Pastor Martin for reminding us that we are to HATE sin and get it OUT of our lives, and not play with it as if it were something that could cause no damage to our life.

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  Albert N. Martin
For over forty years, Pastor Albert N. Martin faithfully served the Lord and His people as an elder of Trinity Baptist Church of Montville, New Jersey. Due to increasing and persistent health problems, he stepped down as one of their pastors, and in June, 2008, Pastor Martin and...

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