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News: Society Home | All | Religion | Society | Tech | Choice | SA Newsroom
Page 1 ·  Found: 7,823 news items | Category: SOCIETY
Thursday, July 18, 2019
  • 'Unplanned' has great first weekend opening in Canada; directors thrilled amid oppositionThursday, July 18, 20194Amid considerable pushback, the pro-life motion picture "Unplanned" had a successful first weekend in Canada, averaging approximately $7,000 per screen. The film's directors say...
  • Tory peer fears for disabled babies if Northern Ireland abortion plans go aheadThursday, July 18, 2019Lord Shinkwin has told the House of Lords that plans to widen abortion access in Northern Ireland sends the message that babies with disabilities are "better off dead". During a...
  • Antiabortion Movement Begins to Crack, After Decades of Unity?Thursday, July 18, 20193Close to five decades after the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling enshrined a woman’s constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy, the unity of the antiabortion movement is...
  • Wednesday, July 17, 2019
  • Over 15,000 people sign open letter opposing abortion changes in Northern IrelandWednesday, July 17, 201920An open letter launched by Baroness O'Loan in opposition to extending abortion to Northern Ireland has been signed over 15,000 times. The letter to Prime Minister Theresa May...
  • School kids can now change their name, gender at willWednesday, July 17, 20197New York City public school students can now change their names and gender at school without proper legal documentation if they obtain permission from their parents. Families...
  • Govt to enable marriages to be ‘swapped’ for civil partnershipsWednesday, July 17, 20193Married couples will be able to swap their marriage for a civil partnership, under new proposals being considered by the Government. The Supreme Court ruled last year gave its...
  • Planned Parenthood terminates new president for more ‘aggressive’ leadershipWednesday, July 17, 20197Planned Parenthood removed Dr. Leana Wen as president Tuesday citing the need for a more aggressive leader, less than a year after appointing her, in a move that came as something...
  • Abortionists freaking out over undercover videosWednesday, July 17, 20191An “aggressive telemarketer” who contacted Planned Parenthood is the fault of two journalists who went undercover in 2015 to expose abortionists trading in the body parts of...
  • Tuesday, July 16, 2019
  • Joni Eareckson Tada announces she's cancer-free: 'quite miraculous'Tuesday, July 16, 20192Joni Eareckson Tada shared “miraculous” health news, announcing she’s cancer-free after being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in late November. On Tuesday, the...
  • 41 congressional Democrats have student loan debtTuesday, July 16, 201916“Free” college and student loan debt forgiveness (translation: taxpayer condemnation) are common policy positions of influential Democrats, particularly the 2020 primary field....
  • Number of Christians in Britain in 'dramatic decline'Tuesday, July 16, 201914The number of people in Britain identifying as Christian is in "dramatic decline", according to the latest figures from the British Social Attitudes Survey. The proportion...
  • Trump abortion restrictions go into effect immediatelyTuesday, July 16, 20193Effective immediately, family planning clinics that are funded by taxpayers must stop referring women for abortions, the Trump administration said Monday. The Health and Human...
  • Monday, July 15, 2019
  • Large earthquakes rock Indonesia, Western AustraliaMonday, July 15, 20194A massive earthquake has hit off the remote Maluku Islands in eastern Indonesia with panicked residents running into the streets. The quake comes hours after Western Australia...
  • Franklin Graham: Democrats' Equality Act a 'nightmare' for U.S.Monday, July 15, 201914Billy Graham Evangelical Association CEO Franklin Graham says that if Congress adopts the Democrats’ Equality Act, which would nullify constitutional protections for religious...
  • Israel’s National Conflict Plays Out in Clash Over a Sabbath Bus ServiceMonday, July 15, 201919Mayor Carmel Shama-Hacohen’s desk is strewn with evidence of the threats against his life over his campaign to introduce public bus service on the Sabbath—an effort that put him...
  • Grassroots Conservatives against Govt’s push to impose abortion on NIMonday, July 15, 2019More than two thirds of Conservative councillors believe legislation on abortion should be a matter for Northern Ireland’s politicians to decide, a poll has revealed. The ComRes...
  • Sunday, July 14, 2019
  • Eternally stinky city? Rome garbage crisis sparks health fearsSunday, July 14, 20193Landfills in flames and rats feasting on waste in the streets have sparked health fears in Rome, as doctors warn families to steer clear of disease-ridden curbside garbage and...
  • In An Alcohol-Soaked Nation, More Seek Booze-Free Social SpacesSunday, July 14, 201910Research links excessive alcohol use to fatty liver, cirrhosis and cancers of the breast, liver, colon, mouth and throat as well as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke,...
  • North Carolina law: Drug dealers could be charged with second-degree murderSunday, July 14, 20194Under a new North Carolina law, a drug dealer who illegally sells a controlled substance that causes someone's death could be charged with second-degree murder. The "death by...
  • Europe’s Reported Syphilis Cases Increase 70% Since 2010Sunday, July 14, 20192Syphilis cases have soared in Europe over the last decade and become, for the first time since the early 2000s, more common in some countries than new cases of HIV, health experts...
  • Saturday, July 13, 2019
  • Chicago Mayor: We’ll Obstruct Justice to Protect Illegal Aliens From DeportationSaturday, July 13, 20195Chicago’s mayor has declared war on Immigration and Customs Enforcement and again vowed to hamstring raids to deport illegal aliens who have been ordered to leave the country....
  • 9th Circuit rules abortion funding changes can proceedSaturday, July 13, 20191The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday (July 11) upheld its June 20 decision allowing the Trump administration to enforce new rules blocking Title X family planning...
  • Christian doctor in legal challenge against government department over gender pronounsSaturday, July 13, 20199A Christian doctor who claims he lost his job for refusing to address transgender people by their preferred pronouns was challenging the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) at...
  • Gallup poll shows more pro-lifers than pro-choicersSaturday, July 13, 20199Gallup released its annual public-opinion poll on abortion policy, and its results contain some good news for abortion opponents. According to the survey, a plurality of Americans...
  • Friday, July 12, 2019
  • US lawmakers look to legalize potFriday, July 12, 201911U.S. lawmakers weighed reforming pot laws in what advocates called a “historic” hearing Wednesday, with numerous members of Congress saying they wanted to loosen federal laws,...
  • Acceptance of gay sex in declineFriday, July 12, 20198Thirty years of increasingly liberal attitudes towards gay sex may be coming to an end after the number of people who said they considered it wrong rose for the first time since...
  • FBI investigating tattooed deputy gangs in Los AngelesFriday, July 12, 20193The FBI is investigating a secret society of tattooed deputies in East Los Angeles as well as similar gang-like groups elsewhere within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s...
  • Anglo-Saxons deserve reparations for the Norman ConquestFriday, July 12, 20196Restorative justice for the victims of colonialism is an idea whose time has come. A few years ago, the Indian diplomat Shashi Tharoor suggested Britain pay India compensation to...
  • FTC Approves Roughly $5 Billion Facebook SettlementFriday, July 12, 2019The Federal Trade Commission voted this week to approve a roughly $5 billion settlement with Facebook Inc. over a long-running probe into the tech giant’s privacy missteps,...
  • Thursday, July 11, 2019
  • Abortion support is the highest it's been in two decadesThursday, July 11, 201916Support for legal abortion stands at its highest level in more than two decades according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, even as numerous states adopt restrictions that...
  • There’s an LGBTQ Moment Lurking in “Toy Story 4”Thursday, July 11, 20193It may seem like nothing much, but an LGBTQ moment appears to have been included in the latest installment of the popular children’s Toy Story animated film franchise. Much like...
  • Wednesday, July 10, 2019
  • Theater-chain CEO doubles down on decision to show 'Unplanned'Wednesday, July 10, 20191The CEO of a large movie theater corporation in Canada is doubling down on his decision to screen the controversial “Unplanned” movie, declaring it’s “up to each of us to decide...
  • 'Deeply sad day' after vote in Westminster on abortion and same-sex marriage in Northern IrelandWednesday, July 10, 20197Westminster MPs have been accused of putting "personal agendas ahead of the people" by voting overwhelmingly in favour of amendments to liberalise abortion and gay marriage laws...
  • A World-Renowned University Suppressed Important Abortion ResearchWednesday, July 10, 20198The results of Jacobs' global survey of academic biologists was astonishing in its consensus: "Overall, 95% of all biologists affirmed the biological view that a human's life...
  • Amazon pulls books by authors who once identified as gay, lesbianWednesday, July 10, 201915Following the removal of books by a Catholic psychologist amid LGBT activist pressure, Amazon has removed the works of other authors who once lived and identified as gay. The...
  • California Implements Extreme New Sex Ed CurriculumWednesday, July 10, 20199The California Board of Education implemented progressive sex and gender education curriculum in public schools across the state, regardless, in some cases, of parental knowledge...
  • Tuesday, July 09, 2019
  • Rand Paul: Republican Leaders Are Fake 'Pro-Life,' Refuse to Defund Planned ParenthoodTuesday, July 09, 201915Kentucky Senator Rand Paul accused Republicans of being fake "pro-life" supporters, instead saying they'd rather spend money with Democrats than protect unborn babies' lives. The...
  • US ambassador to Poland meets pushback for tweeting support of gay ‘pride’ monthTuesday, July 09, 20192The United States ambassador to Poland met pushback on Twitter recently for tweeting support for gay “pride” month in commemoration of the 1969 New York City Stonewall riots....
  • Monday, July 08, 2019
  • Democrats embrace religion in campaignMonday, July 08, 201910Buttigieg, an Episcopalian who married his husband in his home church, often invokes his faith on the campaign trail and has tangled over values with Vice President Mike Pence, an...
  • Death Threats to Movie Theater Owners Screening Pro-Life Film ‘Unplanned’Monday, July 08, 20193B.J. McKelvie, president of Cinedicon, the Canadian distributor of the film that tells the story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood manager-turned pro-life activist,...
  • Huge child porn ring bust in TorontoMonday, July 08, 20196A child pornography ring operating in Toronto was busted this week by Toronto police. The computer servers were housed in a building in North York. It's frightening to think that...
  • Sunday, July 07, 2019
  • National Right to Life Endorses President Trump for Re-ElectionSunday, July 07, 20196On the eve of its 49th annual convention, the National Right to Life Committee, the federation of state right-to-life affiliates and local chapters, today endorsed pro-life...
  • Former Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz CEO Cecile Richards Made $1 Million During Her Last YearSunday, July 07, 20192Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards made more than $1 million during her last year running the nation’s largest abortion provider. Planned Parenthood’s most recent IRS Form...
  • New study reveals ‘biological toll’ on Holocaust survivors’ brain functionSunday, July 07, 20196The stress of surviving the Holocaust has been shown to have a lifelong negative impact on the brain structure of survivors, as well as potentially impacting their offspring and...
  • Saturday, July 06, 2019
  • Court affirms key weapon in war against abortionSaturday, July 06, 20198The images used by those who war on abortion across the United States sometimes are “grisly.” They’re meant to be. They’re meant to reveal to people exactly what happens behind...
  • Israel unveils ancient road ‘where Jesus walked’ to templeSaturday, July 06, 201911Israel officially opened a stairway, known as "Pilgrim's Road," that Jesus is believed to have walked on in ancient Jerusalem as another place with the significance of "biblical...
  • U.S. judge blocks Ohio 'heartbeat' law to end most abortionsSaturday, July 06, 20192U.S. District Judge Michael Barrett in Cincinnati issued a preliminary injunction against enforcing the “Heartbeat Protection Act,” saying it imposed an unconstitutional “undue...
  • The Latest: Southern California reels from 7.1 quakeSaturday, July 06, 20195Small communities in the Mojave Desert are reeling from a magnitude 7.1 earthquake — the second major temblor in as many days to rock Southern California. Authorities say Friday...
  • Friday, July 05, 2019
  • University rolls out new ‘ethical AI’ programFriday, July 05, 20194“If a self-driving car gets into an accident, who’s to blame? The person behind the wheel? The manufacturer? Or the programmer who gave the car the ability to drive itself in the...
  • Amazon removes 'controversial' books by 'father of conversion therapy'Friday, July 05, 20193Amazon has removed English-language books by a man largely considered “the father of conversion therapy” from its site following mounting pressure from LGBTQ activists. Dr....
  • Page 1 ·  Found: 7,823 news items | Category: SOCIETY

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