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FRONT PAGE  |  12/7/2022
SUNDAY, MAR 24, 2019  |  11 comments
VP Pence gets ovation at Hispanic evangelical summit
Vice President Mike Pence gave a closed-door address and received a standing ovation last Thursday before a gathering of the largest Hispanic evangelical coalition in the United States.

According to a press release, Pence received a prolonged standing ovation. In his remarks, Pence reportedly declared that once the southern border is secure, the Trump Administration is going to fix “this broken immigration system.”

NHCLC has over 40,000 member congregations and is headed by California megachurch pastor Samuel Rodriguez, an evangelical born to Puerto Rican parents. ...

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News Item5/11/19 11:45 AM
sc  Find all comments by sc
I wonder how many of these were RCs.

News Item5/11/19 11:34 AM
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News Item4/5/19 5:15 AM
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News Item3/25/19 5:21 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Adriel, you are going have to restate what you want to get across?

The Atlantic monthly article gave an example of a typical Pence speech to supporters. While it was a secular audience, I really doubt that he does much different for religious audiences. So, that is why the Atlantic article it is quite interesting and pertinent to the thread.


News Item3/25/19 5:18 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Frederick Clarkson wrote:
...Theorist Gary North writes, for example, that, “It isn’t possible to ramrod God’s blessings from the top down, unless you’re God. Only humanists think that man is God.”

Nevertheless, Reconstructionist thinkers could not prevent others from feeling a greater sense of urgency about moving up the time-table, or from taking dramatic political action, or in the case of anti-abortion activists, even committing vigilante violence. Indeed, the Institutes and the Reconstructionist works that followed provided a justification for political action that pulled many evangelicals from the political sidelines and into the fray. They also provided an optimistic theology of inevitable victory, suggesting therefore that political action was not only possible but necessary. In the longer term, it also established the often unacknowledged ideological framing for the Christian Right, the basis for 21st Century politics,...

excerpt from, "Dominionism Rising: A Theocratic Movement Hiding in Plain Sight"

Even if Rusdooney himself, didn't believe in the ability of man to bring salvation oh, It can be seeing that his theology led to that assumption. (Notes on Reconstruc


News Item3/25/19 4:24 PM
Douglas Fir | Zones Four to Six  Find all comments by Douglas Fir
They need to keep these news items about Vice President Pence 'front and center' so Democrats can know what they will get if they ever ever ever impeach Trump. Now, with 90 percent of their Fondest Hopes Dashed on the Cruel Rocks of Reality (Mueller Report Released, Trump Exonerated), they will have to look for something else, or continue in their Wild and Crazy Dance to the Left.
I am thinking of becoming a professional editorial cartoonist because these news items keep making me think of cartoons!

News Item3/25/19 12:25 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
Liberation theology is no more biblical than dominionism - calling one out and not the other is pointless. Both are not of God, both are worthless.

Diversion is the greatest tactic JL uses and has in his bag of tricks.

The sad part is as long as he's not breaking any of the comment rules, he's allowed to come here and spew out an anti-God agenda, promoting it and hoping it sticks with any. Ignoring him isn't the solution, ignoring SA is.


News Item3/25/19 11:01 AM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
Jim Lincoln[/AUTHOR

Their article gives an example of Mike Pence's speech style, I don't believe the term, "Dominionist," is ever brought up; but that is how Mike Pance is described in other articles.👎
You'll just have to join the GOP and bow to your illustrious leader.


News Item3/25/19 10:54 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln (God’s Plan for Mike Pence) from which,
McKay Coppins wrote:
Evangelical leaders across the country point to his record on abortion and religious freedom and liken him to a prophet restoring conservative Christianity to its rightful place at the center of American life. “Mike Pence is the 24-karat-gold model of what we want in an evangelical politician,” Richard Land, the president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary and one of Trump’s faith advisers, told me. “I don’t know anyone who’s more consistent in bringing his evangelical-Christian worldview to public policy.”...

Their article gives an example of Mike Pence's speech style, I don't believe the term, "Dominionist," is ever brought up; but that is how Mike Pance is described in other articles.👎


News Item3/25/19 4:27 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Here's the type of garbage I won't push Lbug.
Bill Moyers wrote:
...In this report, we’ll hear from the Christian Reconstructionists, a growing movement of believers and sympathizers who want to invent America all over again, with the Bible as its primary charter, and Washington, D.C., as a new kind of government where God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven. I’m Bill Moyers....
excerpt from, "On Earth As It Is In Heaven"


News Item3/24/19 12:49 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
This event was attended by Rodriguez, an Assembly of God pastor, by Rod Parsley, a huckster is a word of faith heretic, Steve Strang, the founder of Charisma Media, and Bishop Harry Jackson, the Presiding Bishop of the International Communion of Evangelical Churches - a Pentecostal. This gathering was loaded with Charismatics.
They presented a new 'life manifesto', which is of the social justice flavor.
Emcee Rev. Tony Suarez said "“When Kelly Rosati tells you that if just one-third of American churches adopted a child, there would be no more orphans, you realize all over again how we are the solution the country needs. That’s what the Justice Summit and the manifesto is all about. It’s better than social justice. It’s biblical justice.”
This is the same kind of social justice being pushed by the RCC, birthed out of Liberation theology - the same garbage Jim L pushes daily when he claims we should pay for health care for those who don't work, we should support another man's child, etc. This movement is gaining ground within the 'Reformed' circles as well, including Tim Keller and his blog the Gospel Coalition -
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