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Dr. Leon L. Sanders | Pensacola, Florida
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Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
Discernment Life Ministries
Pensacola, FL 32504
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Sin's Hidden Reality: Control A
FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2021
Posted by: Discernment Life Ministries | more..
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Sin‘s Hidden Reality: Control, is the black thread running throughout the Bible in juxtaposition to Christ’s red thread of blood sacrifice. One is designed to enslave people to sin, self and Satan, who would be king. The other is God alone who frees believers from death to be sons of the Living God (Lk 20:34-38; Ga 4:4-7; Ep 2:1-8). But at sin’s core is the grasping after Control which man was led to believe was possible based solely on knowledge gained apart from God. This coveting for Control by self was made by the quintessential king of liars himself, Satan who had already declared his intention to be above God; i.e., to Control this new Creation of Man apart from God for his own ends (Pr 14:28). Thus, Man followed Satan into rebellion, sin, against God only to discover himself enslaved and thus without any control. History is the story of man’s violence search for Control apart from both God and Satan; it is the story of no control.

The above schematic details the major concepts of this viewpoint of Scripture. This is not a new or revised concept of Scripture any more than Dispensationalism. It was always inherent in the Bible but not clearly detailed. But, like Dispensationalism, it clearly guides one’s thinking from one major event to the other unifying and explaining the guilt of created beings while justifying the absolute righteousness of God in His judgment while He clearly exercises His own self-sacrifice which was inherent in His plan before Creation (Ep 1:3-14). Let us examine each of these salient points.

“In the beginning God…” shows the Trinity’s existence before Creation (Ge 1:1). The Father created the essence of this physical Creation out of absolute nothingness. The Spirithovered over these elements waiting for the Son to appear (Ge 1:2). The Son was monogenesis {&mu ;&omi cron; ν& omicr on;&g amma; &epsi lon;& nu;ή& sigma f;; monogenēs} as the intercessor between this physical Creation, and Man, to the infinite Father who was outside of this Creation totally depending on the power of the Holy Spirit just as in His earthly advent or ministry (Ge 1:3-5; Jn 1:1-18, 29-34). Thus, in relation to this Creation’s work the Father is behind the scene while the Son and Spirit are interdependently at work within this Creation accomplishing God’s salvation plan. The angels are spirit just as the Father is spirit so I linked them with the Spirit whom I believe is the One who knits them together to accomplish their mission, ministering to mankind, just as He knits together all believers into the body of Christ who came in the form of sinful flesh like those He came to save (Jn 4:23-24; 1Co 12:4-13; Ep 4:4-7, 11-14; He 1:14; 2:10-15).

Man, though created from the ground in the flesh, was made a partner in this Creation and given Control over the earth because mankind alone was made in the very image of the Trinity (Ge 1:26-30; 2:7, 18, 21-25). This marked the end of Creation but the beginning of God’s plan. Not through mechanistic robotic slavery to some abstract plan for His own ends; this is Satan’s lie. God moved into the background to allow Man and Woman to exercise Control in the form of a decision urged on them by Satan, the Accuser {שָׂטָן; śâṭân}. Satan had already sinned before Creation for seeking Control apart from God which marred his character from the Day Star, to the Accuser filling him with violence, and lies (Ge 3:1; Isaiah 14:12-15; Ez 28:12-18; Jn 8:44; Re 12:9). Satan rebelled because he was the highest of the angels. But, with God’s plan mankind, though created lower than angels, would have Control over angels throughout eternity future. Satan, the Accuser, would show God that Man was unworthy. When God condemned Satan to the Lake of Fire, Satan counter-charged that God was unworthy, His judgments were against His character which was also unrighteous since the beings He created sought Control apart from Him {Theodicy} (Ps 51:4; Mt 25:41; Ro 3:4-19; Re 20:10-15).

Hence, Satan appears, with the Trinity in the background {omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotent}, to Woman. God had given a Command, do not eat of this tree He labeled as knowledge lest you die (Ge 2:16-17). The giving of a command gives birth to the temptation of the flesh to violate this limitation of Man’s Control (Ro 7:7-12; Ja 1:12-18). Woman and Man, weak in the flesh, could and should have called on God for wisdom; however, they isolated themselves and exercised their own Control (Ro 8:3-4; Ja 1:5-8). Woman was deceived but Man willinglymade the decision to take Control based on knowledge learned apart from God (1Ti 2:13-14). Sin robbed them of Control they had under God enslaving them to itself, death and Satan who also was under sentence of death; i.e., enslaved to sin (1Co 15:50-57; He 2:14-16).

Mankind’s coveting for Control based on godless or ungodly knowledge attacked the flesh through three avenues: Lust of the Flesh {Coveting fleshly satisfactions}; Lust of the Eye {Coveting outward facades of supposed Control} and Pride of Life {Coveting hidden and revealed mechanisms of Control} (Ro 1:17-28; 1Jo 2:15-16). Sin’s slavery became immediately apparent when Man and Woman hid from God in Fear of Judgment (Ge 3:8-13; 1Jo 4:17-19). While understood as judgments, I believe God is simply pronouncing the effects of sin’s slavery on man and woman. Man was to exercise Control over Woman as leader but Woman would continually rebel to exercise Control over Man; certainly Man blamed Woman who blamed Satan who had nothing to say for not only had he already been condemned but he believed he had just made his case in proving that God only creates sinful beings! Was not this another example vindicating his appeal against God’s judgment over him?

God promised Satan, and Woman, that a child born from Woman would destroy Satan’s works though Satan would bruise his heel; i.e., his flesh but not his soul or nature. Eve took this to mean her child and thus she raised Cain {given by God} to be this redeemer. However, any redeemer had to Control his own flesh; be sinless (Ge 4:1-17 ; 2Co 5:17-21). As Messiah, Cain was to protect the weak; but as sinful man, and all are born in sin, Cain preyed on the weak so he would have Control (Ps 51:5). Since God favored Abel, worthless one, over himself, Cain eliminated the competition via violence: anger leading to murder (Mt 5:2-12, 21-26).

Cain developed the first urban community which required government, laws, to prevent rebellious, sinful people from destroying that which was designed by Satan to enslave them to him (Mt 4:8-10). Government’s failure to protect the weak while enslaving its citizens through violence was amply demonstrated in the nearly complete corruption of mankind requiring God to introduce separation of the earth from one to several continents; Noah’s Cataclysm (Ge 6:5-8). Satan again worked through man’s religio-politico-socio-government to unify mankind against God (Ge 10:8-10; 11:1-9). God freed mankind from this enslavement at Babel, scattering them across the face of the earth.

(See Sin's Hidden Reality: Control B)

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Category:  Ministries

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