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FRONT PAGE  |  3/25/2023
FRIDAY, DEC 10, 2010  |  11 comments
Students attack Prince Charles’ car after tuition fee hikes
In Britain’s worst political violence in years, student protesters rained sticks and rocks on police, vandalized government buildings, and kicked and threw paint at a car carrying Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, after lawmakers approved a hike in university tuition fees. The Royals were unharmed in the violence.

But a total of 38 protesters and 10 officers were injured and 15 people were arrested, police reported.

The vote on the plan to triple university fees to £9,000 ($14,000) a year Thursday was approved 323-302 in the House of Commons. ...

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News Item12/12/11 8:11 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
What is it about protesting people that keeps them from focusing? I don't know much about British university business, but I wonder how much Prince Charles has to do with tuition hikes. It just feels so good to throw rocks, I guess.

News Item12/12/11 4:41 PM
Cliff Leckey | N. Ireland  Find all comments by Cliff Leckey
I was just looking up my old posts & as an over 70 year old (retired now)I`ve always worked for a living & believe thats the best way to go through life & anything you have of this world`s goods you earned through hard work.
The modern generation needs to learn that lesson

News Item12/12/10 4:02 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Neil, what school emphasizes teaching?

I have say though, Pepperdine University was and perhaps does well in that because its main goal seems to be training teachers. Some schools that put an emphasis on education and sciences do better in teaching than fielding winning athletic teams, e.g., University of Chicago, or Northwestern, the whipping boy, athletically speaking, of the Big 10. I would say o some the Universities that have the word, "State" in their names in the Big 12 Conference have the blessings and curses of a Northwestern U.

You made some excellent points and even "religious" schools are wooed by the money of having winning athletic teams.


News Item12/12/10 2:06 AM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
Guinness, NCAA sports can be a "profit center" - licensed products, broadcast revenue, tickets, etc. There is a store in Tucson Mall which sells nothing but Univ. of AZ kitsch. And the UofA basketball coach, I hear, is paid more than our Governor. Then there's revenue from fanatic alumni.

Anecdote: During a court trial, the lawyers asked us prospective jurors whether we would be biased against testimony from an AZ State U. alumnus as an expert witness. AZ State (near Phoenix) is a bitter rival of UofA.

But profitable or not, sports play way too large a part in Am. college life, & has for the past century or so. There is also the pressure on professors to publish or research rather than teach. I think those schools that do emphasize teaching do not get much publicity.


News Item12/12/10 1:00 AM
Guinness  Find all comments by Guinness
Neil wrote:
$14K per annum? Even the Calif. State Colleges, with minimal relative prestige, cost more than this, probably because our college costs have risen faster than inflation (IMHO, due to Federal-sponsored student loans).
Are you sure it is not because of all that obsession with college sports over there? That must cost a pretty penny.

News Item12/10/10 6:42 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
Addicts don't always behave rationally. These are addicted to being kept by their government.

News Item12/10/10 4:32 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
$14K per annum? Even the Calif. State Colleges, with minimal relative prestige, cost more than this, probably because our college costs have risen faster than inflation (IMHO, due to Federal-sponsored student loans). UK MPs could propose our form of Middle Class Welfare to appease the whiners.

And why blame poor Charles? Did he approve the increase? Looks like some students need remedial education.


News Item12/10/10 3:04 PM
Rob | Ulster  Find all comments by Rob
I am in my final year of my Theology degree, so the rise will not affect me, and to be honest this rise will probably weed out a lot of wasters wanting to go away and party for three years gratis!

News Item12/10/10 2:28 PM
council peasant  Find all comments by council peasant
Cliff, Chris and Rob all Ulstermen have come on to the board at the same time. Is this a coordinated attack by the Ulstermen.

These students will grow into middle class yuppies with posh holidays, snow-boarding and more pennies than sense. Of course they should payback the tax payer for all those years wasted sat at a desk, half cut called university.
The modern politically correct idea that everybody should go to university is one of the daft concepts of liberals/socialists and has only served to reduce the value of the degree. But the nation is getting old and running out of kids anyway so it won't last. There are lots of graduates running around today with no jobs so modern education in Britain in decline is fast becoming a pointless exercise. Apart from that everything is wonderful.


News Item12/10/10 1:55 PM
Rob | Ulster  Find all comments by Rob
Yes Cliff, they are bitting the hand that feeds them!

News Item12/10/10 1:46 PM
Cliff Leckey | N. Ireland  Find all comments by Cliff Leckey
These are the characters who want the tax-payers to fund their education.They must be joking.
I couldn`t go to university because my parents couldn`t afford it.
NO entitlements then. If they want taught how to behave, pay yourself.
As for education, A lost cause.
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