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DEC 17, 2017
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Breaking News Home | All | Religion | Society | Tech | Choice | Fridays | SA Newsroom
FRONT PAGE  |  12/17/2017
Choice News TUESDAY, AUG 1, 2017  |  18 comments  |  2 commentaries
Planned Parenthood Worker Admits 'It's a Baby,' Begs for God's Forgiveness

A grief-stricken Christian Planned Parenthood worker has revealed the reality behind her employer — it is as bad as pro-lifers say it is. Can God forgive her for working at the nation's largest abortion provider, she asked.

Last Friday, an anonymous Planned Parenthood employee called into Dr. Michael Brown's nationally syndicated conservative talk radio show "The Line of Fire" and expressed serious regret for the fact that she has been working for Planned Parenthood in an administrative position for over four months. ...

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News Item8/3/17 2:11 AM
Chris G P | England  Find all comments by Chris G P
Yes, the dear lady from the abortion mill needs to repent, quit her job immediately, and find a solid church which teaches sound doctrine and put herself in the hands of a godly pastor, godly elders, and very importantly godly women who will help her, get her into the word of God, counsel her and enable her to be discipled and grow in Christ , and then for her to live quietly for a good while, reading the Word of God, and sitting under the sound ministry of the Word of God from God's servant, and fellowshipping with the Lord's people.

She needs to trust the Lord for good solid employment, provision for her family, good housing well away from the abortion place, or any other form of temptation or false worship, and then after a long period of preparation, she may be able to get involved in a good solid pro- life ministry, an evangelical one, and stand against the very thing that she was previously involved in. Then she will indeed need to trust in and grow in the Lord, and take all these steps as guided by the Holy Spirit.


News Item8/2/17 2:19 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
I'll give you that one Justified 1.

News Item8/2/17 2:04 PM
Justified1 | USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Justified1
Oh Dear ladybug, Please listen, no I'm not defending Dr Brown or any of them! I'm simply saying that given the circumstances I see nothing wrong with the immediate advice he gave the young lady! Even a heretic says something right once in awhile ! 😁

News Item8/2/17 1:52 PM
Justified1 | USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Justified1
Yurich, you can't keep telling people that they need psychological help ! It does not help advance the conversation ! Have a good day 😜

News Item8/2/17 1:46 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
Let me reiterate, my problem is NOT with this woman, I do believe she is sorry over her bad choice and I pray God will lead her and provide for her. My issue is with Brown, who embraces false teachers and calls them 'brothers' -

Justified one, I notice you ignored this question, "would you take advice from an ecumenical person, or someone who teaches error? Would you ask the pope for advice and take that advice?" Let me add this, would you embrace Benny Hinn or Joseph Prince as a brother as Brown does? Yet it's okay to defend Brown, who is of the heretical 'free will' theology?


News Item8/2/17 12:42 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
It's unfortunate SA allows you to come here daily and be divisive, spewing out your stupidity and seeking to lure 'victims' into your web of divisiveness. Use your time wisely, seek gainful employment, that is, IF you don't already have a job.
A 'college grad' should have no trouble finding work, IF you are in fact a 'college grad'.

Now move on internet troll, go to this site - and find yourself a job

Leaving her job was the right thing to do. She needs to go before the Lord personally and confess her wrongdoing, and she will if she belongs to Christ. Repentance is more than just leaving her job.

Trusting in God to provide a different means for her livelihood is now in order for her. May the Lord guide her in this matter.


News Item8/2/17 12:33 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
Perhaps this will help you understand biblical repentance -

It is an excellent short read on this subject


News Item8/2/17 12:30 PM
Justified1 | USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Justified1
Hmm isn't quitting the job repenting ?

News Item8/2/17 12:23 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
I realize this woman's distress, I was not addressing that. I was addressing Dr. Brown's troubling ways/teachings/response to her. He never mentioned her need to repent did he? Then he suggested she get back into church - how is that helpful, especially in these times where so many churches are apostate? Where was the biblical advice? Where was the command to repent, and to go to His truth for guidance? God forgives sin: going to church isn't the solution. As I stated, we all should pray for her, and pray for God to protect her from men like Brown.
IF you are serious about White being your idol, God help you. If that was said as an attempt at humor, it was in poor taste.

News Item8/2/17 12:19 PM
Justified1 | USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Justified1
I do not support Dr Brown theologically. The poor lady was in distress and Dr Brown advising her to quit the job at PP and get back to church was appropriate. Dr Brown isn't my idol Dr White is. 😁

News Item8/2/17 1:03 AM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
Let me ask you justified one, would you take advice from an ecumenical person, or someone who teaches error? Would you ask the pope for advice and take that advice? You were the one who saw nothing wrong with the James White islam controversy right? Dr. Brown came to White's defense, and now here you are coming to Dr. Brown's defense.....

The best way we can all help this woman is to pray for her, and ask God to steer her clear of false teachers.


News Item8/1/17 4:15 PM
Justified1 | USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Justified1
I know Dr Brown is a Charismatic. But for crying out loud cut him some slack. He's just trying to help the lady !

News Item8/1/17 11:48 AM
NeedHim  Find all comments by NeedHim
I agree with you Ladybug, on Dr. Brown, I read that article you posted about a week ago, also listened to his conversation with Phil Johnson, on the same site.

Dr. Brown says also on the same site, he finds nothing wrong with Benny Hinn, either, say what!; Gals 1:6-10.


News Item8/1/17 11:20 AM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
This isn't abortion, it's infanticide. It's murder, plain and simple. Satan has planted murder mills all over this nation and uses smoke screens to excuse the slaughter of babies.

Not sure I would follow Brown's advice about going back to church - it seems the better advice would have been to tell her to repent. Brown is not someone I would recommend for biblical advice anyway.- ...

This woman stated "Some women come in and they say they are not sure. And it's almost like sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes some doctors will almost push for them to get the abortions," she said. "They say that it is ultimately your decision but they put too much emphasis on the positive effects of the abortion."

That is the goal of PP - plain and simple - murder babies.


News Item8/1/17 11:17 AM
NeedHim  Find all comments by NeedHim
May the Lord strengthen His sheep, to be salt & light among a lot of spiritual darkness, thanks & praise to Him, that their is no King but Christ alone.

May the Lord remove harden soil from others, & layers of self-deception away, as He resists the Proud in heart, who mock & scoff at Christ, His Word, His elect people. As He gives grace to those who, understand, what a wrecth, I am, without Salvation being of the Lord alone amen.

Spurgeon; There is mercy for a sinner, but there is no mercy for the man who will not own himself a sinner."


News Item8/1/17 10:18 AM
penned  Find all comments by penned
there are probably many who walk away in shame when they see the blood on their own hands.

Repent and follow Christ!


News Item8/1/17 5:52 AM
Ignominious Emirakan | Trenches  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
The woman also explained that she stopped going to church. Brown urged the woman to return to church this Sunday.

"I encourage you to go back to church on Sunday, turn in your notice immediately. Hang up the phone and let Planned Parenthood know that you won't be coming back in. Do whatever you have to do responsibly to take care of that," he said. "We are going to reach out to follow up on any immediate needs that might come up. We have friends involved in pro-life ministry that say, 'Hey, we want to make sure that, ultimately, you and your daughter won't suffer.'"

The woman who called into Brown's show is not alone. The nonprofit organization And Then There Were None, which runs, is a ministry that exists to help abortion clinic workers leave the industry. The ministry has helped hundreds of abortion workers leave their jobs. The ministry was started by Abby Johnson, a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic.
"If you find yourself in financial hardship because of the decision you have made ... we know some folks that really help the pro-life movement holistically and that if you ran into some real life crisis — because of this, you can't feed your children next week or something"... Pro-Lifers there to help ALL- baby, mom,& killers!


News Item8/1/17 5:03 AM
Carl haydock | England  Contact via emailFind all comments by Carl haydock
All heaven will be rejoicing.
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