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OCT 22, 2018
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FRONT PAGE  |  10/22/2018
THURSDAY, JAN 11, 2018  |  13 comments
Moody Bible Institute Facing Controversy Over Faculty Cuts, Low Student Enrollment
Moody Bible Institute is in the midst of what some say is a "crisis" involving falling enrollment numbers, theologically liberal professors, and an administration that has betrayed the school's mission and created a culture of fear.

The school, however, maintains that recent strategic moves have better positioned the institution for the future and they are presently addressing concerns.

In November, Moody Bible Institute of Chicago ‚ÄĒ founded in 1886 and named after renowned American evangelist Dwight L. Moody ‚ÄĒ announced that as part of a strategic initiative to preserve its long-term financial well-being, it would close its campus in Spokane, Washington, its distance learning extension site in Pasadena, California, and some faculty members in Chicago would be cut. Student enrollment is reportedly down significantly across the board. ...

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News Item1/14/18 9:28 AM
penned  Find all comments by penned
John UK, I"ll add to the other post. many men today are coming in to seminaries as dispensationalists and then as they spend so much time in scripture leave behind the pop theology to covenant theology. these guys face mission boards, church boards that have a futuristic clause, so they get cut out, some find a way but its much harder for them. besides which the heavy cost of seminary and lack of covenantal support makes it so most never make it to the pulpit.

but then you have your big money makers. the example of Jenkins, co writer of the fictional left behind series that formed a generation's theology.....

Title: Not Bluffing, Jenkins is among those who have taken up tournament poker


News Item1/13/18 11:52 AM
Steve Doring | Tampa, FL  Find all comments by Steve Doring
Thanks, 'Wayfarer' for staying on point. It would be great if every comment was only about the news story, and not a discussion between 2 or 3 others over subjects that no one else is interested in.
Another thought about Bible colleges, seminaries declining enrollment is the well-known Decline of the the Denominations. Their buildings are still there, and even here at S.A. there have been stories about what happens when they break away from the denomination. Many do not have enough attendance and enough funds to pay the price of the real estate, which in many cases is very high since the building's location is frequently on main streets in central areas.
Another reason might be the Decline of the Church in general. People today are willing to say they believe in God, but not in 'organized religion.' And, with the internet providing Bible studies, sermons, live services from churches, there is less need to go to a 'bricks and mortar' building as opposed to the past. So then you ask yourself, how to convince people to attend a local church?

News Item1/12/18 6:20 PM
Wayfarer Pilgrim | Lubbock,tx  Find all comments by Wayfarer Pilgrim
Nine years ago I spoke to the dean of bible college locally, and he said, 20 years ago, there were jobs for pastors everywhere. Nowadays, if the college goes liberal or cultural ( non biblical), many pastoral students simply cannot for a church to serve with a less strident degree. So, it is a terrible sign for the american church. Bible colleges are having trouble focusing on biblical studies as there are less students called to the ministry and less options for students to attend a good biblical college.

News Item1/12/18 6:15 PM
penned  Find all comments by penned
Hi doulos, now at this point you may be feeling defensive for a people group. you may feel they are victims and that God has given you the directive to protect them and so you pull bible verses out to show how what you all promote in terms of politics will end in their conversion.

and my response to that would be that if I read through Romans 9-11, it will not be to defend a nation state...

I'll take a further step back... John Macarthur was asked how he approaches scripture and it was something like this... he approaches with the presumption that God made two separate people groups.

now this foundation seems quite shaky to me.

my foundations are Christ crucified and risen.

and I find the foundation there to be contrary to the gospel itself.

its like this. God made man. God made woman. God joined a man and a woman in marriage and called them husband and wife. then a pastor comes along and says, whenever I read about what God has done I assume there's these two separate individuals, a man and a woman.

and in the New Testament, whenever you see men dividing up the new brethren, the remnant, it was out of malice and it was called judaizing. this le

what God has joined together let n


News Item1/12/18 4:56 PM
Steve Doring | Tampa, FL  Find all comments by Steve Doring
Sorry to interrupt what seems to be a personal conversation (that might best be held in a coffee shop over a hot cup of chocolate on these cold days) that most readers of this news story have zero interest in following, but to get back to the subject of the article, it is telling that the student population has decreased.
Why is that?
No one wants to study the Bible anymore?
Or have the degrees that MBI offers no longer valid or useful to obtain jobs in churches? Or...are there not many churches to get jobs in?

News Item1/12/18 4:14 PM
doulos | NC  Find all comments by doulos
Hey penned, thanks for your response! Just a few more questions, if you have time:
1) If disp. is the "false kingdom by military ethic," then what theological system is represented by the statement "traditional Kingdom ethic teaching of the church?" Are you saying that all disp.'s are not concerned with spreading the spiritual Gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world?
2) Are all representatives of dispensationalism wed to the Zionist movement? And if so, how?
3) Does the fact that Israel now rejects her Messiah mean that God's promises to the nation are null and void and that all Israel will not be saved, per Romans 9-11? Or are you defining Israel differently than is commonly understood?
4) Are you stating that all dispensationalists are at heart either culturally Marxist or theologically neutralized? And if so, what is it in dispensational theology that performs such a (for lack of a better term) neutering of spiritual power?

If you couldn't tell from my response, I happen to consider myself part of the dispensational camp, progressively speaking. That being said, I would like to hear your response and am open to examining my own position in light of Christian articulation and biblical light. Thanks if you can respond!


News Item1/12/18 9:14 AM
penned  Find all comments by penned
doulos, what I said is that the false kingdom by military ethic has erased the traditional Kingdom ethic teaching of the church, therefore leaving a gaping whole (vacuum) or need that is easily filled by the cultural marxists who are all about restructuring society.

what I did not say but will add here, is that dispensationalism is fundamentally wed with the zionist movement and therefore the jewish religions of kabbal and talmud (because Isrl is a secular country that has rejected Christ)..

wed in the sense that they are obligated to make it grow.

if you look at the ADL, their goals are aligned with what others are calling the cultural marxist movement.

in other words, we have a cultural marxiswt movement that has already taken over our universities and public schools and the dis's are both spiritually aligned with this group or have lost the theological traditions to counter it.

so now they take over our churches and institutions.

because they are sitting ducks.


News Item1/12/18 5:48 AM
doulos | NC  Find all comments by doulos
penned wrote:
dispensationalism separates the kingdom from the King's people... and then in comes liberation theology to create the world's marxist version of kingdom/social justice. (filling a vacuum)
I know many are praying for the school, I certainly will too....
Could you please explain what you mean by dispensationalism being the foundation for liberation theology and eventually Marxist/Social Justice Theology?

News Item1/11/18 7:12 PM
penned  Find all comments by penned
dispensationalism separates the kingdom from the King's people... and then in comes liberation theology to create the world's marxist version of kingdom/social justice. (filling a vacuum)

I know many are praying for the school, I certainly will too....


News Item1/11/18 6:08 PM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
World Magazine is reporting that the president as well as the chief operating officer resigned and the provost retired yesterday. The trustees signalled that it's time for change.


News Item1/11/18 3:22 PM
Wayfarer Pilgrim | Lubbock,tx  Find all comments by Wayfarer Pilgrim
The down grade has been in affect for over 170 years and this university is no different. Perhaps a correspondence course would be better with old theology courses from the time Moody established the college would be better, then you could let all the other pontificate professors go sell used cars.

News Item1/11/18 11:54 AM
Steve Doring | Tampa, FL  Find all comments by Steve Doring
Too bad the news story comes from a site that is so filled with videos running on auto-pilot that it is hard to read the story.
I think the 'drift from its original roots' is common among colleges, foundations, churches, etc. The Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation sponsor a lot of anti-capitalist things today. Harvard was established to train ministers!
As the old saying, it's better to give while you're living, so you can tell where your money is going. Once you are 'pushing up daisies' who knows what will happen.

News Item1/11/18 12:30 AM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
Maybe D.L. Moody should have left behind words like Bob Jones, Sr --

A strategic move could be to seek out and return to the ancient paths?

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