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FRONT PAGE  |  12/6/2021
SUNDAY, APR 24, 2016  |  17 comments
Heavy teen marijuana use may cut life short by 60

Heavy marijuana use in the late teen years puts men at a higher risk for death by age 60, a new long-term study suggests.

Swedish researchers analyzed the records of more than 45,000 men beginning in 1969 and 1970. The scientists from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm reported that 4,000 died during the 42-year follow-up period, and men who'd used marijuana heavily at ages 18 and 19 were 40 percent more likely to die by age 60 compared to guys who hadn't used the drug.

The authors of the new study, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, said the findings contradict previous research involving the same group of men. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item4/26/16 6:06 PM
Dave | oz  Find all comments by Dave
Amen. SC

News Item4/25/16 3:01 PM
s c | Oh  Find all comments by s c
I've known a few Christians who were delivered from addictions and are very instrumental in helping others.
They help others by not watering down the sins. Once whichever sin we are enamored and deceived by, is exposed for that which it is in reality, all temptation ceases.
There are no truly good things which are destructive.
Next time one looks at the face of a dying child or pet,one can be reminded of the wages of sin.
Loving God and a correct sense of reality,not the smoke and mirrors of what is desired, cures addiction.

News Item4/25/16 6:43 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Hi Dave, the way I look at it is that we're all, every one of us, addicted to, or crave something; a drug, a lifestyle, the quest for beauty and/or fitness, food and drink, material things, diamonds, power. Then, there are many tangible and intangible things we can be addicted to and/or crave. Adding to the list, the need to be right or first, the love of gossip and slander, various perversions, compulsive lying and back biting, aggressive behaviors, haughtiness, and the list goes on, and on, and on.
My point is that because of sin, we are all, every one of us, addicted to, and/or crave something which chases us daily whether it's realized or not. Some, like you, fight the good fight, while others appease themselves to satisfy whatever it is they crave, whether it be a drug or creative wording to spite someone without actually saying the words in order to claim innocence while being enough to satisfy their craving for spite and malice.

News Item4/25/16 5:03 AM
Dave | oz  Find all comments by Dave
Geoff from Atlanta,
Truly, honestly,
That's enough to, well ,
Thankyou, brother, I could cry.
Praise be to the Lord, our saviour.

News Item4/25/16 3:22 AM
Brother Elmer I  Find all comments by Brother Elmer I
And satanic vaccination use will put babies at a higher risk of death by the age of 2 and will put a lifelong risk of health problems in those who survive the initial childhood crimes against humanity.

News Item4/25/16 1:13 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Apparently dope, for example marijuana, can cut life short in other ways as well. [URL= ]]] ( Marijuana growing operations found at scenes of Ohio mass shootings )[/URL].

News Item4/24/16 10:07 PM
Geoff | Atlanta  Find all comments by Geoff
Dave -

Even a poor sailer is a seaman in fair weather. It's the real mariner who can sail in rough waters. Praise God that against the tempest of temptations you are keeping faith in the Lord Jesus. He is worth brother, he is sufficient, and we adorn the doctrine of our savior in such ways.

Standing strong with you my brother.


News Item4/24/16 8:18 PM
Dave | oz  Find all comments by Dave
Mr b , Thankyou, after a posted, I thought God sees me through the righteousness of Jesus and his finished, accepted work on the cross.
Lord bless brother Mr b

News Item4/24/16 7:13 PM
Mr b | Long Island ny  Find all comments by Mr b
Dave from oz, if God can deliver me from multiple addictions , He can do the same for you too . And the cravings. You aren't an addict if you have stopped using. You know I have the substance abuse counsel credential. I refused to call someone an addict who stopped using. God sees you clean and delivered

News Item4/24/16 6:23 PM
Wayfarer Pilgrim | Lubbock,tx  Find all comments by Wayfarer Pilgrim
If Your state gas legalized Mary Jane, drive by the shop and witness the new but not new skid row. I have worked in the area of substance abuse prevention and can attest smoking dope make you stupid and alters your gene code to your kids. Meaning, your intellectual capacity is limited to the point that you are brain damaged from smoking dope and if your pregnant or the father who smokes dope, your child's cognitive development is greatly impaired. If dope proves to cause cancer, then maybe the government will treat it like cigarettes and tax it for prisons and highways.

News Item4/24/16 3:30 PM
Reefer badness | Badlands  Find all comments by Reefer badness
Dave wrote:
components may help with seizures , fits, and I'm sure it has plenty of medicinal purposes, when particular components are isolated and used correctly.

as in many herbs GOOD to heal -but as u say
From EXPERIENCE& in line w/
Millions of Observers !
I believe that smoking pot makes you stupid.
--while long-term cigarette smoking is bad for your lungs, there are not millions of people whose observations led them to believe that tobacco lowers your IQ and makes you slow and stupid.
Nicotine actually seems to enhance reaction time.
Why the distinction?
These millions of people believe this not because they've read the scientific studies showing lower IQ,
mental health, learning, & memory impairments from using pot,
but because they've seen the results first hand.
Studies conflict, of course,
but extensive research shows what
millions have directly perceived,
that long-term routine pot use leads to serious mental health issues.

It may be that those using pot say " I don't think I am impaired"-
But if the assessment is based on addled thoughts, they may cite cherry picked reports from NON neurology highfaluting magazines because the level of writing of science journal is beyond diminished capacity.


News Item4/24/16 3:12 PM
Dave | oz  Find all comments by Dave
I'm an addict, always will be,
Pot isn't good for ya.
Ok some components may help with seizures , fits, and I'm sure it has plenty of medicinal purposes, when particular components are isolated and used correctly.
But pot, for fun Pfft not good.
Speed and heroin were more prevalent growing up, but pot is the one that gave me the biggest headache in my life.
I'm clean, but struggle on a daily basis still with cravings for pot.

News Item4/24/16 12:48 PM
Dopey enuff now | Synergistically  Find all comments by Dopey enuff now
2012 study: Netherlands study of 2,000 teens show pot/psychosis link
2010 study: Netherlands study shows marijuana may stunt fetal growth
2009 study: American Chemical Society reports, marijuana damages DNA and may cause cancer
2009 study: Pot during pregnancy predicts long-lasting neurobehavioural problems for the child
2008 study: Marijuana smoker faces rapid lung destruction, 20 years ahead of tobacco smokers
2007 study: New Zealand study of impact on lungs from one joint equaling three to five cigarettes
2007 study: Canadian study shows pot smoke contains higher levels of various toxins than tobacco smoke
2007 study: Harvard finds that marijuana component opens the door for cancer virus for Kaposi's Sarcoma
2006 study: The journal Neurology reports that marijuana causes learning and memory impairments
2005 study: New Zealand study reports habitual marijuana use strongly associated with car crash injury
2005 study: French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research shows pot doubling fatal crashes
2004 study: Hungarian Neuropsychopharmacologia journal reports schizoid psychosis from smoking pot
1989 study: In the U.S., from back when it was weaker, pot associated with impaired fetal growth nursing mom smoking pot passes THC, etc. to her child;

News Item4/24/16 11:07 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
We still need to be concerned and do what we can on a case by case basis. Who cares about the why's or who's to blame at this point because the damage has been done and the issue at hand, the end result, needs to be tackled. Unfortunately, it's really the height of hipocrisy for these same people who are lobbying for and legalizing MJ for recreational use to act as if they're concerned for the children at the same time they're slowly making it available to any and all.

News Item4/24/16 10:48 AM
pennleope  Find all comments by pennleope
what are we worried about? adults put their kids on whole regiments of psychtropic drugs as little kids now. we can't blame teenagers for what adults are willingly doing. besides the fetal cell lines and the horrible cases of encephalopathy so common, we teach them as children to be shot up.... its OUR normal.

nice try, US is the most drugged nation in the world and our health numbers compared to the rest of the world getting lower every year.

the chemical model is based on Darwin, scriptures teaches of God's Provision in nature and the nurturing of the mother for her family..... these things are not bought with a microwave but the work of her hands and Adam's toil.


News Item4/24/16 9:31 AM
Reefer Badness | OnAndOn  Find all comments by Reefer Badness
2016study: The UK's Daily Mail headlines their article on a paper in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, "The more cannabis you smoke, the more likely you are to be a loser"
2015 study: Strong pot yields hallucination, paranoia & schizophrenia in a nearly a quarter (24%) of those newly diagnosed, per Lancet Psychiatry
2015 at, current and former pot users perceive a false reality; impaired hippocampus harms memory used "to solve common problems and to sustain our relationships"
2015 100 varities of pot appear to "damage nerve fibres that handle the flow of messages across the two halves of the brain" per a study in Psychological Medicine
2015 JAMA Psychiatry reports that over the last decade, pot use in the U.S. more than doubled to nearly 10%, or 22 million people, with the huge study finding obvious signs of dysfunction from marijuana use in more than 7 million people
2015 Drug and Alcohol journal: pot impairs driving just like alcohol
2015 Pot harms brain imaging shows regarding learning and memory, presented at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Annual Meeting
2014 PNAS, pot users have shrunken brains and lower IQ
[URL=]]]Dope on dope[/URL]

News Item4/24/16 9:23 AM
Get Real | Wisconsin  Find all comments by Get Real
The Massive New Marijuana Study That's Going Viral Is Deeply Flawed

New Study Finds Daily Marijuana Use Is Not Associated With Brain Abnormalities

No, marijuana use doesn’t lower your IQ


Largest Ever Twin Study Finds No Link Between Smoking Pot and IQ Decline

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