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Breaking News All | United Prayer | SA Center | SA Newsroom
FRONT PAGE  |  12/7/2021
MONDAY, APR 4, 2016  |  19 comments
Muslims starting to recognize source of terrorism

Reports from the Middle East on the aftermath of the deadly terror attacks in Brussels criticize Muslims for fostering an atmosphere and culture in which such violence is birthed.

Stunningly, the criticism is coming from Muslims.

“We say that ‘terrorism has no religion and no homeland.’ But we must confront the fact that most terrorist attacks in the Arab and Muslim world itself are not carried out by Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Ahmadis, or Bahais – but by Muslims and the sons and daughters of Muslims,” wrote Kuwaiti author Khalil ‘Ali Haider in the Bahraini daily Al-Ayyam. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

The Christian Heritage Centre
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News Item4/10/16 11:48 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Interesting article, [URL=]]] (Finding Moderate Muslims - More Questions)[/URL].

Needhim, pointed out an interesting article, [URL=]]] (The Scourge of Slavery - The Rest of the Story)[/URL], and interesting article


News Item4/6/16 11:40 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Thanks for taking the time. I was in the middle of something and didn't have time to look it up. I appreciate it. Interesting, and also interesting, like you said, that it's generally not, convert, or, pay a tax, or, be murdered, but rather, convert or we'll cut your head off. Period.
Thanks again, learned something new.

News Item4/6/16 11:29 AM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
Christopher000 wrote:
Thanks for the comment, Frank, simple and true. What's the infidel tax you mentioned? That's my first time hearing that.
Hey Chris, I just did a little research on it. It is also referred to as a poll-tax. It was designed to make those who were not believers feel inferior enough that they would convert to Islam later on. IOW, when someone knows those who pay this tax, they know they are inferior to other Muslims. It is a way to disgrace them.

I'm not sure why some can pay this tax while others, and probably most, are not given this choice and are killed.

It is mentioned in the Quran and also in the tafsir of Quran which is some type of commentary.


News Item4/6/16 10:45 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Thanks for the comment, Frank, simple and true. What's the infidel tax you mentioned? That's my first time hearing that.

News Item4/4/16 4:04 PM
Scrub team | Sweeper  Find all comments by Scrub team
White House Scrubs "Islamic Terror" From French President's Translated remarks.
The refusal to call Islamic terrorists Islamic is nothing new for President Obama and his White House. But during a visit Thursday from French President Francois Hollande as part of the nuclear summit being held in Washington D.C., the White House scrubbed the words "Islamic extremists" from remarks made by Hollande during an audio and video translation. The White House Finally released :

But we're also well aware that the roots of terrorism, Islamist terrorism, is in Syria and in Iraq. We therefore have to act both in Syria and in Iraq,

That section was scrubbed from audio/video
The rest was
" and this is what we're doing within the framework of the coalition. And we note that Daesh is losing ground thanks to the strikes we've been able to launch with the coalition. We are continuing to support Iraq. This is also a decision we have taken, supporting the Iraqi government and making sure that they can claim back their entire territory, including Mosul."

You cannot beat an enemy that you are unwilling to name. The French get it. Unfortunately, Obama &his White House do not.

Jay Smith notes Britain going from 15% to 48% support for terrorists from 2001 to 2006 !!


News Item4/4/16 1:39 PM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
The source of Islamic terrorism is the Quran. If someone believes in and tries to live their lives by it, they will either demand conversion or someone might be allowed to pay the infidel tax, or they will die. So the only Muslims who don’t practice terrorism or support it, are those who are simply Muslim by birth; in other words in name only. The fact that someone says they know peaceful Muslims only means those Muslims aren’t practicing the faith as passed down by Mohammed. The goal of true Islam is world domination and in their minds religious freedom is the ability to live in a society that is run by Islam.

News Item4/4/16 1:06 PM
NeedHim  Find all comments by NeedHim
Another fine resource of information to checkout as the information is 99 % white washaded with half truths.

The Truth About those who are faithful practing Muslims & slavery.


News Item4/4/16 12:53 PM
NeedHim  Find all comments by NeedHim
A worthwhile read from a Christian Missionary who loves the lost by not being ashamed of sharing the whole counsel of God's word with a lost person who is a practicing faithful follower of Islam.

Faith only comes by hearing the word of God being faithfully shared with others, as through the Holy Spirit the layers of deception are peeled away. For one to see & understand that they have a huge problem in falling short of the mark of Christ perfection alone amen.


News Item4/4/16 11:19 AM
fallen world  Find all comments by fallen world
I have lived and worked in the Middle East and met many Muslims who were completely normal, friendly and not hostile to me or my western background. It is good to see some of these Muslims speaking out against the terrorists and extremists. But it will not end there. These Muslims who try to live a normal peaceful life in the "Global Village" will be described as anti-muslim, cowardly or westernised. The brain washed terrorist has emerged in modern history as a fact of man's inhumanity to man. History has demonstrated many times before just how evil man can be. Christians identify sin and rebellion against God and seek to communicate this truth to all their global neighbours and we see the hostile reaction that can bring in countries such as India and Pakistan. Ultimately hate, hostility and killing is deep rooted in mankind and Muslim terrorism is just another example of this reality. These reprobates are brainwashed to the extent that they think they are serving the purposes of God (their Allah god) to that end they will continue serving Satan in these end times.

As for these Christians :-
we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


News Item4/4/16 10:16 AM
speaking of Smith | street  Find all comments by speaking of Smith
Jay Smith, a quick-thinking, controversial evangelical known for debating Muslims. He uses chapters (surahs) from the Qur'an as his principal text. On this occasion, Smith and Beth Grove, a British grad student in theology, debate the place of women in traditional Islam, in contrast to New Testament teaching.

Above murmurs and heckles, Grove notes in surah 2:282 that one man's testimony is equal to that of two women. Surah 4:11 allows a woman only half the inheritance a man receives. Surah 4:34 describes how a husband ought to punish his wife for disobedience: admonish her, kick her out of bed, and beat her.

Before Grove finishes, a bearded challenger named Adnan interrupts her. But Smith booms out, "Let the woman speak! See how he doesn't want to let the woman speak!"

"Liar!" Adnan shouts back at Smith and Grove as tourists' video cameras record the scene.

"So the Qur'an lies?" Smith asks. "You must be saying the Qur'an is lying, then."

Adnan bends to huddle with his debate coaches, ... he calls out, "The Bible says women are the root of all evil." Smith asks for a scriptural reference. Adnan can't provide one. In the crowd, a Christian quotes 1 Timothy 6:10:
[URL=]]]Smith debates mohameddans[/URL]


News Item4/4/16 10:02 AM
John Yurich USA | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich USA
Dolores wrote:
Hi, get real. Interesting post on domestic violence. Seems that is another issue that is growing in numbers. And the way you describe it is the way it usually is. The drugs and acohol abuse is a big part of the problem. A very sad situation for the children that are raised in this enviroment.
Swaggart's wife was raised by a father who was an alcoholic according to what I read about Swaggart's wife.

News Item4/4/16 10:01 AM
Justin Ty Me | AZ  Find all comments by Justin Ty Me
GSMontana wrote:
Dave from oz writes:
Wolves in sheeps clothing
Muslims are wolves in wolves clothing, but our leaders refuse to see this through their liberal shaded glasses.
Praise God for this revelation if it is a realization of what is really in the Koran. Their religion is unforgiving, unloving, and offers nothing eternally comforting to look forward to. Then, when it comes to rewarding women in the afterlife, there are no virgins for them. I don't mean to sound vulgar.
My friend, who escaped Iran, says they learn to retaliate 10 xs more than injury inflicted upon themselves. No forgiveness. Also, most woman live in conflict which is caused by not knowing what the husband requires at any particular moment.

News Item4/4/16 10:00 AM
Dolores  Find all comments by Dolores
Hi, get real. Interesting post on domestic violence. Seems that is another issue that is growing in numbers. And the way you describe it is the way it usually is. The drugs and acohol abuse is a big part of the problem. A very sad situation for the children that are raised in this enviroment.

News Item4/4/16 9:51 AM
GSMontana  Find all comments by GSMontana
Dave from oz writes:
Wolves in sheeps clothing

Muslims are wolves in wolves clothing, but our leaders refuse to see this through their liberal shaded glasses.


News Item4/4/16 8:39 AM
Get Real | Wisconsin  Find all comments by Get Real
I see this as no different then a husband that beats you then apologises only to beat you again ...

The Cycle of Violence

right now that abusive husband is holding out a bouquet and chocolates ... he might even have a piece of jewelry in his pocket in case the flowers don't work ... it's the honeymoon phase ... once he has won you over he proceeds to beat the ever living crap out of you ...

hi everyone


News Item4/4/16 7:34 AM
Kibble and bit | Hoof  Find all comments by Kibble and bit
Ankerberg and Jay Smith, scholar of radical Islam, look at the teachings of the Qu’ran and how they have led to the horrific terrorist events occurring in the world today.

Current series worth a listen on John Ankerberg


News Item4/4/16 6:51 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Well, at least a Muslim is speaking out against his brothers for a change. First time I've heard it done. Unfortunately, anyone that matters never has a word of shame or an order to stop. The liberal stations just let them on to decry how they're being discriminated against, yet not one that I've ever listened to condemned the terrirists deeds. So interesting how logic can be so flawed and difficult to comprehend as a nation stands up and fights for the very same religion which is sworn to convert or murder them. Reminds me of the hoards of illegals who gathered to protest in front of our statehouse, demanding drivers licenses. Crazy. Instead of being arrested, people talk about how unfairly they're being treated. Ridiculous.

News Item4/4/16 2:33 AM
Dave | oz  Find all comments by Dave
Wolves in sheeps clothing

News Item4/4/16 1:00 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
It would be great if Muslims recognized [URL=]]] (The Inadequacy of Islam)[/URL] which leads to the [URL=]]] (The Bloody Legacy of Islam)[/URL]. Unfortunately there's is innate [URL=]]] (... Incompatibility of Islam with Western Civilization)[/URL].
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