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News Item5/5/19 7:33 PM
Very Priviliged | USA  Find all comments by Very Priviliged
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Unprofitable Servant wrote:
Are you paying attention,,poster Very Privileged?
Elections have consequences
Definiately paying attention. Where it not for many decades of compromise and decay amongst professing Christians, the people who presume to issue such decrees would instead keep their silence, knowing that a brazen attack on the church would be a political suicide.

But, now that the protection of such things being unthinkable has been eroded, we are under temptation to make alliances with whoever comes along promising to give protection in exchange for support -- and to downplay or ignore any faults or scandals these would-be protectors bring with them (pretty much fearing men and not God).

What I wonder is whether the people who name the name of Christ are willing to do so consistantly and faithfully when the reward in life is all the contempt, fines, imprisonment, and worse which a Pagan tyrant is able to impose.

News Item5/4/19 1:34 PM
Very Priviliged | USA  Find all comments by Very Priviliged
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Unprofitable Servant wrote:
Considering that there are many who post here who vote and that your claim is baseless you might want to consider walking it back
I am not aware of a single word I wrote which ought to be taken back. I can only hope and pray that those whose pattern of political participation is such that they would take offense are also mature enough to think carefully about how God responded when his people entered into fellowship and alliances with Gentile nations.

Also, a vote that cast at the ballot box under a democracy is a positive approval. It is tantamount to saying "this man is worthy to hold office and is worthy to be called my representative".

News Item5/3/19 12:32 PM
Very Priviliged | USA  Find all comments by Very Priviliged
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Voting Republican at this point appears to be about on par with Israel allying with the Egyptians in an attempt to fend off the Assyrians.

And, the one-hundred-millionth of a say that is your vote is among the most ineffectual of means available to influence political outcomes. I would much rather favor the plan that involves placing Christ's Kingdom and Righteousness ahead of one's own, preaching the Law along with the Gospel, calling the nation to Repentance, giving godly counsel to men, chastising [and where warranted, rejecting] those who preach compromise and worldly thinking, and leaving the outcome of the political process in the very capable hands of King Jesus.

News Item7/13/18 12:48 PM
Very Priviliged | USA  Find all comments by Very Priviliged
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Arguing that some civil power is not respecting "freedom of religion" seems very out-of-place, so far as arguments go. I'm not aware that any such right is recognized or granted in Scripture. Men have the right and duty to believe and teach and promote the true religion, not to keep the way open for every falsehood and heresy (whether new or old). Moreover, God is sovereign and in control. He will see to it that his church survive against whatsoever evils the world may bring to bear against us. We ought to faithful toward and depend upon God see to it that civil power does not hinder us from accomplishing his will.

"Freedom of Religion" is a compromise which we have reached in order to attempt to paper over certain unresolved disputes. I see it as having little value beyond a courtroom argument (and not as a fundamental right to be promoted and stood upon and protected as though for its the church has somehow become dependent upon consistent and universal application modern legal jurisprudence for existence).

News Item7/12/18 11:36 PM
Very Priviliged | USA  Find all comments by Very Priviliged
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I should like to think that, if they want to claim that they are being persecuted for the sake of Christ (as the article suggests), that their leadership should be willing to receive correction (from those who are Christian), to confess sin publicly (particularly of their false religion, pretended claims of authority, and failure to take the hint when their prophecies failed to come to pass), to repent of it, and to urge their members to do the same.

(That they have their members set in conflict with an authoritarian state ought to be a grave enough matter for their leadership to reconsider their stand very carefully)

News Item6/9/18 2:07 PM
Very Priviliged | USA  Find all comments by Very Priviliged
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I'm quite aware that, as sinners, they generally have their own views and aren't particularly interested in hearing anyone who says otherwise (whether right or wrong).

I think it is better to argue from Scripture, because, even if they outwardly appear to be attempting to win the debate, they still have to deal with knowing themselves to be resisting and opposing God, rather than merely disagreeing with another sinner - and if they ever get around to acknowledging what they understand inwardly, it can turn into a very powerful and practical testament to the truth, mercy, justice, and righteousness of God, and can go a long way in helping to guide them along a more godly path.

News Item6/9/18 1:21 PM
Very Priviliged | USA  Find all comments by Very Priviliged
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It is doubtful whether they'd listen to us if all we seem to do is rail against the "Papal Antichrist", take the reasons for our position for granted, present Rome with a command to shut down without much of an explanation or reasoning, and act like they're performing some great sin by disobeying us.

I think that, before we get to the conclusion, we should make use of basic arguments which can not be ignored without its being blatant impiety and foolishness: Something like 'God destroyed Nadab and Abihu for presuming to determine how God is to be worshipped, explicitly forbade the formation and worship of images, mentioned nothing about an "economy of images" or about "dulia" and "latria" categories which would permit men to act in manners which a plain reading of Scripture would condemn as sinful, but we do see Christ coming in and casting down the prevailing religious authority, we do see text in Scripture which speaks of candlesticks being removed from their place and branches broken off the tree, and it is clearly stated in Scripture that we as sinners tend to make decisions in a foolish and prideful and rebellious manner, so maybe you people should take the time and reconsider your stance in light of the warnings which God has graciously given you.'

News Item6/9/18 2:20 AM
Very Priviliged | USA  Find all comments by Very Priviliged
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I think it might be more appropriate to think and speak about what would be proper and courageous for Rome to do (particularly if there is any possibility that some among them may be anxious about what is going on in "The Church", watching discussions like these, and wondering what we have to say). We might also do well to consider ways in which we fall woefully short of the same standards.

That in mind, Rome might consider doing the following:

Make a public and corporate confession, admitting to being an organization composed of sinners which act according to the nature of sinners.
Humble herself before God, recognizing her own guilt and inferiority and infidelity, as well as the righteousness and justice of God in condemning her for it if he should determine to do so, then seek mercy from the position of a beggar (and not as men with authority and prestige to boast of).
Seek counsel from men who are godly enough to confess their own fallibility and sinfulness in interpretation, be taught out of the book, and receive the correction with gladness and thanksgiving (rather than continuing to strive against the Reformation).

News Item6/2/18 8:30 PM
Very Priviliged | USA  Find all comments by Very Priviliged
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The world is looking at these advancements and contemplating putting everyone on welfare (they call it "Universal Basic Income"). One might reasonably expect this to at least result in a lot of idleness and an attitude of entitlement. And, on top of that is the growing insistence on conformity with the world regarding sin -- Assuming it doesn't find a way to break down into chaos, it is not inconceivable that affirmation of the favored sins of the day becomes the price of bread.

I think what we, as Christians, should do is discuss business and tradeskills with each other and see if we can become more dependent upon each other and less dependent upon secular employers.

News Item5/10/18 1:58 AM
Very Priviliged | USA  Find all comments by Very Priviliged
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If you happen to have close contact with any Mormons and they are reasonable enough to agree that Scripture unambiguously describes homosexual *conduct as sinful, perhaps this would be a good opportunity to bring up the slippery and unaccountable nature of the personal sentiment which people use to excuse the practice (even while pretending to have faith in God).

As Mormonism does tend to assert that "feelings" which affirm Mormonism or which dis-affirm anything else come from God, they would do well to think rationally about where other peoples' "feelings" are leading them and to think about whether they really think they are above the sort of temptations which others are clearly under. ("feelings" is a term to be wary of -- we tend to carelessly use it as a conflation of physical sensation, sentiment, and thought)

(*) Mormon leaders have basically denied the sinfulness of the desire, so it would also probably be worthwhile to discuss what Scripture has to say about our sinful nature (in contrast to the commission of particular sins).

News Item4/4/18 12:37 AM
Very Priviliged | Michigan  Find all comments by Very Priviliged
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It appears to me that these promoters of envy are providing an excellent gospel outreach opportunity: One might consider showing up at or nearby their event, rebuking them for becoming overly fixated on the matters of a perishing world, and explaining what "Christian privilege" actually consists of.

Steven Lee
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