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FRONT PAGE  |  7/9/2020
FRIDAY, NOV 8, 2019  |  17 comments
Elizabeth Warren promises taxpayer-funded gender 'transition-related surgery'
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has released a plan pledging to fund "transition-related surgery" and other medical procedures for transgender military veterans.

The Democratic presidential hopeful published the plan to her website on Tuesday, Politico reported.

On a lengthy page titled "Keeping Our Promises to Our Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families," Warren included a section on "LGBTQ+ Service Members."

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News Item11/12/19 3:14 PM
Douglas Fir | Land of Pleasant Living  Find all comments by Douglas Fir
I hope you remember that anytime you call her a name, like "America's Mother In Law" you are turning off any chance of reaching any of her voters, who might even be the woman sleeping next to you (if you are married, that is). Be very careful how you deal with any female candidate because this one issue--male or female might be the deciding factor in the minds of many women, including many who are married to conservative men. It might even be a passive/aggressive way, a "Pay Back" plan for them to vote for her or any other woman that has D after her name.

News Item11/10/19 1:23 AM
Wayfarer pilgrim | Lubbock, Tx  Find all comments by Wayfarer pilgrim
This is pretty much her go to “ plan”, be it outrageous and claim you have a plan (like a Stalinist 5 year plan for idiots), open a beer drink it on camera, quote the Bible and still look like a spinster librarian with the personality of the wicked witch of the west. She just does this to keep her name in the news.
The dnc might look back at the McGovern/ Nixon contest and remember- capitulation is not a worthy strategy.

News Item11/9/19 2:34 PM
Douglas Fir | Land of Pleasant Living  Find all comments by Douglas Fir
Liberal women will vote for her instead of Biden or Sanders. They will even see your labels of her like "Pocahontas" as a badge of honor. Anyone who gets such a negative response from their enemies has got to have something going for them, right?

News Item11/9/19 8:58 AM
Violet | Missouri  Find all comments by Violet
Reminds me of the 9th chapter of Revelation... And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts.

Abortion = murder (when knowing and premeditated)
“Gender transition” and abortion = sorcery
Sodomy, fornication = sexual immorality
Unbiblical taxation = theft


News Item11/9/19 8:46 AM
Thankful to God | Florida  Find all comments by Thankful to God
She seems to be seriously demon-possessed. Or, perhaps could her true purpose really have a connection to Endtime events and the antichrist's appearance?

News Item11/8/19 9:07 PM
Chrisgp from England  Find all comments by Chrisgp from England
really quite traitorous and committed to the EU and all it stands for, and there is the radically socialist anti-Semitic Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party, the radically pro-EU Liberal Democrat’s led by Jo Swinson, leftist Scottish and Welsh Nationalists, and even some Greens, with also the threat that Scotland may break away from the U.K. as an EU member in its own right, and Northern Ireland forced into the Republic of Ireland out of Britain, into the EU and the eurozone.

News Item11/8/19 9:03 PM
Chrisgp from England  Find all comments by Chrisgp from England
I have an odd feeling that this woman, Elizabeth Warren, (maybe with the LGBT Buttigieg second) is fast becoming the favourite for the Democratic nomination, though the avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders has a tremendous draw for the indoctrinated college students and “young liberal professionals”.

It is, however, not totally inconceivable that the dreaded Hillary Rodham Clinton will be wheeled out at the very last moment to be the candidate, to have a last crack at the old enemy, President Trump.

Whatever happens, a Democratic win, not just for the Presidency, with any of these candidates, and also in both the Senate, the retaining of the House of Representatives, in 2020, as well as in many key states, will prove to be most disastrous for the United States, and will indeed bring in horrendous persecution for both secular, but more particularly religious, and most especially Evangelical Christian conservatives.

Iran, Turkey, Russia, China, Islamic fundamentalist countries, North Korea, and other enemies of the USA, as well as the UN and the globalists must be looking forward with glee and enthusiasm for such a prospect!!

We here in Britain, with our coming Christmas General Election, also have difficult choices as at least half the Conservatives, are actually”liberal”,


News Item11/8/19 7:10 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
From the news:
"A Warren VA will ensure that every LGBTQ+ person can get the equitable, gender-affirming, and culturally-competent health care they need."

Two things are important to remember.
1. There is no such thing as transgender.
2. There will be no Warren VA.

Two questions.
1. How is affirmation of gender provided when gender is denied?
2. What is "culturally-competent health care"?


News Item11/8/19 6:51 PM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
Interesting promise from someone delusional herself. The purpose of the military isn't to transform America into that great socialist republic the Progressives desire. It is to defend the republic from outside threats. How will units be ready to defend the republic from outside threats if they are missing members due to what must be elective surgery? One might also ask the same question in regards to pregnancy, incarceration from rape, removed due to sexual harrassment, etc, but then I would be a misgynoist. ;-)

News Item11/8/19 4:38 PM
Douglas Fir | Land of Pleasant Living  Find all comments by Douglas Fir
Thanks, 'Adriel' for the wise words from John Knox. Today those words would be considered 'hate speech' and might even incite a riot. I would think that your own church would not want to publish them in their Sunday bulletin or monthly newsletter to members, much less add them to their website. Young people would also find them very upsetting, since they have been indoctrinated by liberal teachers.
It would be just as upsetting for them to read 1 Timothy 5 and reflect on how that chapter talks about widows who pursue pleasure being dead while still alive.

News Item11/8/19 3:59 PM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
By John Knox

"To promote a woman to bear rule, superiority, dominion, or empire above any realm, nation, or city, is repugnant to nature; contumely [an insult] to God, a thing most contrary to his revealed will and approved ordinance; and finally, it is the subversion of good order, of all equity and justice."

"And first, where I affirm the empire of a woman to be a thing repugnant to nature, I mean not only that God, by the order of his creation, has spoiled [deprived] woman of authority and dominion, but also that man has seen, proved, and pronounced just causes why it should be. Man, I say, in many other cases, does in this behalf see very clearly. [14]For the causes are so manifest, that they cannot be hid. For who can deny but it is repugnant to nature, that the blind shall be appointed to lead and conduct such as do see?"

"And such be all women, compared unto man in bearing of authority. For their sight in civil regiment is but blindness; their strength, weakness; their counsel, foolishness; and judgment, frenzy, if it be rightly considered."


I suspect Knox would definitely not vote for Warren. His words appear harsh to modern eyes. But does he have a point which is not lost in the passage of time?


News Item11/8/19 2:42 PM
Lady_Virtue | OKC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lady_Virtue
Great comments, Brother Frank and Douglas Fir. And no, I will not be voting for Elizabeth Warren. No way!

News Item11/8/19 1:12 PM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
""On a lengthy page titled "Keeping Our Promises to Our Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families," Warren included a section on "LGBTQ+ Service Members.""

Warren shows how satanic she is!!
Who could possibly want her in the White House??

She appeals to:-
Sodomites? Transvestites? Body abusers? Deranged? .......

Those who are "against nature"
Rom 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is AGAINST NATURE:
27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another"

Jude :8 Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.
10 But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves. 11 Woe unto them"

Reprobate Warren should not be voted for.


News Item11/8/19 11:32 AM
Douglas Fir | Land of Pleasant Living  Find all comments by Douglas Fir
I assume that every woman I speak with will vote for a female candidate in 2020, instead of President Trump. The media is drumming into their heads that 'only a woman will do' or 'it takes a woman to straighten this out' or similar slogans.

All Warren's 'inconsistencies' will be downplayed, and anyone who calls her "Pocahontas" will automatically be turned off.
I urge you men to do the same as I do, to discuss the 2020 elections in these terms, so you will find out what the women around you really think. Only if they strongly say they will vote for President Trump, will I believe them. But then, didn't the Apostle Peter say he would not deny Christ? Anything could happen between now and Nov. 2020, and the media has all that time to continue pounding on this issue.

I even think it is time to consider helping the other Dem candidates so that a guy will be selected for their nomination at their convention next year.


News Item11/8/19 10:10 AM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
Titus 2:4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,

1 Timothy 2:10 But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works. 11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. 15 Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

Isaiah 3:12 [As for] my people, children [are] their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause [thee] to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

Neither children nor women should rule over man. If you think that women should be able to lead, then you must also think children should be able to lead.

There is nothing the world can do to undo the feminist movement but the church can speak out against it. All liberal abominations have their origins in this movement. God gave women roles, men roles and children roles. We have blurred the lines so that they are indistinguishable.


News Item11/8/19 6:17 AM
Marty McD | Usa  Find all comments by Marty McD
During each election night speech, Elizabeth Warren becomes “Moonbat”, a logic and good fighting zealot from Harvard.

News Item11/8/19 3:51 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Besides that, Lizzie has some other ideas--that might appeal to other Democrats
Brian Bender wrote:
"The Trump administration has taken steps to withdraw deportation protections from military family members, including family of service members deployed in combat overseas," the plan adds. "And under DoD’s current policies, immigrant troops are being denied citizenship at a rate higher than their civilian counterparts, and applications for naturalization as a result of military service dropped 72 percent between 2017 and 2018. This is a disgrace. It also undermines military readiness."

The 13-page plan also lays out a comprehensive set of benchmarks aimed at confronting a series of other challenges facing veterans....

excerpt from, "Warren pledges to overturn military transgender ban on Day 1"

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